Beta Glucan Daily Moisture Cream



The beta glucan daily moisture cream is from a Korean skincare brand, iUNIK, that emphasises simplicity in its design and ingredients. For 60ml and I purchased this cream for $22.95, it had lasted me for over 4 months!

The top two listed ingredients are water and butylene glycol. I’m surprised beta glucan is not the first listed ingredient, however it is along the first line. I’m also not sure the amount of each ingredient is, as there are not percentages written. Butylene glycol is an humectant, used to retain skin moisture and is said to be effective in moisturising the skin. The ingredient is also compatible with non-water-soluble products, as the ingredient helps dissolve other ingredients resulting in easier application. I’ll also highlight the beta glucan ingredient, which is used to soothe irritated skin as well as plump and firm the skin.

There’s a very slight scent and I found the consistency to be non-sticky, easily applied and water-based. The cream did not cause any irritation on my sensitive skin and I saw instant moisturising benefits. During colder days, I felt like the cream was not thick enough even after layering a lot more for the day. On drier days, the cream felt made my oiler throughout the day, so the best time for me to use it, was on days when I was just at home.

I probably won’t buy it again, as it did make my skin oiler. However, I loved the light-weight feel of the cream, making it a great everyday use. Price point was amazing too, because you get a long usage out of it and was super gentle on the skin.



Sweet Lip Duo – Tulip



The sweet lip duo in tulip does two things, works as a lip scrub and provides tinted balm for your lips. This dual functional lip package, is cruelty free and claims to be long wearing. The price point is at 379 pesos at the moment and is 7.1 grams, made to be easily packed with your other beauty products! The packaging is very girly, with pink sakura and flower motifs, against blocks of white, green and shades of pink. The case that holds the balm and scrub is convenient, it reminds me of those cute cases used back in the 90s. It fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and circle in shape. You just need to snap the case open, to reveal the scrub in the bottom layer, snap it close again and then snap the top layer to reveal the balm and small mirror. The packaging does not feel luxe, but you can tell it was well thought of.

I won’t list out the ingredients, but rather highlight the first two listed ingredients for each component of the lip duo. The balm has mineral oil and polyisobutene, where mineral oil is commonly found in lotions, baby lotions and other personal care products. Mineral oil is lightweight and helps reduce loss of water from the skin, helping the skin to retain its moisture. Whereas, polyisobutene is a non-skin-penetrating ingredient that helps a product in enhancing its texture. In terms of the scrub, it has castor seed oil and sucrose as its first two ingredients. Castor seed oil is commonly found in scrubs, as it helps condition and sooth chapped lips. With the added sucrose ingredient, the scrub is able to decongest flaky lips, as the smalls grains provide a natural exfoliant.

For me, I find this duo perfect for everyday use because of its easy use. The scrub is non-abrasive, non-sticky and although the scent smells like old-perfume, it does its job. The balm is lightweight and the tulip was perfect for an everyday wear, it matched perfectly with my lip colour. There’s a light sheen to it, so you can definitely layer the balm with a clear or tinted gloss. The tinted balm is buildable and although it is not highly moisturising, it keeps my lips protected for 1-2 hours.

Would I get it again… yes, it would also make a great gift for both girls and women alike. A great everyday product, which is major! It won’t break your bank and it’s such an easily applied product, it makes a great edition to one’s beauty lip collection.




Bondi Booty Bands



Since we’re all at home and have all these restrictions in place, makes visiting a gym impossible. That shouldn’t stop you from working out though! To add the challenge and resistance to my glute workouts, I needed a range of strengths.

I actually came across this set from an influencer, who had highly recommended this product. From inside the small black bag, came 4 types of resistance bands, all in different colours. The lightest is the 25kg, then the 40kg, 60kg and lastly which I find difficult to use is the 75kg.  All the bands came in their own plastic cover and I find the black bag to be super useful, you can just pack your bands and in it and go! In the purchase, I was also given free access to Bondi Booty’s ‘Bondi Building Bible’, which contains recipes and exercises. The bands are 100% made out of pure latex, which helps the band not slip.

The tension of the bands are perfect for me, because it provides the challenge I am looking for. You can really feel the difference in tension between the bands, so the fact that they are so noticeably different, you are able to build your strength with this set. I’m between the medium and heavy at the moment, where medium is used for high rep workouts and the heavy band is used when I’m doing low reps. The bands are not extremely stretchy, so I find it great to use for glute workouts, thighs and maybe for some top exercises. Not being too stretchy is actually awesome, as you can really feel the intensity of the resistance. I’m not sure with the measurements, but if you lean on the thicker side, the circumference of these bands might be too narrow for you.

I’ve been using these bands religiously and I don’t think I need a new set anytime soon. The resistance strengths between the bands are spread out perfectly for me, I can’t get past the heavy band! The quality is great, no tears and the width helps it not scrunch up when being used. I find the width perfect for me, because it helps provide the resistance to target the glutes. I would definitely buy this again and maybe gift it to someone who does not have a booty band set yet. The price was insanely affordable for such a quality product.


Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Mask



Th overnight rice spa mask is best used during the evening, as the consistency is on the thicker side, working to promote skin cell rejuvenation and moisture levels. The mask’s aim is to brighten, even out the skin tone and relive inflamed skin with the use of rice extract.

There was no scent and I found the consistency to be non-sticky, which made the mask very easy to apply. I only applied a bit during the evening and did see a little difference. My skin felt soft in the morning and although I did not see my skin tone even out, my skin’s texture did smooth out a little. I wouldn’t say this product did wonders for my skin, however the mask was perfect for dry, sensitive skin like mine. The product claims to make your skin firmer, however for me, I did not see any difference. It did howver, definitely did its job to moisturise my skin and smooth out a little of my rough patches.



Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence RX (Pro Ferment)



Essence is applied after the cleansing and toner step, used to specifically target imperfections, similar to face serums. The difference is essences is used as the first step in treatment and is water in its consistency. Not necessarily required in your skin care, however for me, I find essences to add a deeper layer of hydration and has anti-wrinkle benefits.

The Time Revolution essence is quite affordable compared to others in the beauty market and you get 150ml worth of it. I usually use about 3 drops, which covers both my face and neck. The essence does a good job in smoothing out any rough patches on my skin, feels super plump and provides light hydration. There’s this glass-skin effect after application and what I love is that it feels light, so you can also apply it during the day. Main ingredients are fermented yeast extract, rice extract and pearl extract.

Non-sticky and it does not have a scent to it. The liquid also comes in a sturdy hard-glass container, it feels super luxe. I have had no bad reactions to it and the essence I find, blends well with other skin products I use. Is the essence a must-buy, maybe yes maybe no, but it slowly delivers results after a number of uses. For me, I do notice my skin looking a little duller when I skip applying this essence.



Jeju Volcanic Pore Scrub Foam

IMG_1225 2.jpg


The Jeju volcanic pore scrub foam, is my go to step on days when I’ll be treating myself to a facemask. But make sure to add this step after cleansing, so the scrub can exfoliate without the extra work of removing an additional layer of makeup/dirt. You’ll get a lot out of the scrub with just a pea size amount, as the scrub lathers smoothly across the skin. Make sure to apply on damp skin, to ensure the scrub is activated. To emphasise, this scrub has been super gentle, I’ve not seen any redness and does not dry out my skin afterwards.

Clusters of Jeju volcanic clusters are used to absorb sebum, and to help amplify this is the added red clay. I see after using this scrub, is that my skin feels smoother and difference in brightness. Like any scrub, make sure to only exfoliate 1-2 times a week.

IMG_1226 2.jpg

Nuture Sleep Spray



Byron Badu’s sleep spray, has been my exciting go-to, before hitting the sack. Two to three sprits in the air, very fine, and your headed to a sweet and gentle paradise. The hints of mandarin and sweet basil is not overbearing, so it’s great for those who are quite sensitive to scents. The only downside for me, is that the scent does disappear quickly, I would have liked the scent to linger just a tad longer for me to enjoy. Maybe I am just too obsessed and greedy with it!


All Day Vitamin Brightening & Balancing Facial Serum



Highly concentrated with vitamins such as A, B, C, D, E and K… don’t worry no more letters haha. A thick, non-sticky facial serum is easily absorbed into the skin, with benefits such as increased skin nourishment, brightening and a more balanced skin throughout the day! Due to its thickness and non-water consistency, the serum is not easily spread however, it is easily absorbed.

For me there has not been a dramatic change to my skin, however there is slight changes to the brightness of my skin and its elasticity. Frequent and consistent use of this serum is required, to see the results.


Seaweed Night Cream



Packed with vegan-friendly ingredients, seaweed as its main, the cream provides a powerful, moisturising layer during the night. I found the texture quite interesting, it felt silky, non-greasy and soft! I noticed after a few days of using the cream, during the day my skin retained the natural glow and youthful bounce. There’s a slight scent to it and don’t worry, your skin won’t turn green.

Collagen is another key ingredient, to enhance your skin tone and smooth out unwanted wrinkles. Hydraulic acid is also present, keeping your skin moisturised in harsh, drying conditions.



Lip Balm



Long-lasting and wearable on its own, or what I do to spice it up a bit, is add some lip tint. Since the consistency of the lip balm is thick, non-sticky and is easily spread, lip tints just sink right in!

Winter is over now here in Australia and during the season my lips was constantly seeking for some heavy duty lip balm. This power-punching balm is infused with cocoa and shea butter, coconut and sweet almond oil, as well as Vitamin E. A thin layer is all that is required, as the balm is quite thick but at the same time, melts into your lips quickly. I did not find the balm greasy and no scent was detected. Definitely long-wearing, it keeps my lips highly supple, smooth and gives your lips a little shine to it.