GHD White Eclipse



Bought From:

From the GHD online store


I’ve heard so many positive things about this product, that I had to get my own! I saw countless signs and ads of this product, that made me think why the hell haven’t I even bought one for myself?! Ok, moving on, after a week or so the straightener came to my doorsteps all perfect. I opened it and it was… immaculate haha. I have been using a crappy straightener for almost 2 years, forgot the brand, and this straightener was like heaven on hair (if that even makes sense).

Let me show you what it came with:


It comes with a Rose Gold Roll Bag, that also doubles as a heat resistant mat. It looks so elegant to carry around haha. But what’s inside is important…


I couldn’t take off my eyes off the white eclipse! It looked brand-spanking-new and was soooo clean. You see the blue light, that’s the one and off switch. You only need to press it once, it makes a few beeps and then after the final beep it’s ready to use. It takes less than a minute to heat up! That black cap you see on the side? That’s to cover the end of the eclipse and that small white cap (you can hardly see) is to cover the power plug.

The wonderful points for this superb design are:

  • Universal voltage of 185 degrees celsius
  • One constant heat temperature
  • Quick heating start up
  • Heat mat
  • Aerogel insulation throughout the body
  • Less frizz, for me it maintains hair gloss
  • Light-weight
  • Superfine precision-finished plates


The website states, that a person will only need one stroke of the straightener but for me, it takes about 2-3 strokes. So I guess it depends on your hair or maybe I just need to straightener my hair much slower. The plates do take up dirt, so you will need to constantly wipe the dust off as well as on the mat.

I really recommend this product though, it’s beautifully effective and the price is well worth it!

RATE: 4/5

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