“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” – John Steinback I cannot deal with rude people, they forget they are speaking to a human being on the other line. Seriously, apologies for the rant, but how can these ‘mature’ people have children… they absolutely have disgusting manners. […]

The Iconic

I tried clicking the link on The Iconic to find out which brand this jumper came from, but it won’t link me! Grunge Jumper $44.97 What a messy bedroom! It’s a loose, long jumper which is absolutely perfect for Sydney’s winter season. It’s light but also warm enough to protect you from the cold. The […]

The Iconic

I love sales, sadly the sales I found on The Iconic are now over and the items I wanted to purchase next are back to its original full prices. This piece is lovely, it has a lot of holes so you better put in a singlet under or if you’re one of those revealing types […]


Hitch Cable Beanie $35 (originally $59.95) This is the result of finishing work early and waiting for the bf to finish his study session. I love the sales during this time, where once these brand items would be too costly for me to purchase, it goes down to a reasonable price range! yay! The hunt […]