Kendi Oil – Dry Oil Mist

When Sephora first opened in Sydney, I remember how packed it was! This shop was in my “must-go” list and when I finally had time off, I bolted! haha though I went on Boxing Day, it wasn’t as busy as I thought it would have been. Kept looking for any random products to try out and since I’ve been wanting to try a product that can help maintain my hair I came across a Alterna Haircare product.



Smooth Kendi Mist $37 || Sephora

I have long, curly thick hair, which is very prone to frizzes especially when the weather is humid and/or dry. This product does not completely remove my hair frizz, though it helps eliminate most. The oil mist is not heavy on the hair and smells beautiful! I can’t pin-point the exact fragrance, but it’s like a mixture of honey and lemon. I spray it after conditioning my hair, evenly throughout but targeting my split-ends because it states that the kendi oil provides multiple essential fatty acids that provides protection. I always straighten my hair when ever I go out, so with the combined organic bamboo extract helps add strength, flexibility, shine giving my hair that healthier result.

As you can see from the picture above, I’ve been using it way too much! I love it, though it’s not a miracle product, I find my hair feels softer and less-dull when I use it. I find that it also controls my natural hair oil, and when I add this extra organic oil my hair like I said smells way better. My hair is also more manageable.

For the price of this product, I say that it’s worth it. Give it a go, I am also amazed that the bottle is still filled with oil because I’ve been using it almost everyday!

RATE: 4/5

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