20140928_160919_resizedJiasilin Jelly $31 (originally $39)


Bought from:

Kagui – Shop 10.17 World Square Shopping Centre, 686 George Street Sydney 2000


It’s aesthetically pleasing, with the intricate flower details providing the wearer breathability. Using jelly-like material provides perfect flexibility and takes away that constant stiffness you get with leather shoes. The beige colour, is perfect for any occasion.


The major problem would have to be, since the shoe is almost white, after wearing it for a couple of days it has already turned brown at the front. It is very obvious and doesn’t come off too easily either. The soles inside also picks up dirt quite easily and like any new shoe, you will definitely be in for some heel blisters.

I think it’ll be one of those shoes, if worn too much will become easily worn out and will lose it’s pristine look. Might just wear it from time to time.

RATE: 2/5

Bed, Bath and Table

It’s always refreshing to see white right? I think that sleeping in a bed full of colours is a bit too much for me, like yeah it’s nice during the day when you’re wide awake, but I think sleeping in a bed that is purely white is quite relaxing. It puts my mind in complete ease when I drift off to sleep.

Initially I had no theme going on in my bed, usually I use my old bed sheets and quilt that were Barbie themed… I was just to lazy to invest in an upgrade. So before class I visited Bed, Bath and Table at Parramatta and bought myself – quilt cover, pillow cover and bed sheet. All WHITE!


Taj SQC $83.95 – White

Barotti SSS $59.95 – Bright

Sorry guys, I forgot which is which in relation to the price/name. The point is that my bed looks awesome, makes my want to stay in bed all day 24/7 haha. There is a bit of colour though, my cuddly-toys sees to that. It’s like heaven, the sheets are like silk, and the quilt is not rough at all! It reminds me of the sheets in hotels… all I have to do now is upgrade my mattress.


I’ve been searching for a new desk, over my small, tiny, brown desk that I’ve been using for months. After contemplating for so long I have finally bought a new desk, one step towards redecorating my room.



Got my lovely bf to assemble it for me


Instructions on how to build it, I found the manual pretty sexiest, shows two men building


Cheesy shot he asked for

Took about 2 hours to build it and there’s the finished product! I’m really happy with it and it was all for $149 which we bought and picked up from Ikea, making it cheaper. Gave me more space in my crowded room. I like the white finish because it makes my room look chic and clean as well as enough leg space below the desk. The only problem we had was the two of the screws on the left leg couldn’t fit, because of the blunt hexagon-shape on the top of the screw. Instead I opted to tape the screws to make it less wobbly.

Oh well, it’s in my room anyways. If it was anywhere else, I’d go back to the store and ask for better building equipment.