If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.

– William Blake

19/1 Time flew past way too quickly these couple of days. I’m relieved with my decision to apply for that position, got a response as well that is has been received. Though I am discouraged that my current work experience, will place me unfavourably at the end. Fingers crossed they will call me for an interview, and are happy to take up a novice.

21/2 Had some sweet chicken today at Jeans Chili Chicken. After E and I headed to grab a bite, another sweet bite, of Oliver Brown’s sundae and got myself caffeine to fuel me through the sugar rush! So I’ve decided on a label name, but I just don’t know what to create? I do want to link my Filipino heritage into my designs, but exactly how? How does one start a small creative store? I guess what’s intimidating me, is the cost of it all and its return. I have the Wacom Intuos creative pen tablet, bought today, so there’s no turning back haha. Any tips?

22/2 Another cold day, just a perfect temperature drop from the weeks of insane heat. I’m ready to welcome Autumn!! Nothing much today, caught up on some of my favourite Youtubers and Netflix shows. I’ve started to create reviews on shows I’ve finished, my first and only post is here.

25/2 Anyone got tips to fixing up my night owl mode right now? I’ve been ridiculously sleeping past 12am and waking up 6-7 hours later. Been feeling ok, but my skin, eating habits and panda eyes are becoming more obvious. Anyways, I’ve been working on something exciting, hopefully releasing this sometime this year. It draws in my Filipino heritage and my love of history. Heading out to watch a movie soon.


Sydney Cherry Blossom Festival



Running between the 18/08 till the 27/08 this local event was a breath of fresh air! If you have not been to or would like a taste of Japanese culture with the beautiful backdrop of these gorgeous flowers, this festival is a must.

There were 3 areas that had rows of cherry blossoms, you be sure to have your gadgets ready for the ultimate snaps! With my visit, we were blessed with clear blue skies which made the trip more picturesque. Be sure to enter early so you avoid the crowds. There were various other programs, such as a sumo stadium, oragami, silent disco, cosplay and live entertainment. For just $5 for entry, you not only get to relax against the blossoms but you also get treated to a variety of tasty Japanese cuisines!



Blood Poison


Who better to play the character of Stella Goldschlag in Blood Poison, directed by Jennifer Hagan, than 2015 Sydney Theatre Awards best actress nominee?

 Australian actress, Belinda Giblin stars as Stella in a “90 minute tour de force” at The Studio, Sydney Opera House. This setting allows the audience to further delve into her story, as she confides to us her tragic accomplishments, within the comforts of her living room. She brings us back to Berlin whilst waiting for an old friend, where citizens are surrounded by the war, living in fear and distrust. World War II, to be exact. It was outstanding watching Belinda holding the play by herself, portraying the constant physical and mental torture endured by Stella.

 For the survival and love for her family and herself, she decides to become a “greifer” for the Gestapo. In other words an informant against the Jews, though Jewish herself. Her decision goes all against her culture, traditions and morality as her human survival instincts sets off. Whilst watching her, I got to see from her perspective why she chose to do what she did. Eventually as a spy, Stella became known as Blonde Poison due to her Aryan appearance – blue eyes and blonde hair.

 The whole play from start to finish, was extraordinary constantly I was conflicted with her. Belinda’s emotional acting explicitly demonstrates the relentless struggle within Stella. From a loving daughter, adored friend and neighbour to a betrayal of all sides. Her actions will make you question, what will you do when the time comes?




The Punter’s Siren



Wild, is the right word. The Punter’s Siren’ by Gina Schien took the audience on an exciting ride from start to finish. I was instantly captivated by Helen’s (played by Jacqui Robson) intoxicating drama on her lust towards a blonde beauty, Linda (played by Laura Viskovich).

Fast-paced and not losing the excitement, I was thrown back to the 1960s where the plot takes place in Randwick Racecourse. Jacqui Robson’s portrayal of Helen is superb, her various personas is seen as she goes back and forth on her decisions. To pursue or not to pursue. She is unconditionally challenged by her sexual desire, which is such a beautiful comedic relief against Laura’s portrayal of an alluring, money –seeker siren named Linda. I found myself laughing, you will too, along Helen’s outcomes as she jeopardizes her morals for the name of ‘love’.

Whether you’re a man or woman, the plot will remind you of the times when desire mixed with lust try to overcome your logical reasoning. More specifically, the times you made a fool of yourself in front of your ultimate crush. Each scene was a delight and an hour was not enough, I wanted more!






RATE: 5/5

Waterways Exhibition

28 Broadway, Chippendale NSW


Running between the 23 MARCH to the 30 APRIL this year, HotHouse presents WaterWays – an exhibition displaying collections of art works that creates public awareness of sustainability and challenges people to think about water pollution.


Over 1,000 participates contributed water samples to this exhibition and with their bottle they wrote a little note, writing what ‘water’ meant to them. This is a beautiful way of encouraging individuals to get involved in a personal level, in keeping our waters clean.













“Overall, Waterways reflects the essence of our community, and all of us who love living in this city”

RATE: 4/5


Level 3, 28 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008


Get yourself to see the 30 YEARS OF SHELF-INDULGENCE which will be showcasing between the 12/3 – 26/4 (12pm – 8pm daily). Mambo is an Australian brand, founded by Dare Jennings in 1984, is usually found on surf and art-wear brands. On the more controversial side, the brand is known to showcase the Australian way of life through ‘self-deprecating humour, and an off-handed indifference to all the usual conventions, retail and cultural’.

To find out more please check out this site: http://www.centralparksydney.com/shop/mambo-30-years-of-shelf-indulgence

In case you don’t have the chance to go, these pictures can give you a little sneak peek!







Absolutely loved their collaboration with DC Comics


My favourite of them all, Two Face

& it’s free entry! It’s some brilliant artworks!

RATE: 4/5