Rain Forest Apartment | Binna Burra

Binna Burra, NSW, Australia



Peacefully perched in the hinterlands, imagine sleepy hills and a single road lined with trees. It was a perfect sanctuary from the lively Byron Bay. It will take approximately 15 minutes to drive to Byron Bay and you are also situated around lovely historic towns.

After greeted by the host, a quick run down was provided, showing where important items are located, supplies and that the outside lights are to be switched on as it is pitch black at night. Your car won’t be covered, as the car can only be parked literally in front of the apartment. Everything was thought of with this apartment, from the torches, hangers, towel heat rack, beach chairs, umbrellas, basic morning food and extra towels. We were greeted with a cute little blackboard greeting us, along with white wine! The apartment is perched under the main home, so you can hear muffled footsteps above. Though I do think they were aware of this, as it was not frequent. Newspapers were provided to check out what was happening during our stay. You literally did not have to bring anything, but yourself to this gorgeous apartment.

What I loved about this apartment, was the tranquility, throughout the day and night. Also, that the hosts provided us with complete privacy. The queen bed was heavenly, I appreciated the separate vanity table and the spacious floor space in the bedroom! The only thing I would suggest is putting some curtains/blinds in the living room, because if you’re like me who is afraid of looking out into the dark, this will freak you out a bit.

You can see from the images below, the interior was purposely thought of.







“In order to be open to creativity, one must have the capacity for constructive use of solitude. One must overcome the fear of being alone.”

– Rollo May

20/3 Got my clothes sorted for the trip to Byron tomorrow! I’ll be staying in the Binna Burra area, so I get to see the “rainforest” side of the area as well as the bay. Booked this cute AirBnB and it looks cosy as hell. Trying to cram in as much uni work, readings, youtube vids and anime in the remaining hours of today haha. I slept not till 6am today, because I was binging on a K-drama. It was alright, had to skip quite a bit of fillers.

21/3 Finally got to our Airbnb and it is such a lovely sanctuary. E and I left the west, around 5:00am and didn’t get to Binna Burra until 3:30pm. It may be our longest drive yet! I got to say this Airbnb is beautiful, tasteful done inside at such a refreshing location. Just came back from a local fried chicken feed and now ready to hit the sack! Looking forward to check out Byron Bay tomorrow.

23/3 Came back from Main Beach, which is an absolute beauty of a beach! The water was cold at first but had quickly warmed up. So I started the day with an hour hike to the lighthouse, brunch and then for a solid 2 hours baked and swam at the beach. Sunday spent well! Got dinner tonight at an oyster bar, might squeeze in a shut eye before that.

25/3 Got home in the early evening yesterday. Was an easier drive back, with E taking the majority of the driving duties haha. Nice it settle back into the normal routine, but bummed with how much uni work there has to be caught up on! Excited to publish a few review posts in the coming weeks.



Ground Floor, BGC Corporate Center, 11th Avenue Corner 30th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City



Stepped into Tomatito and did not want to leave, wanted to try all them delicious tapas. Settled in quite quickly and stepped into a spacious Spanish themed restaurant, also 80s inspired, with splashes of red and fairy lights definitely giving the interior a festive vibe.

You will find the menu filled with fun Spanish tapas, priced mid range upwards (200 php +) and the quantity per plate was not a disappointment. Between E and I, we ordered about 7 plates to share and dessert. I highly recommend the ‘Salmon TNT’, it was a sweet mix of smoked salmon, honey and truffle, that exploded under a bite. I have been craving for it since arriving back to Sydney. Special mention to their ‘Dessert Platter’ and ‘Ibericos Croquettes’ Colours and its matching flavours made the dinning experience exciting, that if given the time, I would have ordered more! Cocktail I ordered, called ‘Livin La Vida…’ was smooth, no hint of alcohol was tasted.

Even if you are not in the BCG, Taguig area, I recommend the drive down and getting a taste of Tomatito’s Spanish tapas!










“Buy what you don’t have yet, or what you really want, which can be mixed with what you already own. Buy only because something excites you, not just for the simple act of shopping.”

– Karl Lagerfeld

7/1 Saying hello from the Apulit Island Resort! Loving the vibe here, where I will spending the remaining 4 days and 3 nights. The first day on the 5/1 E and I spent a night in Makati, flight was smooth and quick. The charter flight the next day was quick, however the delay was sadly 3-4 hours. Then took a ride from Lio Airport to the water dock and then took a bumpy boat ride, that turned into a speed boat, to Apulit Island. Since we took the boat ride at night, it was extremely rough and the sea sickness hit me towards the last 15 minutes of the ride. E was hilariously fading away, almost greyed out. Booked a facial for myself in a few hours and E gets his massage. Counting down to lunch.

11/1 First full day in Taguig today. Checked out Upper Bonifacio Mall as well as High Street. On the way back decided to walk back, accidentally walked past a slum area and with 5 minutes remaining left, I decided for us to Uber it home.

12/1 6:34am and waking up to another day. The malls here open quite late, about 10am or 11am up until a satisfying 10pm or 11pm. I am more a morning person, kind of wished the shops opened sooner. Decided to visit Greenbelt Mall today, fingers crossed we get some tickets to a comedy show tonight!

15/1 Visited the Ayala Museum yesterday, after a satisfying breakfast from its cafe. The art pieces it had in there were beautiful and intricate, particularly the abstract paintings. I believe it on level 1 or 2, where you walk alongside windows to read through the history of Philippines. I didn’t realise the very long struggle it had to fight independence from the Spaniards and Americans. Since it was struggling for independence for a while, it resulted in the country’s current struggle to apply the most effective and efficient government system. It is a fascinating and rich history, which I think I’ll be revisiting. I think today, E and I will hit up another mall and maybe hit up a bar later tonight. So didn’t end up going to Okada Casino tonight, just because we burnt our energy shopping through SM Aura. The amount of items we bought today was insane and super surprising, though we did get everyone’s pasalubongs (gifts)!

16/1 Have been squeezing my assignment in between days and so far it has been ok. It is due this coming Monday and I am hoping to get it done sometime before Friday this week.






~ MJ

Sydney Cherry Blossom Festival



Running between the 18/08 till the 27/08 this local event was a breath of fresh air! If you have not been to or would like a taste of Japanese culture with the beautiful backdrop of these gorgeous flowers, this festival is a must.

There were 3 areas that had rows of cherry blossoms, you be sure to have your gadgets ready for the ultimate snaps! With my visit, we were blessed with clear blue skies which made the trip more picturesque. Be sure to enter early so you avoid the crowds. There were various other programs, such as a sumo stadium, oragami, silent disco, cosplay and live entertainment. For just $5 for entry, you not only get to relax against the blossoms but you also get treated to a variety of tasty Japanese cuisines!



Tree Top Adventure Park



 Had so much fun here, basically if you want to challenge yourself whilst working out this is the place to be! We had visited the branch at The Hills location, based at the Cumberland State Forest.

At the start you get a fun run-down on how to attach yourself on the ropes, and you are told there are three courses you can complete in order. Green, blue and then red. I stopped after blue, because of how challenging it was already to my brain haha. I have a fear of heights, and the first two courses had already pushed my limits. I did hear from E and my brother, that the red course wasn’t difficult and was just as fun! Courses include, wobbly bridges, rope ladders, cargo nets and zip lines to name a few.

I did hear the black course will be completed about 2 months from now, I am super keen to check out the other locations. The next day, you can immediately feel muscle soreness, for me it was my core, back of my arms and back.

Mt. Wilson Autumn Festival 2016


A way overdue post, we are now in Winter in Sydney… but I wanted to share the pictures I took of this beautiful experience. Before I bombard you with photos, this event allowed the public to enter privately owned gardens. Some that have not been opened to the public for years.

These gardens were magnificent! Historic and grand as they were, some stretched for acres and acres. E and I wandered through these magical gardens, mind you it was so lovely that you would not be able to take any awful shots. Every garden had their own theme, from European to Asian influences it was truly remarkable. The Autumn season brought out the colors and the serene mood for the event.