If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.

– William Blake

19/1 Time flew past way too quickly these couple of days. I’m relieved with my decision to apply for that position, got a response as well that is has been received. Though I am discouraged that my current work experience, will place me unfavourably at the end. Fingers crossed they will call me for an interview, and are happy to take up a novice.

21/2 Had some sweet chicken today at Jeans Chili Chicken. After E and I headed to grab a bite, another sweet bite, of Oliver Brown’s sundae and got myself caffeine to fuel me through the sugar rush! So I’ve decided on a label name, but I just don’t know what to create? I do want to link my Filipino heritage into my designs, but exactly how? How does one start a small creative store? I guess what’s intimidating me, is the cost of it all and its return. I have the Wacom Intuos creative pen tablet, bought today, so there’s no turning back haha. Any tips?

22/2 Another cold day, just a perfect temperature drop from the weeks of insane heat. I’m ready to welcome Autumn!! Nothing much today, caught up on some of my favourite Youtubers and Netflix shows. I’ve started to create reviews on shows I’ve finished, my first and only post is here.

25/2 Anyone got tips to fixing up my night owl mode right now? I’ve been ridiculously sleeping past 12am and waking up 6-7 hours later. Been feeling ok, but my skin, eating habits and panda eyes are becoming more obvious. Anyways, I’ve been working on something exciting, hopefully releasing this sometime this year. It draws in my Filipino heritage and my love of history. Heading out to watch a movie soon.


“Absolutely nothing is as important as knowing who to trust”
– Radovan Kavicky

18/11 I seem to always greet a new blog post by saying how long it has been. Which is both frustrating and funny. I tell myself over and over again to keep my blog alive, but to no avail. The goal is still there.

A lot has happened and a lot has been accomplished. One I’ll quickly highlight is the creation of another blog, dedicated specially to my professional development ‘CURIOUS ARCHIVE‘. I thought of creating a public blog, that would both capture my experiences and also sheds light to the profession, for seasoned and unseasoned information professionals. I’ll talk about it more in the other blog.

Fantastic Beasts 2 was a fun watch! It is definitely more on the darker side, a new character revelation was unexpected and has thrown all my knowledge off the boat and I’d say is more targeted towards people who are fans of Harry Potter.


“Being busy is better than being bored. Bored left a long time ago. Busy is always around for me.”

– Tabitha Robin

1/7 It has been a loooong time! I honestly don’t know what to write right now. Hopefully I can get into reviewing once again! Anyways, just came back from volunteering at a museum, which I absolutely enjoy right now. Time flies by so quickly, though really cold, I feel like I am further expanding my knowledge and skills.

2/7 Eating my avocado right now, wishing I didn’t have this stomach pain.



“Problem with an old friend who is too busy: he always perceives you as if never changed.”

– Toba Beta

16/3 I have all these books I’d love to start reading, but I have had no time to dive into them. There’s this novel that I bought months ago and it is still packaged in a brown bag, up on my shelf. Others are left with bookmarks, not even half way through the book. I guess I haven’t found a compelling story in a while, that can reignite my passion to start reading again. I remember reading the Harry Potter series and I couldn’t put the books down, one after the other and sometimes re-reading them.

18/3 A cockroach was dizzy trying to scramble away yesterday, in my room, when I spotted it. When I did, I naturally screamed and ran to my mum to deal with it. But first got my younger brother to bring my laptop out of my room and into the dinning room so I can continue my work. Fortunately, my mum brought the large monstrous thing outdoors and till now I am getting those uncomfortable goosebumps.

19/3 Many things on my plate.






“Philosophy is really nostalgia, the desire to be at home.”

– Novalis

8/3 Is it me, or there’s so many talks now about plastic surgery? To be honest I have thought about it, but watching and reading the recovery period even though the results are great, always puts me off. Plus the large amount of money needed… Work was great, used a lot more of my mentality to come up with a procedure. Definitely going way above my pay but it’s the experience I am gunning for. Through this experience, it highlighted the need for upper management support to implement things. Without that vital support, recommendations and ideas can never be pushed to reality.

10/3 Need to move out, asap. This current location is not homely at all, always on edge and too much rules. Its always comfortable when you have a space that is welcoming. Be it the lighting, colours, ambience, food, furniture, sound and scent.

12/3 Busy busy once again. I think I need to calm down with the applications  and really think where I want to go. I have an interview this coming Friday and I hope I get pointed or given advice about where I could be going. There’s so many positions out there, I am the type of person that tries to be the jack of all trades, when really one should be specialising. Well that’s what I think anyways.






“Never go to bed mad. Stay up and fight.”

– Phyllis Diller

1/3 March! Sydney is getting cooler and gloomy looking, which brings the unwelcome flu and cold season. I think I had my dose just two days ago and passed it onto E. He now is sniffling his way through the day, he and I are both drinking manuka and honey tea. But I do love the colder season, cause it means I can pile up clothing and be snuggly comfortable at work. That’s if they don’t put the heater on. You know what anime I am obsessed about, even if the story line is somewhat predictable, is Seven Deadly Sins. Which you now can watch on Netflix.

3/3 I got my printer/scanner up and running yay! I know I can definitely print from work, but that means I can only print when I’m at work. It just feels great my own room is coming together, still under construction, but its becoming an ideal place for study. E’s room came together great, there’s a few things I’d like to add but I think I should be focusing on my own room for now. I removed some old wall hangings and thinking of adding two white shelves. I’d like to paint the walls white, but that’s a large task. Maybe after my contract ends or after the semester is over.

4/3 100% getting hooked to the anime that Netflix holds. Almost done with Seven Deadly Sins and now starting B: The Beginning. Netflix is seriously stepping up its anime collection! I find it hard sometime to find online streaming sites for anime, without any ads popping up and unnecessary membership sign-ups.


~ MJ

“The monstrosity of this, reaching Smiley through a thickening wall of spiritual exhaustion, left him momentarily speechless.”

– John Le Carre

14/2 Once again I didn’t get a bouquet of roses. That’s all I really want on this day. Every 14/2.

15/1 Where has the week gone? Trying so hard to stay awake.

16/1 Instead of brunch, going to head out to dinner instead. Hubert on Bligh Street, which is a modern French restaurant. I am crossing my fingers it won’t be too hot and there’s a live band.

17/2 The wait time at Hubert last night was quite long, so we opted to eat and drink at their bar. Cocktails were on point! I am definitely coming back to eat at the place and check out their a la cart and their cocktails. Going to try and do as much stuff today before the house party starts tonight. I was just so exhausted yesterday, that I couldn’t concentrate on my blog, uni that is starting in two weeks time and the third vlog. I am going to start cramming today. 

19/1 Don’t know if you’ve seen my tweet, but there was a house party yesterday night and I was spewing in the inside. I ate so much because I was half nervous and half hungry haha. Work was mentally exhausting today.






~ MJ