Shari Shari Kakigori House

C127 GF, Serendra, BGC, Taguig Philippines



What a little treat to stumble across, when I was on a hunt after dinner for some dessert! I’m not really a fan of shaved ice, called kakigori in Japanese, but when I do come across an amazing one like this place, I’m made into a fan.

You’ll find Shari Shari nestled comfortably in a hub of restaurants, not too far away from the ever-popular Bonifacio High Street. There is an array of flavours to choose from and they are separated under ‘premium flavours’, ‘classic flavours’, ‘fruit flavours’ which you then can add additional toppings if you like! We opted for the ‘matcha cream special’, correct me if I’m wrong, which had kuromitsu, matcha cream syrup, cookies (inside) and the irresistible whipped cream. You just have to look at the picture I’ve taken below, to see how beautiful and enticing it looked. Mind you, it is even special when you taste it. The shaved ice was surprisingly fluffy, like super soft! The flavours were captured evenly throughout, there was no awkward spots left unflavoured. The whipped cream added that cherry on top, not too sweet and the kuromitsu gave the shaved ice the needed caramel touch to balance the sweetness. I loved how it didn’t melt quickly, so you can enjoy it a little longer. When you finally break into the middle, it only gets better as the flavours are more intense and you have the cookie crumbles to keep you going.

I could ramble on, oh and how I wish there was one amazing as this place nearby me! The pictures don’t do the kakigori justice, also it was massive. I shared with my partner which was the perfect size and honestly, if I had my own it would have been perfectly fine too.






Shop 4/14-20 Station Street East, Harris Park NSW, Parramatta, New South Wales



Chatkazz is located next to the bustling Parramatta CBD, in Harris Park. There is limited parking; I recommend taking a train to Parramatta station, as the walk from the station is only about 2 minutes.

The restaurant specialises in Indian street food, from chapatta chat, south Indian, chatkazz de parathe, pizza, Mumbai roadside specials and Bombay Chinese dishes. I forgot what dishes we purchased that night, but overall the quality was delicious! The sweetness in the dishes were tastefully done right. The texture of the curry was creamy and had so much flavour and fullness to the taste. I really appreciate fresh watermelon juice and the juice I got was perfect. Service was attentive, friendly and the dishes came out in a timely manner. With so many dishes to choose from, definitely pace yourself and try a few! I love seeing the orange, reds, yellows and brown colours of Indian cuisines, it just looks so appetising.

Chatkazz has two branches, the other in Bella Vista. There are plenty of tables, both inside and outside the restaurant, great for families, couples and friends to dine in. On a busy night, the restaurant sure does get loud, but it adds to the almost homeliness ambience of the place. Price is mid-range and serving size of most dishes is perfect for two people.








Agimat Foraging Bar and Kitchen

5972 Alfonso, cor Fermina, Makati, Metro Manila



Located in the nightlife but quieter scene of Poblacion, Agimat is a food and drink treasure box you sure don’t want to miss out! You’ll be led upstairs of a rustic Filipino home, and be greeted a staircase lined with red candles. There’s a narrow outdoor area for smokers and beside it, are the toilets. I had initially checked out the place, through their instagram and was surprised with their jungle concept. Located behind the bar, is a gorgeous tree with vines flowing down the trunk and its branches reach, almost crawls under the ceiling. There are low as well as high tables, we unfortunately got the unstable high table, but later moved to a low seating table when it was free.

As you can see by my pictures below, we ordered a lot of food! Agimat’s dishes were quirky, in a sense that they presented Filipino food in oddly-shaped plates and with a modern twist. The ingredients are truly special, using local ingredients and delicacies, such as ant eggs and day old chicken. I am a bit biased, but I love tapas food because you get to try a bit of everything, and Agimat wonderfully delivered. The highlight was the balut, there’s no chick inside, so you get to taste it without freaking out haha. It was creamy and with the right amount of salt.

Agimat’s craft cocktails were interestingly categorised by elements. I’m not sure if all ordered cocktails had performances, but when they did, it was super fun watching the mixologist do their thing whilst a drum was played. They had these cute sun masks on! Loved the vibe. The flavour in these drinks were amazing, I could taste little of the alcohol and more of the other ingredients used. If I had a higher tolerance, I would ordered a bit more, but alas after a few drinks these deadly cocktails got me. These cocktails not only had Tagalog names, but were also entertainingly presented.

I highly recommend pre-booking by calling Agimat, as the place is quite small. I did see some walk-ins and they were seated at the bar. They looked more like they were there to drink. But if you decide to check out the place for dinner, make sure to pre-book. Prices are mid-high, and by the time we left (about 9pm) the place was getting crowded.












Shake Shack

SM Megamall, Mandaluyong CityPhilippines



Shake Shack has opened his second Filipino branch in SM Megamall, right at the mall’s entrance… deadly. I believe the restaurant had just opened at SM Megamall, and we were blessed with available seats and tables! So no waiting for ages to order and find a seat, though it did get busy by the time we finished. I played it safe, by ordering the classics, a single ShackBurger, Fifty/Fifty and the Cheese Fries. An instant hit, the burger was moist, sweet and extraordinarily soft. The mayo or sauce used in the burger, was quite unique. The cheese fries were great, had its own style and complimented well with the burger. The fries weren’t salty surprisingly. The drink was alright. If you do decide to go and you are mid to super hungry, get large, because small is way too small.

Shake Shack has been on my food bucket list, and when I found out they had one opened in the Philippines, I quickly noted it down. Did not disappoint and would come back for more.




Crispy Crib

16 First Avenue, Blacktown 2148



Operating just over two weeks now, this little food truck will satisfy your love of Korean chicken and chips! You may miss it, it’s a black food truck, nestled cosily in the Asian Food Market carpark and next to a round-a-bout.

Menu is simple, 5 options at the moment, with their chickens drizzled with the most tastiest sauces. Yesterday, we ordered the homemade teriyaki and onion dressing fried chicken and it was addictive! Who knew these two sauces would mesh so well, both sweet and creamy at the same time. The chicken was in great bite-sized pieces, and I loved how it wasn’t too oily and wasn’t soggy. The fries was clean and I believe it had normal salt on them. They have a promotion at the moment, this meal plus a free drink, comes down to only $10.

Service was quick and friendly, they’ve got a cosy eating area at the front. I’ve got my eye on their soy fried chicken next.



Harajuku Gyoza

1/14 Darling Dr, Sydney


Not too far away from some of the main attractions in Darling Harbour, Harajuku Gyoza is a welcoming spot for lunch or dinner! Offering a variety of Japanese gyoza, make sure to try them out and it’s great that it gives you either the option of grilled or poached. For a pack of 5, the price ranges from $8.30 – $11.80. My favourite is the crispy fried cheeseburger gyoza. They weren’t playing, as it literally tasted like the real deal! It was perfectly fried, crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. I forgot what filling the poached gyoza was, but it had the perfect moisture level and was super clean. Their menu has other traditional items, such as dons and izayaka sides.

Ordered the recommend soufflé, which was not only soft but had the perfect amount of sweetness which was exciting after each bite. The colour was blinding, do you see that yellow? But I honestly liked their Nutella gyoza compared to their soufflé, just because who does not like Nutella? Plus, it was incased in a delicious crispy fried casing.

Service was perfect, everything came out quickly! Ample amount of seating inside and out and their interior was awesome. It had this playful but also traditional look.


Shop KB01, Lower Ground, 28 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008


I love this place, Sushizilla, it’s affordable and sometimes you would think “hey it’s cheap, must be bad quality though…”, this is not the case. I work in the building, so sometimes when I leave early I rush up to get a quick feed here, I eat mostly in the sushi-train area. (hey hey you like the quality? I’ve been using my boyfriend’s mobile)



You either order through the old-school menu book or the groovy electronic device, I prefer the electronic way. Though I get so wary that since it’s right there, I’ll end up ordering so much.



We scored a quiet time to have lunch, oh and by the way I was here to take ninja shots of the place for my Japanese assignment. I did not have the courage to go up to one of the staff and ask questions haha.


Agedashi Tofu $4.90 – Gee aren’t I addicted to tofus!


Aburi Salmon Ala Carte $6.80 – I couldn’t leave without eating any type of salmon nigiri


Crunchy Salmon Roll $2.90 – Back to basics, that extra spice-kick was delish


Scallop Carpaccio $8.80 – We added something fancy and it didn’t disappoint 


Soft Shell Crab San Choy Bow $6.80 – It truly was true to it’s name “soft” and flavoursome 

RATE: 3/5


31 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000


I can’t get over food in Melbourne, like seriously all we did was eat! We were feeling something more foreign and we came across Fonda  where it was tucked away on the side of the street. You can easily miss it but once you enter it, it’s all bright and spacious.




Initially we thought it was table service, but you sat down and once you’ve chosen you go to the cashier, when the food is ready they’ll bring it out to you. Lucky for us it wasn’t a full house, there was a birthday celebration and a group lunch, but other than that we were able to have a conversation whilst having a drink.


Left: Lemon Gracias $14 – A mix of el Jimador Blanco, lemongrass syrup, lemon and coconut water.

Right: Agua Locas $12 – one of the Aguas Frescas and el Jimador Blanco Tequila (liked this one more)


His: Pacifico $9 – a Mexican sweet pilsner that contained a lemon zest


Mex-bim-bap Ensalada $16 – A deconstructed salad contained shaved zucchini, sweet potato, guacamole, corn, baby spinach, quinoa, black beans, pickled onion and cabbage. The brown thing, is yummy soyrizo!

RATE: 4/5

Gelato Messina

279 Church St, Parramatta NSW 2150


I can never get enough of Messina gelatos! I’m better sure most Australians would agree with me on that. I think after having weeks and weeks of intense study, I like to treat myself once in a while. & what’s a better way, than having a scoop of Messina.



The range of flavours are also a treat, from your ordinary flavours like chocolate to tiramisu.


I got myself a scoop of ‘pannacotta with fig jam and amaretti’ which tasted amazing, though I don’t know if it’s the fig jam, but that bit tasted like a medicine I once had. My boyfriend got two scoops, on was ‘dulce de leche’ and the other was the ‘gianuia bianca’. I forgot which flavour it was, but one tasted exactly like ferrero rocher!

RATE: 4/5

Speaker’s Corner Bar

120 Commonwealth Avenue, Yarralumla ACT 2600


The bar tenders were honestly the nicest, great-mannered I’ve encountered

It was one of those nights, where we wanted to relax and bask in the sounds surrounding us. Speaker’s Corner Bar was located within Hyatt Hotel Canberrra, where we stayed previously for a few nights. I’m very behind on the posts for our mini trip to Canberra.

Before things got a bit messy for me, from over-indulging of wines (I’m a light-weight), I had a taste of their dessert.


Caramel cheese cake flan $16 – Peanut butter, mango tuile, raspberry

Maybe I was a bit intoxicated by then, but this was the bomb! Put cheese cake and mango combined in front of me and you can boss me around the whole day haha. Seriously though, I wished that the flan was as large as the plate, it wasn’t enough!! The way it melted into my mouth…


Moet & Chandon Brut (France) $25 // Guinness Draught (Ireland) $12


I have forgotten what these were… but they were good 

It has a great vibe inside, large leather chairs and high tables/chairs with the bar in the middle. Fast service my the barmen, who kindly offered their suggestions with what drinks we should try and I think one of the barmen made me a drink from scratch (it’s probably the bottom picture on the right).

I say yes, to giving this place another go for their beautiful service.

RATE: 4/5