Crispy Crib

16 First Avenue, Blacktown 2148



Operating just over two weeks now, this little food truck will satisfy your love of Korean chicken and chips! You may miss it, it’s a black food truck, nestled cosily in the Asian Food Market carpark and next to a round-a-bout.

Menu is simple, 5 options at the moment, with their chickens drizzled with the most tastiest sauces. Yesterday, we ordered the homemade teriyaki and onion dressing fried chicken and it was addictive! Who knew these two sauces would mesh so well, both sweet and creamy at the same time. The chicken was in great bite-sized pieces, and I loved how it wasn’t too oily and wasn’t soggy. The fries was clean and I believe it had normal salt on them. They have a promotion at the moment, this meal plus a free drink, comes down to only $10.

Service was quick and friendly, they’ve got a cosy eating area at the front. I’ve got my eye on their soy fried chicken next.




Suite 62-64, Jones Bay Wharf, 26-32 Pirrama Rd, Pyrmont NSW 2009



Chuuka came into the Sydney dinning scene just a few months ago, I actually came about it on Instagram. I thought hey, a Japanese-Chinese infused restaurant is something I’m definitely going to check out!

With two known Australian chefs, Chase Kojima and Victor Liong, heading Chuuka, expect the quality to be fun and authentic. You’ll find familiar dishes, with a touch of the other culture’s ingredients. It was fun guessing which dish belonged to which culture. The interior is warm, cosy and if you’re sitting on the lower level, the main kitchen is right behind you. Dishes are small, so definitely order a few dishes, that night we ordered at least 3 mains and 2 deserts. My favourite was the duck pancakes and it came with 5 sauces. Price is mid to high, food came out quickly, cocktails was amazing and complimented the menu, our section waitstaff was patient and super friendly.

Excuse the low, low quality of the images, tried sooo hard amping up the brightness without losing the colours. One more reason to check out this place!









A-Team’s Kitchen

4/52 Rooty Hill Road North, Rooty Hill NSW



Located along Weston Lane, you’ll find ample parking and it’s less than a 3 minute walk from Rooty Hill station. I believe A-Team’s Kitchen has been at the current location for 2+ years, however have re-branded and re-named the restaurant. I liked the relaxed feel, simple interior reminiscent of food eateries in the Philippines.

Specialising in authentic Filipino meals, desserts and has a coffee-maker for coffee lovers! I would have loved to taste their own version/creation of taho. The mass-produced taho lacked in sweetness and freshness. Though can’t complain, it melds well after a heavy feed. You will find all the classics here, from rice meals, main dishes and BBQ meat sticks! It was glossing in oil and surprisingly it didn’t taste oily at all, it was sweet and tender. Just scroll through the glorious food below, try not to drool.

Averagely priced, it has positioned itself as an ultimate food stop, when you’re craving for that comfort food! I highly recommend their turon, it was amazing! Sweet whilst being soft inside and it’s a decent size. A-Team’s Kitchen is the type of restaurant you’d come back to again and again.








Poké Bros.

6/71 George St, Parramatta NSW



Only found in two Sydney locations, Parramatta and Cabramatta, Poke Bros is easily walkable and accessible from Parramatta station. Poke bowls out in Sydney’s West, is not very common, compared to Sydney’s CBD. It’s great that more and more of these types of establishments, are increasing available out west!

Poke Bros’ menu is filled with pre-set bowls, main ingredients ranging from salmon (raw/cooked), tuna, prawn, tofu and spicy korean chicken! Comes in two sizes small and large, additional ingredients can be customised or once again chosen from their best sellers. Boy was the large bowl a deep dig, I had trouble reaching to the bottom of the bowl. I also added their premium milk tea to compliment the deliciousness of the bowl. I forgot what meat I had chosen, however it was tasty, fresh, the ingredients blended well and had me full for the rest of the day.

We came on a quieter day so the service was quick! I unfortunately could not fit in any of their desserts, they have two options, but I’ll definitely be stopping by soon.





Jambo Jambo African Restaurant

93 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe NSW



Jambo Jambo is an Ethiopian restaurant, serving cuisines that are normally served in Ethiopia. Don’t be fooled with the size of the place, because it actually goes all the way back, accomodating to small-large groups comfortably. The interior was beautifully lavished with colour, quite entertaining actually, seeing works I believe was from Ethiopia and other parts of Africa.

The menu is filled with meat and vegetarian options, meat such as lamb, beef, goat and chicken. There’s actually quite a bit of items that are spicy or hot, which I think really makes their dishes come alive. We ordered the Jambo Course, which allowed us to choose up to 3 dishes, comes with a mixed entree and dessert afterwards. I found this super interesting and enjoyable, got to use our hands to break off chapati and fill it with our chosen meats! I highly recommend you ordering this, which is perfect for 2 people.

Service was quick, efficient, explained what items we had and I recommend you asking the team for recommendations if it’s your first time. The owner came out and kindly checked up on all the customers dinning, which I found was lovely. I’d love to come back, maybe with a larger group next time!






Hakata-Maru Ramen

1/475 Victoria Ave, Chatswood NSW



Ramen, is best eaten… everyday! You can tell I’m obsessed with ramen, especially with it is done right.

Tucked in a little corner, surrounded by tall company buildings but not too faraway from public transport and other Asian cuisines that Chatswood has on offer. Hakata-Maru presents Hakata-style tonkatsu ramen, with a variety to choose from. Unfortunately, I cannot find their menu online and I forgot to take a picture of their menu. Before grabbing your seat, you’ll have to order first.

I forgot the name of the ramens we ordered, E’s was a spicy sort which I did not try, but he did say he enjoyed it. He was sweating bullets haha! Mine I believe, was their house speciality and the benefits from what I remember, was that it gives a skin boost! Which I found was pretty amazing. Mind you it also tasted amazing, the slices of meat was tender and had a generous amount of fat left on it. You see that red spoon with a ball of red, yeah I put that aside, because of how spicy it was. I couldn’t finish the bowl, it had so much in it, my stomach and brain was at its limits haha.

Service was quick, clean and we stepped in when they literally just opened its doors so it was quiet. The entries were great, I especially loved their gyoza, it had the thinnest crispiest bottom layer and top-outer shell was so soft. The insides had the right amount of liquid and the meat literally melted. I remember when searching up for the ‘best’ ramen places in Chatswood, this was rated the second best.






Burger Head

17/98 Henry St, Penrith NSW



I just love when Western Sydney picks up its food game! When this little gem opened up, offering burgers, chips, beer, tasty beef  and ample seating, I was super excited. The feel of burger point is similar to food establishments you would find in the CBD, however its menu definitely considers the crowd out west.

I did forget what I ordered, so I’ll give you a general idea of what they offer. You will find 4 basic yet scrumptious sides to start your meal, such as their mash and gravy, crispy tenders, shoe string fries and their liquid cheese. I found their gravy ok, it is more on the lighter tasting side with more mash. I do remember the burger I had was definitely satisfying, the bun used was soft which just paired smoothly with the filling. The beef was done perfectly, was juicy and *sigh* just good. Loved the shoe string fries for sure! You can add extras if you need a bit more and they have smaller burgers for the kiddies.

Burgers are priced from $15-$18 and sides from $4-$8. Food came out within 5-8 minutes, mind you the time we went, it was pretty packed. Make sure to bring your ID if you plan to buy a beer or two.