Tattoo Liner



I have mixed feelings about the eyeliner, though the colour is bold and the brush is fine. The colour washes out throughout the day, I would not say it is a ’24-hour-wear formula’. Possibly, by applying eye primer prior to application may help for longer wear?

I purchased mine in Trooper and it is great for everyday wear, the pen is the perfect size for me. It is not too thin, so gripping it is perfect! The brush is not too fine, making it great to draw thick lines. Mildly waterproof and transfer-resistant.


RATE: 2/5

Lights, Camera, Lashes™ Inner Rim Liner


Tarte | Sephora $25

A few weeks back, I would use this brightener almost everyday during the Winter season here in Sydney. It assisted me with achieving luminosity, as my eyes tend to look dry and dull during the colder months.

This nude liner by Tarte, is best used within the inner corners and lower inner rims of your eyes. Not only will it create a wide-awake look, but I find that by using this technique, ones’ eyes do look youthful. Smooth application, not too thin pencil, efficient twist function. However, I do find that the liner does not stay too long within my inner corners of my eyes.



RATE: 4/5

Stay All Day Liquid Eye Liner


Stila Mecca Maxima $29

I am an obsessed eyeliner user and this is one of my makeup holy grails. I have purchased this twice already, I have tried others in-between because I do find this product to be quite hefty. But since it was so magnificent the first time round, I had to get it again!

Bold and effective, this waterproof eyeliner is wonderful for everyday wear. It stays on without smudging and the colour does not fade. Application is easy and precise, just glides smoothly, making this a must-have tool in your collection. The tip I find is not too thin, so building it up doesn’t take too long. It does come in other colours, I’ve been eyeing the blue liner.

IMG_5036 (1)


RATE: 5/5

Perfect Eyes | Waterproof Eyeliner


Two Faced Mecca Maxima $26

Creamy and highly pigmented, this eyeliner glides effortlessly on your desired areas. It is meant to be waterproof, but from my experience it wore down after 3-4 hours. For others, you may have it lasting longer, which would be a dream for me as I am still on a hunt for an eyeliner that doesn’t eventually make me look like a panda!

The line has various shades available, all waterproof made. I love the thickness of the pencil, allowing me to draw with precision. Another awesome thing about it, is the added flexi-smudger on the other end. If you are a fan of the smokey-eyes effect, this eyeliner would be great for it.




RATE: 3/5

Classic Line | Kohl Eyeliner


 Red Earth 01 Coal | Sephora $15

One of my “go-to” eyeliners, because of its natural finish. Highly buildable, as it starts off quite light, which I find it easier to erase early mistakes. Satin texture that is great for an everyday wear and if you like to blend things out, it can be smoothly done. I chose the coal pigment, something different to try. I found that once applied, it is not quite heavy as it almost looks black.



RATE: 3/5