Smart & Comfy Apartment・Makati

Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines



Everything we needed was comfortably compacted in this 23sqm unit, very liveable for the remaining month or so I had in Makati! As you can see by the pictures, the host was diligently thoughtful in the touches of the unit and efficiently used the space they had available. I loved the little welcome tray they provided, which had tea bags, chocolate, coffee and there was two bottles upon arrival. The hosts also provided a little manual or welcome book, detailing recommended restaurants, markets to buy groceries and the knicks and knacks of the unit.

Bed was super comfy, a major plus in my books! Great for up to two people, where it was separated from the main living room with a sliding lockable door. The bedroom had its own tiny balcony, no where to hang wet clothes unfortunately, but the view was gorgeous. The television had Netflix and could be easily seen from the bed. The air-conditioning worked, however I did find it a tad loud when increasing its power. The dining table doubles up as a desk and from memory there is no power outlet there, so you’ll have to shuffle back into the bedroom to charge your tech. Kitchen had the right amenities and one major thing to point out, the unit was insanely clean! The bathroom had no bathtub, but was compensated with a spacious shower area.

I didn’t have to stock up on anything in the apartment, the hosts were superb! The unit is also centrally located, where the closest mall is in a walkable distance and there’s a cafe downstairs near the main road. Internet was fast and there was really no fault that I could find with the place. If you’re looking for a modern unit to stay long-term in the city, I highly recommend!














The House of K Nail and Body Spa

Cereza Compound, Magsaysay Ave, Naga, Camarines Sur, Philippines



I was on a hunt for a nail salon before my cousin’s wedding and the night after we landed in Naga, I remember seeing this place whilst looking for a place to eat dessert. The House of K, is located conveniently in the middle of food hub, so while you wait for your appointment you can comfortably wait close by.

I decided to wing-it and not make an appointment for two people. We did have to wait for about an hour, for the next available spot, which was alright since there was a cafe close by. I got myself the hand spa and manicure (300php) package and I believe my partner did as well. There were certain nail polishes that had an additional rate. My nail technician was very professional, she carefully applied the cream across my arms and hands, which she then wrapped in clear cling wrap. I didn’t get a chance to ask what it was, but at the end of it, my skin looked a bit brighter and definitely softer. There was a bit of a tingling sensation, after my arm was wrapped. So that sat for a few minutes, which she then came back and did my nails! My nails looked squeaky clean and the nail application was perfect. I was really happy with the result.

My partner had hoped to book a massage, however the service was not available on that day. If you’re looking for quality and you’re on a budget, The House of K is a must visit! Chairs were comfortable and the nail technicians were professional.





National Museum of Anthropology

Padre Burgos Ave, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila



One of the national museums here in Manila, formerly named the Museum of Filipino People. The museum is one of the main branches of the National Museum of the Philippines, and is conveniently located near the other branches. The museum is right next to or I think inside Rizal Park, and across from another museum. Just get off the Jollibee store and you’ll find an entrance, just walk straight down and you’ll see the large white 1916-1918 neoclassical buildings.

A few things to note, when we visited the lifts were not working, but there are staircases to keep you moving. There is also very limited seating in the museum, so make sure you have some super comfortable walking shoes. Flash-photography and video recording is prohibited, and make sure you bring only a small bag. The entry was free! There are a few food vendors outside the museum, as there are no cafes and gift shop inside.

There are 4 floors, with each room showcasing exhibitions of the Filipino people, the southern islands culture, ancient artefacts, early trade, textiles, biodiversity, religion, baybayin script and pieces from the San Diego wreckage. Each exhibition room was quite large, with corresponding object labels and some rooms had a video playing demonstrating how a Filipino instrument was played. I’m not sure if they have guided tours, as none was offered at entry. Make sure to check out their website to find out! I would allocate about 2-3 hours in the National Museum of Anthropology.




















StrEAT Maginhawa Food Park

91 Maginhawa Street, UP Village, Quezon City



A great place to hang, honestly, I was super surprised with its location because the food park is smack in the middle of a very quiet, suburban area. StrEat starts operating at 5pm up until 12am, Tuesdays to Sundays! Great to start eating and drink after a long week of working or studying. The food park is not large, so make sure you come in early.

The parking is limited, so it’s best to either get dropped or take public transport. Once you enter, the place is lit up, you’ll see cute colourful lanterns in the ceiling, plants and quaint looking chairs. The place sure looks inviting! I don’t believe there was any background music from memory, so you won’t need to worry about shouting when talking. There are a small number of food outlets to choose from, conveniently surrounding the seating area. We just walked-in, but I did see some outlets had reservations.

 There was only one food outlet that was closed, a few names of the food/drink outlets include: Epicure, The Lost Bread, Schmidts Hot Dogs, Fujimama Manila and much more! Best to order a bunch of small plates so you can try a variety. The price was low-mid range, very affordable. The highlight for me was the delicious bucket cocktails from Epicure Mixology.







Manos Nail Lounge

Unit 2-I Crescent Park Residences, 30th St. Cor. 2nd Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines



Second time visiting Manos Nail Lounge, and I remember my first experience there before went well.

The nail lounge is located in the modern city BGC, Taguig, where you will need to enter Crescent Park Residences (left staircase), past a kindergarten school and down a hallway.  You will then be greeted promptly by the lovely ladies. I highly recommend pre-booking, by calling, messaging to email, ensuring your visit is hassle-free. The interior is lovely with warm tones, comfortable seatings, cool temperature, capturing the Filipino style.

 I recommend their Awakening spa treatment, which helps target tired muscles and encourages blood circulation. Whilst that was happening, I also had the Manos Classic and got myself a daring yellow nail gel. The ladies were great in delivering the service, relaxing, professional and my nails were clean! The nail gel was applied perfectly, you can see the image below.

Unfortunately, both my pedicure and manicure did not dry quickly, so when putting on my slippers, my big toe nail got hit… damaging the nail gel. I got offered the nail drying machine-thing, though it only blew out cool air. So guess what that didn’t work, and so my nails were getting damaged. As I said earlier, the room was cool with not an ounce of dryness, so my nails could not dry.



CATS The Musical


My first live theatre experience and what a better way to experience it, then to book and watch CATS! Cats was amazing, I came into it not knowing the plot and main characters, but I did know one of their famous song. The well-known “Memory” sung by Grizabella, which was sung superbly by Joanna Ampil.

When the production first started, there was a sense of mystery and it felt like the audience was transported into another world, in some other timeline. The stage lit up in what I think was a junk yard, filled with flamboyant, classy Jellicle Cats. The costume and makeup were beautiful and seamless, you just couldn’t see where the costume ended or started. The actors’ movements and dances, truly captured the mannerisms of cats, which was delightful to see! Their individual voices and harmonies were so fun to listen to, as they each depicted their personalities so well and in tune. I enjoyed the little segments, where significant cats would tell their story. The journey of Grizabella and the discovery of who the Jellicle Cats were, was so much fun!

Unfortunately Cats is not running at Solaire at present, but do jot down the musical to watch in the future!



Japan Supernatural



The exciting exhibition is running for a limited time only, at the Art Gallery NSW, from now until the 8th March 2020. Adults are charged at $25 and children are charged at $12.

A fun and mesmerising experience, where visitors are introduced to Japanese folklore, from ghosts, shapeshifters, spirits and mischievous goblins. At the entrance, visitors are given the choice to carry an audio device (highly recommend), which senses the visitor when entering each gallery room. Different music is played, setting and enhancing the experience. Some artworks have an audio recording, which provides visitors information and stories for each artwork. I loved the little activities placed on some artwork labels, for the children to interact with the artwork or exhibition.

The amazing Japanese artists you will find there are: Takashi Murakami, Katsushika Hokusai, Utagawa Kuniyoshi, Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, Chiho Aoshima, Fuyuko Matsui and Miwa Yanagi.

Through this immersive exhibition, I’ve definitely discovered and appreciate the Japanese folklore and the artists’ work behind each piece. My favourite highlight artworks are on this post, but to be honest, there was much more that I wanted to take a photo of. Take your time to read each artwork description and try it with the audio device, for an enhanced experience.

With over 180 works and each gallery having their own unique theme, you will be hypnotised by the stories behind each artwork and like me… wanting to comeback for more!










The Maze: Sydney



Such a cute and fun event, independently run and inspired by the nostalgic arcade hit, Pacman! The pop-up event ran for two days only, August 16 to August 17, where hours are split between ‘Family Session’ and ‘Adults Only’ periods.

Located inside Marrickville’s Town Hall, you are greeted by friendly event staffs, who provide you with a wristband that has your 3 life tags attached. So whenever you get caught by the human-ghosts, the life-tags gets ripped off. The immersive maze is lit up by LED lights, where you have to collect stamps, items and collect the 6-code digits to accumulate points. But be sure not to get caught by either of the ghosts! Running isn’t permitted by anyone, not event the ghosts, so just walk fast haha. Surrounding the maze, there’s a cute little food/bar section, limited arcade machines and some board games. Oh and the DJ was awesome, playing some dance-worthy music!

I quite enjoyed the event, I recommend coming in a group, it’s so much fun! The maze was surprisingly large, everyone was not rowdy and the challenge-factor was definitely there.





Rain Forest Apartment・Binna Burra

Binna Burra, NSW, Australia



Peacefully perched in the hinterlands, imagine sleepy hills and a single road lined with trees. It was a perfect sanctuary from the lively Byron Bay. It will take approximately 15 minutes to drive to Byron Bay and you are also situated around lovely historic towns.

After greeted by the host, a quick run down was provided, showing where important items are located, supplies and that the outside lights are to be switched on as it is pitch black at night. Your car won’t be covered, as the car can only be parked literally in front of the apartment. Everything was thought of with this apartment, from the torches, hangers, towel heat rack, beach chairs, umbrellas, basic morning food and extra towels. We were greeted with a cute little blackboard greeting us, along with white wine! The apartment is perched under the main home, so you can hear muffled footsteps above. Though I do think they were aware of this, as it was not frequent. Newspapers were provided to check out what was happening during our stay. You literally did not have to bring anything, but yourself to this gorgeous apartment.

What I loved about this apartment, was the tranquility, throughout the day and night. Also, that the hosts provided us with complete privacy. The queen bed was heavenly, I appreciated the separate vanity table and the spacious floor space in the bedroom! The only thing I would suggest is putting some curtains/blinds in the living room, because if you’re like me who is afraid of looking out into the dark, this will freak you out a bit.

You can see from the images below, the interior was purposely thought of.






Sydney Cherry Blossom Festival



Running between the 18/08 till the 27/08 this local event was a breath of fresh air! If you have not been to or would like a taste of Japanese culture with the beautiful backdrop of these gorgeous flowers, this festival is a must.

There were 3 areas that had rows of cherry blossoms, you be sure to have your gadgets ready for the ultimate snaps! With my visit, we were blessed with clear blue skies which made the trip more picturesque. Be sure to enter early so you avoid the crowds. There were various other programs, such as a sumo stadium, oragami, silent disco, cosplay and live entertainment. For just $5 for entry, you not only get to relax against the blossoms but you also get treated to a variety of tasty Japanese cuisines!