Smart Drawing Blusher



What drew me into this Innisfree’s blush, was the three shades available. The three shades similarly had that natural pinkish blush look, which I find is great to use for an everyday wear. The colour payoff is not harsh and looks almost airy, when applied and blended out. I believe I bought 03, which reminds me of a softer barbie baby orange-pink. I like the applicator actually, it helps with spreading out the cream blush first, but I wouldn’t recommend just using it to blend it out. I would just use my fingers to evenly blend the blush, as I could control the areas I want to concentrate in and give it a more satin-like finish.

For only $13, this blush is a steal! You can easily build the intensity, it is non-sticky and has no fragrance that I can detect. It has a sheer shine to it, no glitters and specks which is a plus! So it looks great over foundation or on days when you’ve just got face lotion/suncreen on.



Papa Don’t Peach Blush



Giving you a natural shade, this gorgeous peach-scented blush is great for daytime and afternoon wear. Buildable and I recommend applying it with either your fingertips or a dense brush, for a seamless look. The shade once applied, has a slight orange to warm pink undertone with light shimmer. I have also been using this blush over darker shades of blush, to bring dimension and luminosity.

I never have problems with scents from Too Faced, as this peach scent is not over-bearing which reduces after a few minutes. The amount of product given also justifies the price, as a little goes a long way! The cute design and case, of course is what you expect from a reputable brand.




Pale Pink x 16 Brand



I incorporate this blush pen, on days when I generally wear minimal make-up. I love to just dab it on top of a plain strobe cream to give my cheeks a bit of colour. The colour on my skin, almost looks like a metallic light pink and has that extra glow, but quite natural. I would dab a line of my desired areas, and further pat it in with my fingers to blend. The liquid that comes out, is non-sticky and is light-weight.

I have never heard of this brand, but I am loving this blush pen! Super easy to use, eliminating the process of getting a sponge/brush to apply the blush. You only need 2-3 clicks and out comes with liquid. It lasts throughout the day, and it is build-able. With about 19 shades to choose from, I think I am getting myself another pen!



Bronze ‘n’ Dandy


Benefit Cosmetics | Sephora $29

Way overdue beauty post, especially with this value set I purchase from almost a year ago. I have been using the products within this box in my everyday makeup routine, especially the Hoola bronzer. I have been using this bronzer religiously, it blends so well and a little goes a long way. The Dandelion face powder on the other hand, is quite light so I have been using it sometimes on top of my regular blush to add a faint pink glow.

The two other lip glosses, is a charm because of it’s cute travel-size making touch-ups a breeze. My favourite would have to be the Dandelion Ultra Plush because of its pearly pink colour where as the Hoola Ultra Plush is a golden nude, though I still love it because it is close to my own lip colour. Both glide on smoothly, non-sticky and can be easily applied over your favourite lip product.




RATE: 5/5

Baked Blush Peach


Antonym Sephora $49

Found at a little section in Sephora Sydney, this blush has made me a devote follower of this brand. There should honestly be a larger shelf section for Antonym, their line is amazing.

Other than the case, which screams out organic and natural, this weightless, smooth blush has a different process technique. What they call as the baking process – transformation of the ‘blush creme into a finely textured powder’. Once done, my cheeks is coloured with a youthful peach that stays on for hours. I recommend this blush and line, they have other flattering colours in store!




RATE: 5/5

Infinitely Argan: Lip & Cheek Color Duo


Josie Maran $20 || Mecca Maxima

The most distinct aspect of this product, is once you squeeze it, you can automatically smell how delectable it is! It reminds me a lot like orange lollies. Kissable lips! It is a creamy oil-based tint, that can be either used for your lips and/or cheeks. I’ve used it on my lips and it comes out to be light and subtle, so you may need to add another brighter lip-stick to add more colour. Though for me, I favour faint lip colours, for every day usage, for a natural look. So for me, this set is perfect.

The tints are argan oil-infused, when applied it comes out sheer. Very nourishing and hydrating throughout. The set came with two colours – ‘timeless coral’ and ‘everlasting honey’. The faint pink ‘everlasting honey’, came out runny!



 RATE: 3/5

Mac – Blush Fleur Powder

Who doesn’t like a good old pink dash of blush to create rosy, cute cheeks? Some doesn’t need it because they naturally have a beautiful rosy cheeks, but unlike me I need to add color to my face.


It comes off strong, so I had to brush it onto my arm first to get it much lighter and when I brushed it on my cheeks it gave that instant pink I was looking for. Great for everyday use when you have those days when you look dull (me all the time). Oh and it’s really silky.

RATE: 4/5