Sea Mist Texturizing Salt Spray x Lavender



This little gem, is not only aesthetically pleasing but it provides a subtle hold through the day. My hair naturally has volume because of its unruliness, but when I straighten it, it goes lifeless. A few sprays of this in the areas where I want volume, or at times want to keep my natural waves, for a effortless look.

I particularly like the fragrance, it is not strong at all and I do not find the smell lingers too long on the hair. I think you only get a whiff of it when you first spray and when you get up close to the strands. The fragrance I purchased was Sea Mist, reminiscent of how beaches are seen, felt as calm havens.

All natural, with key ingredient such as aloe vera and sea salt. You can spray this onto your skin or in the room, for a calming, refreshing effect.



Argan Oil Ultimate Reform Hair Mask



I bought this a while back, not too sure if Sephora still sells this. It is a huge tub to go through and a little goes a long way. For its price, it surprisingly does instant wonders such as restoring moisture, especially for my hair ends.

Moroccan Argan Oil is laced within the elegant tub and once applied, provides smoothness and a bit of shine. It really depends on your hair-type, for me a lot of work is needed to bring out the shine. But the overall result is great, I do feel the nourishing effects and as a bonus, smells divine! Make sure to leave it for 5 – 10 minutes, on damp hair.



RATE: 4/5

Heat-Protective Control Mist


L’OCCITANE $21 || originally $30

Containing essential hair oils and jojoba oil, that moisturizes, this bottle is used as a heat-protectant against blow-dryers and/or hair straighteners. I use it mainly on the tips of my hair after I shower (damp), and minutes before I straighten (dry). I find that my tips are easily smoothened out, so less frizz for the rest of the day and helps keeping it from drying out. I straighten my hair often, so I’m prone to more breakage.

Spraying this product on my tips for the past days, has been effective in the anti-frizz and heat-shield department. Plus it smells luscious, oh and very light-weight.

IMG_2418 1

RATE: 3/5

Kendi Oil – Dry Oil Mist

When Sephora first opened in Sydney, I remember how packed it was! This shop was in my “must-go” list and when I finally had time off, I bolted! haha though I went on Boxing Day, it wasn’t as busy as I thought it would have been. Kept looking for any random products to try out and since I’ve been wanting to try a product that can help maintain my hair I came across a Alterna Haircare product.



Smooth Kendi Mist $37 || Sephora

I have long, curly thick hair, which is very prone to frizzes especially when the weather is humid and/or dry. This product does not completely remove my hair frizz, though it helps eliminate most. The oil mist is not heavy on the hair and smells beautiful! I can’t pin-point the exact fragrance, but it’s like a mixture of honey and lemon. I spray it after conditioning my hair, evenly throughout but targeting my split-ends because it states that the kendi oil provides multiple essential fatty acids that provides protection. I always straighten my hair when ever I go out, so with the combined organic bamboo extract helps add strength, flexibility, shine giving my hair that healthier result.

As you can see from the picture above, I’ve been using it way too much! I love it, though it’s not a miracle product, I find my hair feels softer and less-dull when I use it. I find that it also controls my natural hair oil, and when I add this extra organic oil my hair like I said smells way better. My hair is also more manageable.

For the price of this product, I say that it’s worth it. Give it a go, I am also amazed that the bottle is still filled with oil because I’ve been using it almost everyday!

RATE: 4/5

GHD White Eclipse



Bought From:

From the GHD online store


I’ve heard so many positive things about this product, that I had to get my own! I saw countless signs and ads of this product, that made me think why the hell haven’t I even bought one for myself?! Ok, moving on, after a week or so the straightener came to my doorsteps all perfect. I opened it and it was… immaculate haha. I have been using a crappy straightener for almost 2 years, forgot the brand, and this straightener was like heaven on hair (if that even makes sense).

Let me show you what it came with:


It comes with a Rose Gold Roll Bag, that also doubles as a heat resistant mat. It looks so elegant to carry around haha. But what’s inside is important…


I couldn’t take off my eyes off the white eclipse! It looked brand-spanking-new and was soooo clean. You see the blue light, that’s the one and off switch. You only need to press it once, it makes a few beeps and then after the final beep it’s ready to use. It takes less than a minute to heat up! That black cap you see on the side? That’s to cover the end of the eclipse and that small white cap (you can hardly see) is to cover the power plug.

The wonderful points for this superb design are:

  • Universal voltage of 185 degrees celsius
  • One constant heat temperature
  • Quick heating start up
  • Heat mat
  • Aerogel insulation throughout the body
  • Less frizz, for me it maintains hair gloss
  • Light-weight
  • Superfine precision-finished plates


The website states, that a person will only need one stroke of the straightener but for me, it takes about 2-3 strokes. So I guess it depends on your hair or maybe I just need to straightener my hair much slower. The plates do take up dirt, so you will need to constantly wipe the dust off as well as on the mat.

I really recommend this product though, it’s beautifully effective and the price is well worth it!

RATE: 4/5