Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder



The casing is beautiful… seriously, it is compact, sleek and instead of a glass mirror it uses the casing to show your reflection.

Great to carry when you’re on the run for a quick highlighting! I purchased the shade Incandescent which provides a subtle highlight on my brown/yellow skin-type. Faint and not over-powering, it is perfect for everyday day wear, though I would not recommend this in darker environments.

I especially love the pearl shade as it gives off a soft and neutral look




RATE: 4/5

Fresh Glow Highlighting Luminous Pen



Burberry overflows with sophistication and elegance, seen with this effortless made highlighting pen.

I found this pen to be an exceptional use, in targeting specific areas to illuminate. Since the pigmentation is quite light, you will definitely have to build it up or pair it with a contour to further define. The end is dome-shaped that glides smoothly, onto foundation and bare skin. A beautiful ‘glow-to-go’ with a pearl finish, with the right amount of shine to pale-tanned skin types.



RATE: 3/5

Argan Enlightenment Illuminising Veil


Josie Maran Mecca Maxima $44 

Recent new addition added to my growing love of Josie Maran products. I fell in love, when I stepped into Mecca and saw on the table three new products in this range, I immediately reached for the powder-based illuminating veil.

A subtle glow is easily achieved and since I do not have a brush for this, I use my ring finger to apply this silky heaven. Sweeping it on top of my cheekbones, arch under my eyebrows, cupid bow and lightly on my forehead. Great for building, since it starts off light and is not glittery which is a plus! Since it is light, I use it over my Mac Strobe Cream once the cream has dried, enhancing the glow with argan oil and pearly radiance. Beautifully cased, I do find myself using this everyday because of the added healthy sheen and natural application during the day. Though you do definitely need to build it, for nights out where there is less light.




RATE: 5/5

Glow Pop | Creme Highlighter


Ciate London $28 || Sephora 

Don’t use just love a unique method or design of a cometic product? Well I sure do. This product is travel friendly.

This creme highlighter by Ciate London, makes me want to purchase all their products because of this cute and effortless design. I do find the price tag to be very heavy, maybe because it is from Sephora or maybe because it is hard to come by in the Australian market. The shape of the highlighter makes it simple to apply the creme-based product, where you would highlight areas such as the cheekbones, brow bones, cupids bow and areas you want to illuminate.

Lovely design, though I do find it difficult from using this product to give me that ‘glowy finish’ it claims to do. I could only achieve a speck of luminosity from the product. I find that you need a bit of moisture, from your finger-tips or where you want to place it, to have the product be generously applied. Beautiful colour but a weak highlighting product.




RATE: 2/5

M.A.C – Strobe Cream


$55 – 50ml

Can’t go without a day not wearing this over my make-up. This strobe cream’s main objective is to quickly moisture and gives a quick fresh boost for the skin. It’s a liquid substance, not too thick which you rub over the desired skin area. I tend to put it over my cheek bones over my blush and I use it as a highlighter under my eyebrows. The result is dewy and gives a bright shine on the areas. Perfect if you don’t want too much of a matte finish. It lasts throughout the day beautifully.

RATE: 4/5