6.5 – 12.5

“The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow. Don’t give up.”

-Robert Tew






6/5 Nothing much today, attended at least 3 webinars today. Not really looking forward to the rest of the busy, packed week.

7/5 Woke up to another freezing morning. Winter has not even started and its blistering cold. Well I’ve got two webinars to tackle today and the rest will just be working on my assignment draft, blog and an online course. I should’ve taken more pictures during this time, to see the gradual effects of the pandemic to our everyday lives. I see more people out and about, people taking their outdoor exercises more actively. Which was a natural progression, due to the closure of gyms and other indoor activity venues. With June around the corner, I wonder if we can start to finally eat indoors, go back to the gym or maybe go physically back to work? Even if a vaccine has not been found. My 2 cents here, but wouldn’t it be safer to go back to normal business once everyone has been vaccinated? If restrictions are loosened, without a full understanding of the virus, the loss of lives will still occur. Are we then to say, the loss of lives due to the pandemic is now a new norm and saving the economy is more important? The pandemic will definitely have far-reaching affects to how we live for the next few months or year, not until we can all get vaccinated. I’m still be cautious in how I behave in public, still wearing a mask, keeping my distance and hand-sanitising/washing frequently. The virus may not have tragic implications on my directly, but may impact the lives of others around me.

9/5 Tried my hand in making an Aperol Spritz but I can’t make it taste sweet enough. I really think the type of Processco used and by using a high-quality soda water, will make a fabulous Aperol Spritz. I’m actually thinking of purchasing a cocktail making kit, which I should have purchased earlier in the iso life.

10/5 Happy Mothers Day to all the moms, new moms and the soon-to-be moms out there!

11/5 I couldn’t find a cocktail making set in the major retail department stores near me. I don’t want to order online, just because the ones I’ve seen are just a tad bit too expensive. Slept in a little bit longer this morning, which was nice and fair because I did go to bed later than usual. Plus, today did not have a workout program scheduled.

12/5 Cleaned another part of the place, it’s much better to dedicate a day to clean a particular area. You end up deep cleaning better and you don’t get flustered with the amount of areas to clean for the day.


29.4 – 5.5

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. The latter procedure, however, is disagreeable and therefore not popular.”

– C. G. Jung





29/4 Just for fun and a little experiment, I’ll be trying to eat under 1000 calories everyday, for up to 3 months. Of course I won’t be eating trash, but I project this diet experiment to keep me mindful of the types of food and drinks I’ll be consuming. Foods that will sustain me longer, won’t flare up my gut issues and remind me to keep me drinking water more. The good thing about this, is that I’m at home more so I can weigh up what I’m eating and I’m not as enticed to buy high calorie foods. Wish me luck!

1/5 The first day of a new month! What a super cold start, the cold even woke me up before my alarm. Did the laundry of our white clothes and I’ll be doing the coloured ones tomorrow. What I’m truly happy for today is… it is a day off from Chloe Ting’s 2-weeks Shred Challenge. My body can finally rest. I love how the programs she uploads are free to use and how amazingly challenging the sets are. I have never felt better physically and when I do it in the morning, the endorphins provides me with a massive kick for the day. I’ve been doing it with E, got him to try it and he’s loving it too! I feel after working out, I tend to be more mindful in what I consume, you know so your efforts in working out are not wasted. Also E told me he had missed typed me and now I am an… INFP (FiSi).

2/5 Stopped watching Haikyu after watching a few episodes. I know this anime is super popular, but I feel like some bits were repetitive or lacking that special sparkle to keep me watching. I’ll continue it a bit later, I think what I am looking for is something unique  in the characters, plot and drawing style.

4/5 Got a cute little bluetooth speaker from JAM and also got it in white, to match it with all my other tech devices. My body and mind felt a bit exhausted today, so I treated myself to an early afternoon bath, shower and indulged a little during lunch. Now I’m streaming a Filipino film called ‘Eerie’ whilst I’m working. You see, I’m a very jumpy and easily frightened person. Horror movies are my weakness, I seriously have nightmares for weeks. I remember watching ‘The Ring’, the American version and it has ever since scarred me.

5/5 I should probably lay off the moscato for the next few nights, it has been making me feel sleepy the next morning. Like I would wake up an hour later and get hit by the sleep bug a few hours of waking up. Not good to my productivity level and plans throughout the day, it pushes everything else planned for the week or I sometimes have to cut things off in the week. Time is valuable, something I realised only within the past few years. Time is something you’ll never get back.


22.4 – 28.4

“Knowing how to be solitary is central to the art of loving. When we can be alone, we can be with others without using them as a means of escape.”

– Bell Hooks







22/4 Played Overcooked last night and I am obsessed! How cute is that game, makes me want a Switch even more. I just imagined how hilarious it would have been to someone who just walked past the room haha. I highly recommend the party game!

25/4 Using this weekend as my personal time-off from the everyday. Catch up on lost sleep, breathing in more deeply, just focusing on myself. I cleaned out the closet yesterday and was able to let go a few items. I also went through some of my beauty products, ones that I don’t use or will not see myself using at all. I tend to hoard in both areas, something I have to keep mindful of.

26/4 I’ve been cleaning our room this past two days, I find it easier to clean the mess around me than the mess in my mind. I wish however I was able to organise the mess in my head, maybe I would have ended up somewhere better? The weather turned gloomy today, after a streak of perfect warm weather. I’m planning to write more regularly, to keep my readers engaged and hopefully entice some new visitors! But I’m not only trying to write more, I am also trying to write better. An area I seriously lack in skill in, but one that is very important in everyday life. I did my nails the other day, after I landed a really cute type of blue. I decided to on one hand to paint it all blue and paint a black dash on each nail. On the other hand, I did french blue nails and also added a dash of black to each one. Not super perfect, but cute enough to wear. I should get creative during this time of isolation, buy more colours and learn some nail art! Yesterday, I bought a nail brush set and I can’t wait to play with them. Still thinking whether I should buy a UV nail dryer, but might skip it as I do not use gel nail polishes.

27/4 Got a few storage supplies again hehe. I need to calm down though with buying these containers. I should wait until I move out. Surprisingly, I thought I would like this whole isolation thing. You know, just staying at home and having more time to myself. But I find myself wanting to go out as much as possible. Just out in the open air for a few hours, rather than staying indoors for the whole day. It feels so prison-like.

28/4 I am feeling sleepy again, the snooze bug visits me often around noon. No coffee, sugar and food can keep me awake. It’s either I do this period in a dream state or I give in and nap. The next few days is going to be jam-packed with online seminars, which will affect the other tasks I had wanted to complete for this week.


15.4 – 21.4

“This is the first preparatory schooling of intellectuality. One must not respond immediately to a stimulus; one must acquire a command of the obstructing and isolating instincts.”

-Friedrich Nietzsche





15/4 I am a massive Airbnb fan, the flexibility you have to roam as you please when staying at an actual home, is one of the best inventions I reckon. Now they have online experiences, which is super cool! I saw briefly how they are also helping frontlines, like waiving some kind of fee when they book through Airbnb. It is very awesome to see how businesses are helping people through the pandemic. how individuals and businesses act during a time like this, it really shows.

16/4 Out of whack today, got a bit side-tracked early this morning. I had a dream where I was in bed and was facing the wall. I looked up and saw a shadow of a spider, sort of spidering down and the crawling back up. Then I think  I woke up and again registered this spider shadow… I freaked out. You see I keep our blinds up at night and I think the spider might have been outside on our window. So I jumped up and switched on our lights and then turned out desk light to face the window, to find the spider, but alas it disappeared! Now I’m not sure whether I was still dreaming when I saw the shadow, or it was actually real. This was at 3am. So I didn’t go back to sleep straight away, because of the adrenaline rush and just ended up reading some articles. Now I’m playing catch up!

17/4 Good morning. Woke up at 5am today and stayed in bed until about 5:45am. I’m out of ginger tea. Still feel a bit tired, might have not have gotten a good nights sleep.

19/4 Another day feeling super fatigued out and not wanted to do anything, but eat and watch some shows. This weekend has been the worst, everything I had planned to do to get a head start on, had to be pushed back. I think I have an idea why and I just have to listen to my body and relax. I finished season one of Beastars and it isn’t bad at all, I’ll make a review of it when I can.

20/4 The pictures in this post are all images of me being at home. I just woke up after a 3-4 hour nap after being awake until 9am. I couldn’t force myself to stay awake, if my mind is super tired. Nothing much today, might just clean the room, car and squeeze in laundry.

21/4 Been binge watching an anime called Haikyuu for a few nights. I have this massive anime list I still need to finish, I tend to watch a few episodes and then start a new one. So since this happens, it takes a while for me to finish one which further delays my review of it. Starting an assignment early, only because I know this 2000 word report requires time for me to gather the information, understand it and then apply it across the report. Plus, I should start early so I won’t stress later. I have a habit to start 2 or 1 week before a due date, which ultimately shows on my final grade. If I want to get ahead and do well, I’ve got to use this time at home productively.


8.4 – 13.4

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you will not see the shadows.”

-Helen Keller







8/4 I Have been given the go, to spread the apartment search wider from the city. I am super stoked to find a property that is not only more affordable, but we will potentially be getting more room. I really need the space. Ideally want the place to be pet friendly, two bedroom, a carapace and has a laundry and air-conditioning built-in. Plus, looking for something that looks modern. Looking at our potential neighbourhoods, is making feel super excited for the change. A change that has been a long time coming and necessary to start a new chapter. Unfortunately, they’ll be baggages brought, but at least I will be distanced from them. It has been to comfortable these past 20 odd years and a change now, is very welcome.

10/4 Waking up to a sleeping house, is the best thing to experience when taking your first look of the day. All I hear are birds, my footsteps and if I’m lucky, the rain outside. Then drawing back the curtains to either a cloudy or almost risen sun, is so peaceful. These are the times where I really cherish have the opportunity to experience this level of stillness. It helps when you sleep early, so you are able to wake up before sunrise. My mind is usually still at this time, there’s no rush especially since we are all in isolation. I automatically brush my teeth, workout and then brew some hot ginger tea. Then I plan for the day and then have some breakfast, once my stomach is warmed up. What you do in the morning, does affect your mindset throughout the day. I’m an introvert by nature, so times like this provides me with the ample charge to go about the rest of the day.

12/4 My phone is in the car downstairs and I’m too lazy to get it. Which means, I won’t be able to log into Animal Crossing Pocket Camp… sigh. Happy Easter Sunday everyone! Hope you all get to stuff your faces with hot-cross buns and have eat a lot of chocolate eggs or bunnies. I definitely had a few and have been eating them way before Easter haha. Guilty! Just came back from a lap around the park, whilst eating a chicken Vietnamese roll and sipping on a soy green frappuccino. I’m going all out on junk food today, which does not help my horrible gut flare up right now. Make sure to go out and get your vitamin D when you can, it really makes a different on your mood and head space.

13/4 The Easter long-weekend is coming to a close, but don’t stop eating the delicious chocolates! Past Easter seasons, I would always remember it always raining. This year it was just clear skies, crispy air and just lovely Autumn weather, what a shame. Didn’t want to miss it out, so I’ve been walking to get our daily coffee and groceries instead of lazily driving when it’s so close.

14/4 Another walk to the shops today, got my coffee and indulged in some grilled salmon sashimi, my guilty pleasure. The weather has been freaking beautiful the past few days, what a shame. I just always remember during the Easter season, dark grey clouds and rain. The pandemic curve in NSW has been on a downward slope, which is awesome. Nothing much to say today, just been enjoying the abundance of time. More time to myself! I don’t understand how someone can be bored during this time. There is plenty to do and work on.


1.4 – 7.4

“Don’t forget that you’re human. It’s okay to have a melt down. Just don’t unpack and live there. Cry it out and then refocus on where you’re headed.”

– Unknown







1/4 Weirdly yeah, I also did find March this year to be hella long. With everything going on and staying indoors more, time went slowly for me. It’s going to feel like a weird April also, because usually we have the Easter Show, ANZAC events and the Easter holidays keeping us busy. Since those are cancelled, it’s going to feel like an unnecessary long Easter break. It’s funny because I kept wishing for more me time, at home to study and catch up on shows, but now I wish I can go out and about. The things we take for granted.

2/4  Finally got around to downloading Monash University’s Fodmap Diet app! So far I am loving the efficient navigation of it and the wealth of information. I’m slowly developing my understanding of gut health and what triggers a bad reaction for me. Noting down what I eat during the day, every day and then highlighting what I suspect, has proven to be helpful.

3/4 Woke up at 5:30am today yay! For some reason it’s easier to wake up, not knowing I have work on the day. Weird. I did the laundry straight off the bat, had ginger tea, planned out my day and breathed deeply. Something I tend to forget to do, is breathing deeply. Praying for more 5:30am wake ups and I’m not sleepy yet.

4/4 Hearing the constant news about Covid-19, has made me missed the days when there wasn’t talk about the virus. I heard from afar how in America, there was 1000 deaths in one day… terrifying and upsetting. I kept thinking what about the homeless people, what has been happening to them? On another topic, I ended up going out of character and went out of the box. It was weird at first, but really I shouldn’t see it as losing something but rather gaining.

5/4 So glad Daylight Savings Time is over! Woke up early and it didn’t feel too early. The sun was just rising and it was still peacefully quiet. Today was a bit of a schedule mess, I had planned to study, but that went out the window as I opted to stay in bed. I think my brain died a little when I was tackling an essay.

6/4 Day two of ordering takeaway, not really the healthiest option but great to satisfy my current cravings. I can already taste the butter and garlic naan breads, can’t wait! I’ve been productive the past few days, not to the perfection I’d like it to be, but at least there’s progress. Although today I’m feeling the fatigue. Just looked at my Uber Eats app and there’s a 3D guy on his 3D motorbike, that’s so cute. Maybe the end of Daylight Saving Time is having a negative affect on me.

7/4 There are a few gaps in my writing style and knowledge. In particular in finding my own voice when writing reviews and personal entries like this. So, I’ve been creating templates slowly, researching what elements are necessary and reading other critics’ writings. There are a number of times I have felt stumped on my writing, where thoughts and words don’t align and messages just does not translate to my readers. Well, I feel it maybe does not. It’s going to be a learning curve, as writing is not my strongest asset, but it’ll be fun nonetheless to learn and develop. Recommend any courses or critics that are just awesome?


25.3 – 31.3

” You are the sky. Everything else – it’s just the weather.”

-Pema Chodron





25/3 With the current situation increasing rapidly, a number of non-essential businesses/outlets have shut their doors. It’s heart-breaking to hear and see the number of people being laid off, seeing their loved ones sick and businesses shutting down. Oh and the constant hoarding by crazy people. With so much time in my hands, you’d think I’d be up-to-date with my studies, but alas I am still behind. Although, so far I’ve submitting my assignments way before the due date! I really do hope the virus stops and drastically slows down, I think this type of world we live in now is uncomfortable and sad.

26/3 Received unexpected but also expected news about my current work, we’re on ‘stand down’. Puts me in a bit of a limbo, sure we get to still accrue leave but it feels awful not getting paid. I know it’s worse of others out there, but this is how I feel. So I applied through JobSeek, crashed quite a bit but finally got there and now have to wait till mid April to get support. I still have the luxury of support from those around me and my current situation and I can’t imagine how difficult it is for others. Be kind everyone. We just have to go through it and support others when we can. On the upside, I have more time to dedicate to my studies, which is what I’d always wanted. Now back to tackling this assignment.

27/3 I’ve been reading a few funny comments, like that everything is going to be stepping out after the pandemic with abs haha. I’d imagine the online health gurus, will be gaining a massive boost in their view counts and subscriptions. It is honestly difficult working on core strength and really just using your own weight to build/tone muscles. Now that gyms are shut, there’s no excuse to not workout, you can definitely push yourself to work out at home. There are plenty of health videos to watch! Also, surprisingly I have been waking up early despite not having anything on.

29/3 Such a challenge to not eat junk food during this time. The quick and easy accessibility to these types of food is deadly, I’ve got sesame snaps, Anzac biscuits and biscoff biscuits in my room. Home workouts have been alright too, but still struggling with stomach bloats. Although, I have not recently experienced any crippling stomach pains, yay! Can’t wait for a day off tomorrow from this essay, my brain is almost reaching burning point.

30/3 My instagram is slowly being found! Haha to be honest I am slowly being more conscious with out I put online. I want to be genuine at the same time not disclosing so much of myself out there. If anyone is interested, you can always contact directly. I’m currently working on my professional social profiles, not perfect yet, but getting there!

31/3 Google calendar… now I understand you. I now know how to efficiently use the calendar and honestly, time blocking is super effective. Sort of reminds of them high school days, where your classes were organised in timetables. There’s this sense of directness, if you catch my drift, like you can clearly see the times for each activity, with the help of colours and the activities lined perfectly after each other. Plus you can keep count on the hours spent on each activity. I’m a visual learner, so this method helps, as well as my hand diary.


11.3 – 16.3

” There are times when we stop, we sit still. We listen and we breezes from a whole other world begin to whisper.”

– James Carroll


11/3 Ah I think I should really start on one of my assignments. Just like that the first assignment for one of my units had crept up on me. Holiday-mind is still on because I also booked a little getaway to the wine region for my partner’s birthday. Silly me. Well, stressed out mode here I come.

12/3 I’m getting a service notification on my laptop battery and I don’t know if this old baby can still get serviced… Anywhos got unnecessarily stressed out today, maybe the new environment or maybe the traffic got me annoyed plus the super strong black coffee. Got to check out a really pretty golf course today and learnt a bit more about golf clubs. I’ve been thinking whether this would be the new sport I’ll be picking up this year, that’s if I can make available time.

13/3 Had the worst sleep last night, kept waking up every 20-30 minutes, starting from 4am. I finally gave up and woke completely up at 6:30am. It was great actually, the morning was blissfully quiet and so I was able to move around in peace. The sun hadn’t fully risen, so the climate still felt sleepy but new. So I got myself and dragged my partner to the gym. Man, the leg session today was tough. I hadn’t worked out on my legs for about 2-3 months and so my leg muscles were weak. Plus, I lost a bit of weight whilst overseas, so I couldn’t carry as much as I used to. My movements were unstable and overall weak. Sigh. I’ll just have to find a way to motivate myself to go and to consistently keep pushing myself to lift. But it felt good afterwards, painful at the start and throughout it, but at the end it was a good feeling. The weather has been cooler, so I have to keep reminding myself to stay active, just keep moving.

16/3 It feels and sounds eerily quiet tonight… There was this orange streak in the skies tonight, clouded with grey and light blue behind. Quite pretty actually. I’m in a bit of a pickle, don’t know if I should leave or not. Where I am at now feels like an unnecessary weight and right now, I don’t feel like it’s worth it. I’ve got one more day to think about it. Give me a sign!


5.3 – 10.3

The world belongs to those who set out to conquer it armed with self confidence and good humour.

– Charles Dickens



5/3 Week one of second last semester of university is almost done and dusted. I’ve successfully put in hours of study, not the five hours per day, per subject as I hoped but enough! I also passed a quiz off the bat, no mistakes and was able to email a potential host for my student placement. If successful, I’d be able to work with amazing documents and be surrounded by professionals in the field. Also, I get to visit ACT, maybe stay for 2 or 3 weeks. Still tossing up whether I want to stay with my brother or have our own accomodation, hmm. Volunteer yesterday was great, it was lovely seeing the ladies and working with the collection. I’m a bit rusty with the software again, but it won’t take long until I get the hang of things. I was originally in the library then moved to the casino, because I thought my partner was almost finish with the tournament BUT no he’ll be finishing at midnight. So I had to move because the library shuts at 8pm and so I’m stuck here at the bar, sipping on a cocktail with my laptop out. Not odd at all… well at least I have a cocktail to keep me entertained for a few hours.

6/3 I feel like I have to rewatch season 1 and 2 of Castlevania to understand season 3. The episodes are pretty short, so time shouldn’t be an issue. I remember watching the very first episode from season 1 and thinking this is weird… but I enjoyed the humour and plot. I was supposed to go to an industry even today, but unfortunately I came back home at about 1am and the event was at the city, starting at 9am. I predicted my eyes and brain would not have been enthusiastic in retaining information and socialising. So today I was feeling crap, because I missed out on another year of the event, plus I had already paid to attend. Another unfortunate thing happened last night, a creep came up to me to say hi and extended his hand which I didn’t mind… but he took it and kiss the top of my hand. Like seriously? You knew I looked uncomfortable and felt me pulling my hand back. I really dislike those situations and I just kept thinking, what really goes across the minds of these losers. Would you like it if a stranger did that to your daughter, when she clearly wanted to be left alone?

8/3 Well today didn’t go as well as I had wanted it to. Specially getting work done. A hit of fatigue hit me after breakfast, which I had pretty late. Got home and then had a fruit snack, did an hour of study and then… a heavy rush of fatigue. So I pretty much slept throughout the afternoon and woke up just in time for dinner. I am going to aim to work on another subject tonight and hopefully not stay up too late.

9/3 Meditation and taking epsom salt baths are super underrated. The benefits are surprisingly amazing. With meditation you do get a bit of exercise, but a different type which is the exercising of the mind. It can be tiring, but also satisfying, as you try to become more self-aware. I struggle with the ever increasing distractions, like literally I would have 2-3 thoughts in 1 minute. I hope to strengthen my self-awareness and focus through taking guided mediation. I want to be better also in stressful situations, to be able to snap out of the chaos and remain calm. Epsom baths on the other hand, is great to relax muscles, headaches and relieve constipations. Mix it in with a warm bath, you’ll feel brand new once you step out. Soaking your body for just 30 minutes a day will do you wonders.


26.2 – 3.3

“Some people around you will not understand your journey. They don’t need to; it’s not for them.”

– Paulo Coelho

26/2 This weekend is going to be a ride of social activities. Don’t know how well my social  jar is going to hold up. Just breathe, remember peoples’ opinions don’t always matter. So I’ve got a play to watch tomorrow, which my workmate wrote, super stoked to finally see a play of his. Then got two night shifts on two busy days of the week, which is always a Friday and Saturday. Lastly, I’ve got my partner’s father’s belated birthday dinner, since we were overseas when they celebrated on his birthday. Still missing Manila, I miss the warm, sometimes cool nights. I miss the smell of barbecue late at night and how late everything closed. I’m itching to be elsewhere.

29/2 First day back to work yesterday and thank gwad I was on chats. Gave me time to think when giving an answer, and to relearn how to navigate in finding the answer. I would say I did alright yesterday, but a bit flustered when it came to answering calls. Tonight is the last shift of the week and I’ll be purely taking calls. I’ll just have to remind myself to take it slow, take the time to find and give the right answers. Wish me luck!

1/3 Sunday mornings are the best, when it’s sunny and not blazing hot. The day calls for an early rise, french toast and green juice. So we headed out to a local cafe and spent the early morning out in the sun, whilst having breakfast. Totally different from having breakfast in Manila, where there aren’t many greenery, fresh cool air and sun.

2/3 Back into the uni swing of things; week 1 starts today and I am internally panicking. I’ve got student placement to organise and two other units to keep track of. Thankfully, I lowered down my working hours, because I knew this second last semester will be a handful. On a random note, I just came out of the shower and immediately I started sweating. It is blazing dry and hot today, I did not miss the Australian heat.

3/3 I was getting my head down to study, didn’t get to wake up early but got side tracked with ‘Love Thy Woman’. It seems like the first few episodes are fully uploaded on Youtube!?! Like what!! It is pretty amazing right now, like the camera work, acting and script are all on point. Totally different from your usual Filipino dramas. I can really see this catching on internationally. I got back onto weight training today, after a month or two. I could barely do the weights that I could do before, sad but true. But it honestly feels good knowing your building on your physical strengths. Back to the starting line.