A-Team’s Kitchen

4/52 Rooty Hill Road North, Rooty Hill NSW



Located along Weston Lane, you’ll find ample parking and it’s less than a 3 minute walk from Rooty Hill station. I believe A-Team’s Kitchen has been at the current location for 2+ years, however have re-branded and re-named the restaurant. I liked the relaxed feel, simple interior reminiscent of food eateries in the Philippines.

Specialising in authentic Filipino meals, desserts and has a coffee-maker for coffee lovers! I would have loved to taste their own version/creation of taho. The mass-produced taho lacked in sweetness and freshness. Though can’t complain, it melds well after a heavy feed. You will find all the classics here, from rice meals, main dishes and BBQ meat sticks! It was glossing in oil and surprisingly it didn’t taste oily at all, it was sweet and tender. Just scroll through the glorious food below, try not to drool.

Averagely priced, it has positioned itself as an ultimate food stop, when you’re craving for that comfort food! I highly recommend their turon, it was amazing! Sweet whilst being soft inside and it’s a decent size. A-Team’s Kitchen is the type of restaurant you’d come back to again and again.








Harajuku Gyoza

1/14 Darling Dr, Sydney


Not too far away from some of the main attractions in Darling Harbour, Harajuku Gyoza is a welcoming spot for lunch or dinner! Offering a variety of Japanese gyoza, make sure to try them out and it’s great that it gives you either the option of grilled or poached. For a pack of 5, the price ranges from $8.30 – $11.80. My favourite is the crispy fried cheeseburger gyoza. They weren’t playing, as it literally tasted like the real deal! It was perfectly fried, crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. I forgot what filling the poached gyoza was, but it had the perfect moisture level and was super clean. Their menu has other traditional items, such as dons and izayaka sides.

Ordered the recommend soufflé, which was not only soft but had the perfect amount of sweetness which was exciting after each bite. The colour was blinding, do you see that yellow? But I honestly liked their Nutella gyoza compared to their soufflé, just because who does not like Nutella? Plus, it was incased in a delicious crispy fried casing.

Service was perfect, everything came out quickly! Ample amount of seating inside and out and their interior was awesome. It had this playful but also traditional look.


12/339 Sussex St, Sydney NSW



An Indonesian fusion cafe, operates 6 days a week with long hours (7:00 – 19:30). The quickest way to get there, is to jump off Town Hall and  it should only take 10 minutes to get there!

The interior is instagram worthy, with tasty pinks and cream and make sure to check out the quote on their wall. It is a cosy spot, so make sure to get in there early or out of rush hours. Unfortunately when I visited, their air-conditioning was not running so had to brunch in the humidity. This however did not lessen my excitement for their dishes! What makes them unique is their fusion of Indonesian and Western food. Try their Superbowls, which has one layer of tasty Mi Goreng and another layer of pork belly, sausages, herbed corn, melted cheese and corned beef. The cravings are real! There are other items that will certainly entice you for a second or third visit.

Service was lovely and quick! Make sure to take a snap or two, as their interior and food presentation calls out for a snap or two. I have a feeling I’ll be back.

Billy Kwong

1/28 MacLeay St, Potts Point NSW 2011



 I have heard of this name previously, and since I was in the area it was perfect timing to drop by! Just a few minutes walk from Kings Cross station, you will find yourself submerged in the upbeat and cosy feel of this Chinese restaurant.

I love open kitchen concepts, it brings entertainment to your table as well as excitement. Billy Kwong uses this in its layout flawlessly, where E and I sat at the bar watching the chefs do their magic, whilst sipping through their delicious drinks menu. The price point is normal, from $17 upwards to $48, and the dishes came out timely. Friendly staff and made you feel welcome.

We were treated to flavoursome dishes, that highlights the mixture of Australian and Chinese ingredients. The main notes I experienced were the peppery, salty, sour and sweet notes in each dish and I wished I had a larger stomach to keep going through their menu! Their wontons were to die for and their spicy omelette was soft, crisp and heavenly. The pictures I took are a bit dim, so it doesn’t fully capture the presentation but it isn’t short of amazing. I almost forgot… their green matcha gelato is the best I’ve tasted, two scoopes was not enough!










La Mesa

Level 1, 19 Goulburn St. Haymarket, Sydney NSW 2000

First thing you’ll notice is the entrance, it honestly looked so secretive. Steep stairs upwards and in a way it reminded me of home entrances in the Philippines.



A friend remarked how it reminded him of a Filippino home, with it’s wooden , mis-matched furniture and distinctive interior. You’ve got long, short tables with couches with some. I was truly amazed at how bustling this restaurant was! In Sydney, I find that Filippino cuisines have more difficulty breaking into the foodie market. La Mesa makes me hopeful.


On a busy night, I believe maybe they should’ve placed more wait-staff due to the wait time some patrons experienced. Our orders, came though unluckily one of my mate’s order was forgotten… At the end, I’ll like to say thank you so much for letting us do the spilt billings!

The food was great, my particular favourite of the night was the Kare Kare dish that came in a cute black bowl. I had a few spoons of the peanut sauce and it imprinted an ever-lasting memory haha. Wide variety of traditional dishes, some even I have never heard of. Prices are moderately priced. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.








RATE: 3/5

Lyton Noodle House

8 Lyton Street, Blacktown NSW 2418

IMG_2246 (1)

This would be E and I’s go to place, when we get sick and bored of the other eateries in the area. Plus, the lady who serves us has extremely great customer service! Oh and I think we go way too many times, that she said to us one time “where have you both been?” haha.




Monday through to Sunday, you will be served an array of dishes that is a mix of Thai and Vietnamese cuisines. Inside you’ll be welcomed by designs of either Thai or Vietnamese ornaments, that makes you feel like you’ve been transported to an asian local eatery but at the same time keeping the Western Sydney vibe. Their menu ranges from about  $5 up towards about $16 – affordable and wait until you taste their dishes, it’s freaking delicious. From stir fries, quails, seafoods ($2 extra), salads, curry and soups, it will cater.


Spring roll $6 – 6 pack that’s filled with crab meat, prawn, shallots, black pepper wrapped in crispy pastry, it’s one dish I always order


Pad See Ew (Seafood) $ 9.50 – size small, it’s absolutely enough to fill me, it’s jam packed with vegetables, egg and stir-fried sauce


Lyton Soft Shell Crab $15 – it’s stir-fried with vegetables, E seemed to like it! 


Coconut Juice $4


Thai Milk Tea $4 – I always look forward to ordering this. It’s not too sweet

RATE: 3/5

Happy Inn

401 High Street Penrith

A Chinese restaurant which I heard from a mate, exceeded most other restaurants in the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia. Surrounded by other eateries, you’ll see that this restaurant blends in quite well. You see a large ‘Happy Inn’ sign and when you enter, on the left is the take-away part of the restaurant and on the right you will be led to the restaurant.

The hosts were nice, dressed in black and white standard waiter uniform and Chinese-styled interior.


Prices ranged from $15 (the small sized plates are enough for two!)

The food that came out were tasty, not oily like most Chinese restaurants that I have been to. The delivery of the food that came out was really quick as well, about 3 minutes each. I don’t know about you, but I like restaurants that don’t have waiters hovering about which gives me the privacy of my meal. Though, it can be a bad thing when you’re trying to catch their attention.


Three story prawns $7 – I legit thought it was ‘three story’, the fried crunch when you bite into it!


Sliced Pork with Pine Nuts $16.50 – the pine nuts did not have an impact on the sliced pork, compared to the surrounding fired grated Choi Sum leaves.


Deep Fried Duck with Mushroom Sauce $19 – nothing special in my opinion, the mushroom sauce was mediocre.


Chicken and Pineapple fried-rice $9.80

Hearing that this place was different… hmmm I don’t think so. Yes, they have a wide array of items in their menu, it was lively inside as it could fit about 120 people, but besides that they don’t seem to stand out. Maybe I should try their suggested items but for now I’m going to give…

RATE: 2/5