NYE ’15

It didn’t turn out to be such a bad night, partying before the new year along with a bunch of friends as well as strangers. I decided to be the assigned driver for the night, which I kinda regretted seeing the amount of alcohol that was available that night *damn*. But at the same time, […]

First 100th mark!

I’m immensely impressed that I’ve finally hit the first 100th mark! Meaning 100 followers 🙂 Thank you for those who gave my blog a chance and have followed my random posts and sometimes pointless posts haha. For those bloggers who have already established themselves, who have like 100+ followers I hope one day I’ll be […]


So after counting down (I even downloaded an app to count down) I’ll be going to a mini-travel for 3 days and 2 nights (barely even). No other than Australia’s next door country, New Zealand! I’m really pumped up to check out Auckland and see the site where The Hobbits lived!! Cannot contain my excitement […]


About an hour ago, I went through a nerve racking test… the P’s test! At the start I wasn’t in a confident mood as I was rushing about getting my things, but when I got there I drove with the best, chill test driver. I probably shouldn’t disclose his name, but he made jokes along […]