Better Than Sex Waterproof



 This mascara has been out for a while and I actually got through it quickly. First off, let me say I adore the packaging! The design of water-like effects on the tube is so eye-catching and it provides a stable grip. The brush design is slightly curved and its bristles are thick, which helps the product to spread throughout your lashes. Though it may be a bit tricky when you apply it to your lower lashes due to its thickness.

The formula is definitely waterproof, however do give it at least a few minutes to dry out. It is easy removed by makeup removers, and it is smudge-proof. The only issue I had with the product, is that mine was ‘clumpy’. The colour on the other hand is deep black, giving the illusion of thick lashes. It is also combined with porcelain flower extract to keep it conditioned and moisturised.



Stretchex Stretch Lash Effect Mascara



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Don’t you love pops of yellow and against black? It provides the ‘edgey’ feel but at the same time, combining it with youth. That’s what I felt this mascara gave, when applying. The handle I found is perfect, great for people like me who has a unsteady hand.

Super buildable, this mascara delivers a light-weight black finish and swiftly separates your lashes. I find that the texture of rubber-like, which allows the lashes to truly open. It is formulated with silk protein, protecting and maintaining your eyelashes health. I do enjoy wearing this during the day or a simple day/night out, just because it looks natural. I love how it doesn’t transfer and it is perfect for sensitive eyes, well for me in any case.

To point out, I like the wand because of its arch. With the arch I can lift my lashes whist coating. For a price this affordable, I highly recommend!



Tightline x Full Lash Length



I purchased the mini version, cause you know how expensive cosmetic products are nowadays. Plus, before you want to commit to a full-size item, try first!

Instead of using a brush to apply the mascara, IT Cosmetics has swapped it with a skinny wand. With the wand, you are able to not only prime and apply, but to also reach your roots to your little lashes. Clumping did not occur for me, however it did run a little throughout the day. The other cool thing about this, once mastering the wand, you should be able to also tightline when you go very close to your roots.



RATE: 2/5

Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara



The brush is pure magic, it assists with smooth and even distribution of the intense product. The molded bristles is quite flexible, allowing the user to coat from root to tip with the jet-black paint.

The ultra-black pigment is intense, 1 – 2 strokes is enough, as I do find it highly voluminous. Separating the product is easy and it creates the illusion of lengthened lashes. Just make sure you separate the product at the start, as it could be a little clumpy.  It does not transfer and the gloss is maintained through the day.



RATE: 4/5

Lash Domination



After I stop fan-girling about the stark pink and contrasting silver case… the packaging is beautiful! I love holding the cap of the mascara because it is so comfortable during application.

I find when using this mascara, the ProTwist 180 wand spiral helps coat lashes evenly. It even gets my tiny, awkward ones. It naturally spreads my lashes, clump-free and at the same time it contains minerals that nourishes and strengthens.Quinoa protein complex to be exact, which I find very noteworthy! Talk about giving it volume as well.

Free from the nasties, such as sulphates and parabens, elegance and power is packed in this mascara. The only downside for me, is that I  experience smudging after a few hours.



RATE: 4/5