Detoxifying Clay Masque Super Greens



Retailing for less than $20 AUD, this clay masque is packed with natural, super green ingredients, such as avocado, baobab, reship oil, kale, goji berry and bentonite. These vitamin-boost ingredients are used to increase skin brightness, reduce fine lines and provide antioxidants to help detox the skin.

I don’t believe I ended up finishing this masque, just left aside. It was refreshing when left on my skin, though when I removed it, it had little effect. My skin felt somewhat the same before and after applying the masque. I used it for 2-3 months, but did not see any of the benefits it claims to provide. The upside of it, was that it was not harsh on my skin and was easy to wash off.



T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum



I use this serum in conjunction with another water-based item, beforehand. This best thing I have found using this, is that the next day my face feels hydrated and smooth. For me, consistency was key as it took about a week to see noticeable differences.

I looked into this company and I loved what they strive to do, especially educating others that not all natural products are good for the skin. I have noticed that by using this, it has brought the natural radiance back. So I can go out to work the next day, without wearing foundation and sometimes concealer. This intensive night treatment’s highlights are, pigmentations and blemishes are targeted and faded, roughness like bumps are reduced and for me it helps control oil. Dead skin cells are lifted away, which results in even skin tone. With a punch of 12% AHA/BHA and other non-harsh ingredients, you won’t be disappointed.



Multiseed Cracker



I discovered a tonne of delicious goodness, at the Sydney Vegan Festival this year. An Australian owned business  Raw Vibes is one of them.

There are a few selected stores where they have Raw Vibes stocked, you can also find them in various markets and they also do deliveries. You can tick almost every healthy term you can think of organic, vegan-friendly, all natural. Whilst at the same time maintaining the richness and flavoursome taste in each one. I purchased the Multiseed Cracker and it was just oozing with flavour. The other thing I love about it, is that in some products the sugar-level can be down to 0.4g or non at all!

The other wonderful thing is that they cater to most common allergens, such as those who require gluten-free, dairy-free and wheat-free food.



Clean Slate Poreless 12-HR Perfecting Primer


Tarte Sephora $42

Loaded with what they label as T5 Super Fruit Complex – packed with antioxidant nutrients, which have rich and natural vitamins, assists not only diffusing pores but also refining, skin-restoring and have anti-ageing benefits. I find that my make-up would hold up throughout the day which is great and since it jam-packed with natural ingredients, I do not feel as guilty applying it!

Cruelty-free yay the texture of the primer, is silicone-like which I find a bit difficult spreading the product throughout the face. No scent and has a bit of oil control. It is not perfect in my opinion, as some pores do show for me but the mixture of avocado  sunflower seed, echinacea root and hibiscus flower minimizes redness and is not skin-irritant.



RATE: 3/5




I came across this lovely stall, with the most helpful owner I presume who gave me a neat run-down on what I should purchase and try. There was a deal on the day, which allowed me to get a bag of six different flavoured teas! I still have one more to go, but my favourite has got to be the Organic Camomille. All were refreshing and instantly provided that calm through my day.

The cutest thing that attracted me to this stall, was the paper cranes. The simple routine of tea drinking was made more vibrant and provided a sweeter touch to it. All natural and made by a lover of tea, why not try?





RATE: 4/5

Cold & Flu Tea


Gewirahaus $10.95  | Tea Infuser $5.95

Gewirahaus is located in the elegant shopping strip, The Strand Arcade in Sydney. I stumbled upon this store, after work, since then I look forward to trying out all their loose leaf teas!

In the mist of the cold, cold Winter season down-under, what is a better way than choosing a tea that can help fight against the colds and flus this season. When I was feeling the chills or a cold that was making its way through, I had a cup of this, which I felt kept the sickness in bay.

Infuse for 8 – 10 minutes and taste: echinacea, liquorice, root, ginger, pepper, hyssop, sage, boneset, elder flower, red clover, lemon verbena, fenugreek – each having their own health benefits.


RATE: 4/5

Heat-Protective Control Mist


L’OCCITANE $21 || originally $30

Containing essential hair oils and jojoba oil, that moisturizes, this bottle is used as a heat-protectant against blow-dryers and/or hair straighteners. I use it mainly on the tips of my hair after I shower (damp), and minutes before I straighten (dry). I find that my tips are easily smoothened out, so less frizz for the rest of the day and helps keeping it from drying out. I straighten my hair often, so I’m prone to more breakage.

Spraying this product on my tips for the past days, has been effective in the anti-frizz and heat-shield department. Plus it smells luscious, oh and very light-weight.

IMG_2418 1

RATE: 3/5