Predator | 30th OCT 2015


Sonik featuring Emmanuel Derecho

E has been working with Studio Sonik and has created PREDATOR, a captivating electronic pop song, that has been previously performed live. Since then it has been refined and enhanced, making it his best work yet. Released through major sites, such as Facebook, Youtube and SoundCloud it has since then garned remarkable views. The release via iTunes has been set for the 30th OCT 2015watch out for it!

Emmanuel’s first major release as an upcoming artist, I am absolutely floored by accomplishment.


“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”

– Robert Frost







Five working days is over! I’ve slept in today, until 1:30pm because I think those past days has finally caught up to me. I do start the work again tomorrow, but at least it won’t be five days straight. I don’t know about you, but I like the cool new concept that McDonald’s has! The build your own burger concept is really cool, it gives me a wider vegetarian selection… though it is quite pricey.

Last night was the highlight of the week for me, because I squeezed in a film after work to watch a foreign film called ‘The Club’. This film was showcased because the Sydney Film Festival was running in Sydney! Luckily, I was able to catch it on the last day. The Club is a beautiful film about four disgraced priests, who lives under the same roof, kind of like a penance house, where they undergo some misfortunes quite early in the film. It was brilliant! Definitely a change from the mainstream Hollywood films. The one thing I’ve noticed from this event, is how pompous most of the viewers were, like seriously a few were annoyed at the wrapper foil one had… how the heck were they going to eat it then? Blame the host for providing food in plastic wrappers then! That has basically, I can’t even put a word on it because of how ridiculous they were *sigh.

I’ve also got a bunch of new products to review can’t wait!

~ MJ

Didn’t go so well

When it hit about 7pm I headed to the bus stop, where my umbrella was useless, took a train, came an hour early so I waited at Central station and then walked in the pouring rain to my test. I don’t mind rain, but when it starts moving because of the wind and when it feels like someone is taking my umbrella in every direction… it’s not fun.

I got there and did the test, I was preety nervous because I haven’t done these test at all! One thing I regret is that I should’ve asked questions and used the whole 30 minutes to check and read more precisely. Lesson learned I guess. I’m just bummed that I have to put that apartment life on hold, not until I land myself into another job. I was doing my research and found some awesome studios near the city for about $300 – $400 per week! Not bad hey.

In the mean time, I’m still hunting and studying… wish me luck!

~ MJ

Pushing for more

I’m preety proud of myself, firstly for getting myself to get two assessments done ahead of the due date. So I won’t need to stress out so much for the next couple of days. I’ve got this aptitude test on Monday night, because I applied for another job. But for this time… it’s a night shift one! I’m kinda nervous and anxious whether I should go or not really, I’m scared I won’t get enough sleep or that I’ll be too stressed out. The position is unique, probably because I have never heard of it and secondly it’s a media position… I have no experience in that field what so ever haha. I’m preety damn excited though, it’s a change of environment and if I do get it, it would mean a change of new routine!

But I really do need and want the extra money.

That’s the most recent thing that’s been happening, oh and also actually I was put on the spot on Friday trialling two new potential nurses! I was alright with it, but I really shouldn’t have been the one in my opinion. At least though, I know how it feels to supervise/manage haha.

~ MJ

Getting there

Another week done and dusted…

I had a little talk with my store manager after work yesterday, and was sweating like hell because one section of the store had crap air-conditioning. I has asking her about how to get into bar work and she opened up about her past experiences and she gave me some helpful tips. Might start saving up for a class to get my RSA & RCG and try a different working scene again, I’m getting quite restless with my current one.

One last shift for this week tonight, and university classes starts tomorrow!

~ MJ

Free drinks!


I never say no to a free drink, unless I was the designated driver. My workmates were placing their bets, as yesterday was the Melbourne Cup and when they went across the street to a near-by cafe to watch it (leaving me all alone), they came back with 3 champagne glasses. Courtesy of the building across from us! So sweet!

I really regret not betting, because the girls actually won some money!


The usual

After an early morning shift, I headed back to the West and got my tax done and got my nails professionally manicured for the first time. I now understand why women are so addicted to it! I think I’m going to stop buying nail polishes now because I’m actually terrible in painting my nails. Once you get them done professionally, you’ll never go back to doing them yourself. I wanted a darker colour but the lady advised me to get something lighter to match my fair skin.

University is already next week! I’m only on Wednesdays so I’m free to work the other days and get my bills paid haha. I don’t know if I should go full time next year, but I find it so boring just studying. I like knowing that I study and working to get experience.

~ MJ