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This has been a workout saver, I have been tracking my workouts by writing it down onto my calendar and no way can I bring that to the gym. Finding this logging app has not only made it convenient for me to bring the data wherever I go, but also keeping track of the exercises, reps, save and future workouts. You can customise the exercises to keep track of the weight used, resistance, distance and time. Rather than switching apps, Fitlist has an in-built timer. Also, you can search through the app’s list of exercises so you don’t necessarily need to create the exercises. If you do however want to see detailed information through the app, such as graphs of your progress, you can do so for a few dollars.

You can also get connected to other users, sharing your workout routines and getting ideas from other people’s workouts to add onto yours!

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Smiling Mind

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Smiling Mind | Apple Store $0.00

For $0 you get access to comprehensive meditation packs , friendly for any age groups and which surprisingly, tackles a variety of life challenges. Organised in programs, with various specific modules. To name a few programs, workplace, back to school period, sport, mindfulness and so much more.

I particularly love the interface, how at the start there is a short survey which you can contrast to the survey you had completed at the end, as well as comparing it to the other days. Simple to use, the voice is soothing, clear and you have the option to remove the music. The time length of meditations vary and it also has a program as ‘bite sized’ ones, so you can play on the go or replay when you like. I honestly can’t believe this is entirely free, given that it is that jammed pack!

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Breathe In

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Hi Mom S.A.S | Apple Store $0.99

Breathe In is your app anchor, reminding you to take a few moments of your day to breathe. It is beautifully designed in not only its images, but also through its simple interface. From 5 breathing exercises to choose from, which you can further tailor the duration and sound, in no time you will see the difference it makes to your everyday outlook. Helps with reducing stress and anxiety, strengthening the diaphragm and so much more.

Set up reminders and can be easily connected to your Health App.

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With over 80,000 exciting titles to choose from and keeps up-to-date with releases, whether you are on the go or would like somebody else to read for you, head over to this online library. With my free audiobooks trial, I opted to choose The Girl on the Train as I had heard many positive reviews. It was quite easy to find the best sellers and new releases, as they are previewed on the front page!

 This being my first try with an audio service, and I am absolutely digging it. It integrates an efficient search system, micromanaging your search to genre, language, duration and format. Before you click on your desired audio, its lists the title, author name, who it is read by and the duration as well as the star ratings.

There are 3 plans to you can choose from, which tailors to how much you read and how many devices you would like to connect. You can get your first audiobook for free.