2 Way Velvety Skin | Foundation


Red Earth Sephora $35

I have been using this smooth compact foundation as a dry, matte finish over my CC cream from the same brand. However, since the powder is versatile you can also apply it with a wet sponge, to achieve a silky cover. Comes in 4 shades, I got the ‘Sweet Almond’ which just perfectly blends into my skin. Extremely light and has that ‘air-brush’ look.

I have not used the sponge that comes with it, though I do find the wide mirror to be exceptionally useful whenever I bring the compact with me. I find it great to use as a touch-up throughout the day. The foundation may look small, but trust me I use it everyday and you only need a little to use since it covers naturally.

The lid that covers the foundation, has basic instructions on how to use the 2 way compact foundation, how cute!




RATE: 5/5

Ultimate Facial Cleansing Oil


Sanctuary Spa Priceline $19.99

A beautiful, simple bottle that does a moderate job of cleansing my face. I use this, both as a make-up remover and cleanser as oils are one of the best, natural ways of removing one’s day-face.

The oils used, such as avocado, jojoba and lavender oils were not harsh for my skin. You basically need a pump or two to use, as the oils are quite thick and can be spread easily throughout. I do find that the oils remove makeup great, after massaging and working the oils into the skin. After using this potent cleanser, my skin feels so soft! The downfall for me is that, my skin gets very oily the next day. I am not 100% sure if it’s because of this product, but I have stopped using it during the warmer season.


RATE: 3/5

Chocolate Tea


Rico Coco’s 

Tea, as you are aware I love this stuff and combining it with chocolate… it is practically heaven!

When I saw this at the Chocolate Festival this year, I was instantly intrigued and mind-blown. I forgot the price, but this packet was worth it. I thought it was infused, but no… it is made from the cacao bean shells, making it 100% organic. The taste is not too strong, very light and for me it is still something my taste-buds will grow to love.

When you need a little dosage to your chocolate cravings, I have mine all the time, this first Australian chocolate tea product will do the trick.


RATE: 3/5

Supernatural Pouch | Honey


Mimco $69.95 – I got 20% off!

Right now, if you get the chance to check out their site, they have some crazy sales going on. I purchase this cute pouch at one of their stores near Pitt Street Mall, Sydney.

The reason as to why I chose this, from all the other sleek designs is because of the minimalism of the design. Sure the others are quite simple as well, but this has an edginess that the others do not have.  The honey polished cow leather and gold-platted logo is a true classic, which I can see myself pairing it with basically anything.


RATE: 4/5

Classic Line | Kohl Eyeliner


 Red Earth 01 Coal | Sephora $15

One of my “go-to” eyeliners, because of its natural finish. Highly buildable, as it starts off quite light, which I find it easier to erase early mistakes. Satin texture that is great for an everyday wear and if you like to blend things out, it can be smoothly done. I chose the coal pigment, something different to try. I found that once applied, it is not quite heavy as it almost looks black.



RATE: 3/5

Glamour | Petite

IMG_3708Chloe Jane Candle Co $10

My second purchase from their petite sized collection, Glamour is a candle that encompasses the sweet scents of strawberries and moscato. Elaborately described as smelling like “taking selfies… happy, lively, young and free“.

Burning time was smooth, evenly spreading the scent throughout the bedroom. I’d say about 6 hours roughly, straight, it burnt all the soy wax. An absolute killer in setting a calm mood.


RATE: 4/5