Knafeh Bakery

A Jerusalem street-food inspired bakery is just what Sydney needs! Amongst the trendy cafes and restaurants, another is added in a form of a shipping container that moves location.


It’s a neat concept, especially since it is run by a Palestinian family which makes it feel more homely and let me tell you their service was on top! Knafeh is a Middle Eastern dessert, cheese to be more exact, that is ten topped with crushed pistachios and sugar syrup. To me it was like a large creme brûlée. The highlight of this night was the family feel of the place, sitting around a bon fire and eating under the stars. Oh and the fact that each baker was bearded, was definitely a sight! If you haven’t seen my Instagram, one went all out on my camera haha.

I’ll link a youtube video below of our experience.





IMG_2334 (1)



RATE: 4/5

Tokyo Banana Tree || Chocolate Banana Cream



I purchased these merely because of the fact that, one, it was late night shopping night and two, I saw a youtube video of a man eating this once and he gave it two thumbs up! MD Ranking on George St, Sydney, is so close to my workplace that I couldn’t resist check out the store… and little did I know that they stocked up on these gems.

IMG_2160IMG_2161I absolutely loved it! Not too sweet and it just melded all well together. I never knew that chocolate and banana would be so tasty together. Anyways, I tried a new method of giving a review by capturing E and I eating these bad boys. Check this out:

RATE: 4/5

Barclay Suites

74 Albert Street, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

Though this suite was not luxury, it had all the necessities we needed for a short trip. A large bed, kitchen, TV and a table. I find it a waste of money spending money it on excessive things, I’d rather use the money for activities and shopping!

But yes, a pool and a sauna that is available at any accommodation does sound tempting for sure.

For three nights we only spent $313.71 for a “special deal for 2 people deluxe suite, one bedroom” though we requested for a kind size bed, because you know I like my space haha. Anyways, I think we got upgraded because we had a lounge room, own bathroom that had a laundry area. Wasn’t bad at all. The kitchen was fully equipped, with plates, silverware, coffee station, etc. The room was comfortable, quiet and had no problems what so ever.

Other bonus points was that it was literally a 2 minute walk down to Queen St (the main shopping district of Auckland). If you would like to check them out, this is their site

RATE: 4/5

Auckland War Memorial Museum

The Auckland Domain, Parnell, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

One of my first attractions hitting Auckland, was the Auckland War Memorial Museum. Why not start the travel with educating myself, getting a few historical background on the land I’m stepping on!

20140620_112009_resizedYou’ll be seeing a lot of my forehead

My partner and I thought the place would be close by, fortunately we took the taxi most of the way up because we actually saw that the museum was on top of a very large hill (looks like a dormant volcano).


Basic layout of the museum, made it very easy for a foreigner to navigate about. I really liked the exterior of the building, because it reminded me of those British architecture back in World War I.


I’ll update once again to get the price of the entry tickets, because above was just the price for the cultural performance. We made it on time to see a fabulous performance by the Maori performers at the museum. Man, was the harmony amazing! You can definitely see how rich their culture was, with their games, songs and dances, so beautiful.


  I actually recorded us on the trip, so once I get the time I’ll upload. I got on where they performed a song of theirs, you’ll get to hear their wonderful voices. What me and my partner agreed on, was that their performance of the Hakka (war dance) was memorable! Seeing it live, gave the exotic and native feel very different from always watching it on TV.


He’s checking out his new ride… haha kidding. It looks tiny here, but it’s soooo long and the carving was brilliant. Like imagine just carving away, all those intricate details damn.

So we checked out the rest of the museum, it wasn’t too large so you can finish the place in about 2 to 3 hours. A lot of Maori culture, weapons and the everyday objects they used back then. There was this Maori house they had near the exit of the museum, it required you to remove your shoes before you head inside. We didn’t go in because I wasn’t bothered to remove my shoes haha, but you see two people working on a pillar and I think they were carving.

Like I said, I’ll upload the video we took at the museum soon. Keep reading!


Found  the price, and it’s $90NZ per adult. I’ve finally had the chance to upload the videos during the trip yay! I’ll upload it on another post

RATE: 3/5