Bondi Booty Bands



Since we’re all at home and have all these restrictions in place, makes visiting a gym impossible. That shouldn’t stop you from working out though! To add the challenge and resistance to my glute workouts, I needed a range of strengths.

I actually came across this set from an influencer, who had highly recommended this product. From inside the small black bag, came 4 types of resistance bands, all in different colours. The lightest is the 25kg, then the 40kg, 60kg and lastly which I find difficult to use is the 75kg.  All the bands came in their own plastic cover and I find the black bag to be super useful, you can just pack your bands and in it and go! In the purchase, I was also given free access to Bondi Booty’s ‘Bondi Building Bible’, which contains recipes and exercises. The bands are 100% made out of pure latex, which helps the band not slip.

The tension of the bands are perfect for me, because it provides the challenge I am looking for. You can really feel the difference in tension between the bands, so the fact that they are so noticeably different, you are able to build your strength with this set. I’m between the medium and heavy at the moment, where medium is used for high rep workouts and the heavy band is used when I’m doing low reps. The bands are not extremely stretchy, so I find it great to use for glute workouts, thighs and maybe for some top exercises. Not being too stretchy is actually awesome, as you can really feel the intensity of the resistance. I’m not sure with the measurements, but if you lean on the thicker side, the circumference of these bands might be too narrow for you.

I’ve been using these bands religiously and I don’t think I need a new set anytime soon. The resistance strengths between the bands are spread out perfectly for me, I can’t get past the heavy band! The quality is great, no tears and the width helps it not scrunch up when being used. I find the width perfect for me, because it helps provide the resistance to target the glutes. I would definitely buy this again and maybe gift it to someone who does not have a booty band set yet. The price was insanely affordable for such a quality product.


Nuture Sleep Spray



Byron Badu’s sleep spray, has been my exciting go-to, before hitting the sack. Two to three sprits in the air, very fine, and your headed to a sweet and gentle paradise. The hints of mandarin and sweet basil is not overbearing, so it’s great for those who are quite sensitive to scents. The only downside for me, is that the scent does disappear quickly, I would have liked the scent to linger just a tad longer for me to enjoy. Maybe I am just too obsessed and greedy with it!


Getting Stuff Done Planner



With 288 pages available, you’re able to plan, organise and keep up with your schedule without thinking if you have much left! I am a huge believer in planning out your day/week, actually writing it down. Being able to visually see your schedule, what you need to do and have done, motivates and keeps you in check! What drew me in with this particular planner, is the writing space available, simplistic layout, monochrome look, thickness and the cute fields you knew you had always needed.

The planner is available in black and pink, and you know it’s made well, when the covering is made out of vegan-friendly leather. Other details include foil embossing, 100gsm ivory paper, soft ribbon marker and has a small sleeve at the back for extra papers. When I first laid eyes on CGD London’s planner, I knew I had to get it. I currently have a study planner, and the biggest difference with this planner, is the writing space available dedicated for each day.





Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 11.52.09 am.png


This has been a workout saver, I have been tracking my workouts by writing it down onto my calendar and no way can I bring that to the gym. Finding this logging app has not only made it convenient for me to bring the data wherever I go, but also keeping track of the exercises, reps, save and future workouts. You can customise the exercises to keep track of the weight used, resistance, distance and time. Rather than switching apps, Fitlist has an in-built timer. Also, you can search through the app’s list of exercises so you don’t necessarily need to create the exercises. If you do however want to see detailed information through the app, such as graphs of your progress, you can do so for a few dollars.

You can also get connected to other users, sharing your workout routines and getting ideas from other people’s workouts to add onto yours!

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Smiling Mind

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Smiling Mind | Apple Store $0.00

For $0 you get access to comprehensive meditation packs , friendly for any age groups and which surprisingly, tackles a variety of life challenges. Organised in programs, with various specific modules. To name a few programs, workplace, back to school period, sport, mindfulness and so much more.

I particularly love the interface, how at the start there is a short survey which you can contrast to the survey you had completed at the end, as well as comparing it to the other days. Simple to use, the voice is soothing, clear and you have the option to remove the music. The time length of meditations vary and it also has a program as ‘bite sized’ ones, so you can play on the go or replay when you like. I honestly can’t believe this is entirely free, given that it is that jammed pack!

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 8.04.30 pm.pngScreen Shot 2017-10-12 at 8.04.47 pm.pngScreen Shot 2017-10-12 at 8.04.58 pm.png

Breathe In

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Hi Mom S.A.S | Apple Store $0.99

Breathe In is your app anchor, reminding you to take a few moments of your day to breathe. It is beautifully designed in not only its images, but also through its simple interface. From 5 breathing exercises to choose from, which you can further tailor the duration and sound, in no time you will see the difference it makes to your everyday outlook. Helps with reducing stress and anxiety, strengthening the diaphragm and so much more.

Set up reminders and can be easily connected to your Health App.

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I have always thought that I should invest in a yoga mat, as I do find it kind of unsettling using the general mats at the gym. I scoured though Net-A-Porter and found this beauty!

Made with microfibre and padded with sponge, you will surely feel comfortable throughout  your yoga or other exercises. To keep it from moving about, the back has a gum-like texture without imposing the cushioning effect. Machine washable approved, this convenient mat is highly functional and affordable too!




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With over 80,000 exciting titles to choose from and keeps up-to-date with releases, whether you are on the go or would like somebody else to read for you, head over to this online library. With my free audiobooks trial, I opted to choose The Girl on the Train as I had heard many positive reviews. It was quite easy to find the best sellers and new releases, as they are previewed on the front page!

 This being my first try with an audio service, and I am absolutely digging it. It integrates an efficient search system, micromanaging your search to genre, language, duration and format. Before you click on your desired audio, its lists the title, author name, who it is read by and the duration as well as the star ratings.

There are 3 plans to you can choose from, which tailors to how much you read and how many devices you would like to connect. You can get your first audiobook for free.

3D Whitestrips



I have been using this for over a month now, and to be honest I have not been consistent with the application. Results will vary from person to person, depending on ones’ stains. For me, I do not see a major difference though there is a slight colour change to white after each usage.

What I love about the strips is that it is quite thin, very flexible, so after a few seconds you almost feel nothing is on. Moulding perfectly to the shape of your teeth. It may taste a little funny at the start, because of the tooth whitening gel. It does contain hydrogen peroxide, so be wary if you have very sensitive teeth/gums. I use mine once a day for 30 minutes, but if you want best results, use twice a day and complete 2 packs.



RATE: 3/5