Detox Serum Antioxidant +3


Grown Alchemist $59.95

Lightweight on the skin, packed with natural and skin-beneficial ingredients, this serum is a must-try product. I have moved onto another product after using this because I was looking for something more. Not to say that this is bad, because it did give my skin some hydration but I did not see and feel noticeable effects on my skin.

It is recommended for daily usage with an after moisturiser, easily absorbable and it states the main purpose of the product is to lessen “signs of aging, detoxed of harmful free radicals… UVB/UVA rays”.


Yes, my skin felt healthy but it didn’t have an impact of creating “radiant” skin that it said I would have. It may work wonders for you, but unfortunately for me it did not.

RATE: 2/5


I find that though you enter a store that has many branches, their products are usually not all the same. The Daiso at Central Park is great, not only is it the largest in Sydney but it also means that they have a variety of things to purchase.

The things I bought are: all are $2.80 


I watched this video that it can be quite unhygienic to have your toothbrushes in the same room with the toilet, cause things can get airborne. So I had a search around and I remembered that Daiso stocked some.  I always keep a toothbrush in my bag, because when you have braces girrlll things get stuck. 


When you have many coffee cards like me, don’t you just hate it when you have to search in your wallet and the staff just watches you. The pressure is too much haha. I think this option is awesome, get any sized key-ring and start punch-holing your cards… once you’re done your coffee addiction will be organised. 

I can’t really give these any ratings, because really, the products do their jobs!

Kendi Oil – Dry Oil Mist

When Sephora first opened in Sydney, I remember how packed it was! This shop was in my “must-go” list and when I finally had time off, I bolted! haha though I went on Boxing Day, it wasn’t as busy as I thought it would have been. Kept looking for any random products to try out and since I’ve been wanting to try a product that can help maintain my hair I came across a Alterna Haircare product.



Smooth Kendi Mist $37 || Sephora

I have long, curly thick hair, which is very prone to frizzes especially when the weather is humid and/or dry. This product does not completely remove my hair frizz, though it helps eliminate most. The oil mist is not heavy on the hair and smells beautiful! I can’t pin-point the exact fragrance, but it’s like a mixture of honey and lemon. I spray it after conditioning my hair, evenly throughout but targeting my split-ends because it states that the kendi oil provides multiple essential fatty acids that provides protection. I always straighten my hair when ever I go out, so with the combined organic bamboo extract helps add strength, flexibility, shine giving my hair that healthier result.

As you can see from the picture above, I’ve been using it way too much! I love it, though it’s not a miracle product, I find my hair feels softer and less-dull when I use it. I find that it also controls my natural hair oil, and when I add this extra organic oil my hair like I said smells way better. My hair is also more manageable.

For the price of this product, I say that it’s worth it. Give it a go, I am also amazed that the bottle is still filled with oil because I’ve been using it almost everyday!

RATE: 4/5

Cameron by Verali

Most times I chose the look of a product over comfortability, and at the end of the day I regret my decision because my feet are dead and red. Well, these pair of heels, I got the best of both worlds.


Verali $55.96 – Cameron Black, size 5

Bought it from The Iconic, that was originally $79.95. This I find will match any outfit I have, dress or pants. It’s chic and simple. The soles of my feet did not die during the night and it still looked brand spanking new afterwards. I have a feeling that this will be  my go-to-shoes to any event.

RATE: 4/5

My Lokai




Bought From:

Lokai – from their onlline store


This bracelet is my favourite accessory at the moment. I saw a picture of this online and remember reading their description of what the black and white beads represent. So I hunted down the online store, and found out how it came to be.

The white bead contains water from Mt. Everest whilst the black bead contains mud from the Dead Sea. This is what the description says: “The bracelet is infused with elements sourced from the highest and lowest points on Earth. The white ball, carrying water from Mt. Everest, and the black ball, holding mud from the Dead Sea, exist on opposite ends. A string of clear beads link the two, signifying that throughout life’s circular journey, your path is your own.” Beautiful concept right? I had to get one on my arm!

I got the small, which fitted perfectly (17.5cm). Though it doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing, looks similar to a child’s plastic bracelet, the meaning to it was what was worth the price. Also, 10% of the profit will go into one of their charity groups.


The look of it, as I said above it’s like a plastic bracelet.

I’m sooooo tempted to open the white and black bead up, to see if anything is actually in them haha.

RATE: 4/5

Le Tan

I’m very excited for this week’s Halloween! Though I’m going as the typical witch (with no scary makeup on), my boyfriend is going as Khal Drogo. We’re going to try and recreate the look! This is honestly going to be a challenge for me, because firstly I’m not good at applying make-up and secondly I don’t have all the equipment haha! But I did buy some yesterday though.

What we bought today to help him look like the big man, is some bronzer! We got the Le Tan Wash Off in Bronze. We tried it out in the store, and had to choose between Bronze and Dark Bronze. Bronze was what we both agreed on.



Bought From:

Kmart – 28 Patrick St, Blacktown NSW 2148


It’s easily washed off by water, or really anything liquid and soap. It really does make you look tanned, no nasty smells and has a lovely finish if it is applied evenly onto the skin. Compared to the darker bronze, this is much lighter and has that light glittery touch to it. You also have control on the density of the bronzer, depending on how close you spray it onto the skin, so like if you spray it closer than 30cm it becomes extremely brown.


No it’s not a recovering bruise haha. I used the boyfriend as a model and had to find the lightest part of him so the difference can be seen. So that’s the colour once it’s sprayed on. Good or bad?


At the moment really nothing, it’s preety much used for those one-off things. You have to let it dry for a good 3-4 minutes, because if not it does easily come off. I’d also say the price is way too much for a product like this.

RATE: 3/5


20140928_160919_resizedJiasilin Jelly $31 (originally $39)


Bought from:

Kagui – Shop 10.17 World Square Shopping Centre, 686 George Street Sydney 2000


It’s aesthetically pleasing, with the intricate flower details providing the wearer breathability. Using jelly-like material provides perfect flexibility and takes away that constant stiffness you get with leather shoes. The beige colour, is perfect for any occasion.


The major problem would have to be, since the shoe is almost white, after wearing it for a couple of days it has already turned brown at the front. It is very obvious and doesn’t come off too easily either. The soles inside also picks up dirt quite easily and like any new shoe, you will definitely be in for some heel blisters.

I think it’ll be one of those shoes, if worn too much will become easily worn out and will lose it’s pristine look. Might just wear it from time to time.

RATE: 2/5