7.8 – 12.8

“Feelings you have for each other will not be known unless you voice them.”

– Kaoru Hitachiin



IMG_1273 2.jpg

7/8 Woke up when the sun was clearly just peaking, I’m loving being able to smell that crisp, cold air in the morning. I think I am able to find my morning balance, waking up when it’s quiet, no alarm needed, then going downstairs to make some yummy oats and grabbing an iced, long black. I’m also being more active with my blog, slowly finding time to post at least 2 times a week. I’m aiming for 3 posts a week. But in reality, writing takes up a lot of time, you’ve got to really organise your thoughts when reviewing. Finding the right words, trying to avoid terms you’ve overused ahaha.

8/8 Since it was a full day being up yesterday, woke up a tad late today. Just got back from the gym and now finally starting off the day. My aim to start one of my assignments, like drafting and making sense of it first. So much stuff is happening in our world today, shootings, abortion criticisms and other social discussions. You kind of forget all that when you’re in your bubble. I try to actively read the news in the morning, whether it’s through random websites or social mediums.

9/8 Thumbs up to my readers who have the time to read these posts of mine! I generally would write these posts in the morning and sometimes in the early afternoon. Another windy day in Aus, my skin has been feeling tight, sneezing a bit more and all them yucky stuff. Surprisingly I have not gotten sick at all this winter yay to me! Got to stay warm and hydrated, keep them muscles moving.

11/8 Gave up on Audible for now, cause I haven’t really been interested in reading and got a monthly subscription to AnimeLab yay! I’ve gotten hooked onto Tokyo Ghoul Season 3, if you haven’t watched this anime yet you better! It’s dark, exciting, there’s a hero’s journey element with insight into his psychology. Cramming some modules in, will be heading to dinner in a bit.

12/8 I’m only on episode one on My Hero Academia, but I’m enjoying its light plot, quirky characters and the bright colours! It might take a few episodes for me to get used to it fully, at the moment it reminds me to Dragon Ball Z because of its hero’s journey and quirkiness.


9.7 – 15.7

“The elegance under pressure is the result of fearlessness.”

– Ashish Patel




9/7 Oft another week. My last free week, until session 2 starts next week, oh boy.

12/7 I’m pooped. Looking forward to the full day-off tomorrow, which I will be using stuffing my face in my readings. I haven’t worked out in a while, and I notice a difference when I go without a workout. I feel lazier, droopier and my mental game aint sharp. On the upside, got my results back from last session and I am happy!

12/7 So many, many scam bags. I get it everyone is selfish, but dang some people are next level ruthless. If I could make a list of people that I’ve encountered and what they’ve done, I would expose them. Make sure when people meet them, they know what they are capable of.

14/7 I’m done. Bring in the new year already.

15/7 Third week of July, bring it on! Session 2 of university has officially started today, and I’ve made a mental goal to at least be one week ahead of studies. I’m taking up 3 units and I can already see myself getting pooped asap. Got a night shift tonight, so trying to cram in as much youtube, studies and stretches haha. Have a lovely week folks!


If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.

– William Blake

19/1 Time flew past way too quickly these couple of days. I’m relieved with my decision to apply for that position, got a response as well that is has been received. Though I am discouraged that my current work experience, will place me unfavourably at the end. Fingers crossed they will call me for an interview, and are happy to take up a novice.

21/2 Had some sweet chicken today at Jeans Chili Chicken. After E and I headed to grab a bite, another sweet bite, of Oliver Brown’s sundae and got myself caffeine to fuel me through the sugar rush! So I’ve decided on a label name, but I just don’t know what to create? I do want to link my Filipino heritage into my designs, but exactly how? How does one start a small creative store? I guess what’s intimidating me, is the cost of it all and its return. I have the Wacom Intuos creative pen tablet, bought today, so there’s no turning back haha. Any tips?

22/2 Another cold day, just a perfect temperature drop from the weeks of insane heat. I’m ready to welcome Autumn!! Nothing much today, caught up on some of my favourite Youtubers and Netflix shows. I’ve started to create reviews on shows I’ve finished, my first and only post is here.

25/2 Anyone got tips to fixing up my night owl mode right now? I’ve been ridiculously sleeping past 12am and waking up 6-7 hours later. Been feeling ok, but my skin, eating habits and panda eyes are becoming more obvious. Anyways, I’ve been working on something exciting, hopefully releasing this sometime this year. It draws in my Filipino heritage and my love of history. Heading out to watch a movie soon.


“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

– Aesop

6/2 The biggest struggle I’ve had in completing an undergraduate degree, is the lack of support from close “adults”. I am the type of student that requires undivided attention when completing a task. The reason why my previous degree took the longest time to finish, was because of the immense pressure for me to work. With this new undergrad degree, I have decided to drop my hours of work to casual, and take up volunteering. This allowed me to dedicate more time to my study, without the pressure to work at places that’s not even related to my degree. I’m not sure if there are other people who have faced this? But I do want to hear from your side. I get it, there are some cases where you need to work to live, but in my case I was in a situation where I can be supported. But academically, I was not supported. I would hate to look back, see that I could’ve finish the degree earlier and worked somewhere in line with my passion, at the same time generating an income. By taking this route, I have limited the number of years where I could have established myself, career-wise and financially.

8/2 Spent a quick day out at Potts Point Hotel yesterday, for lunch. Ditched the Lunar Markets, for an earlier cheat meal day! The weather was perfect, not humid at Kings Cross, which made the sun bearable throughout the afternoon. I will now tackle on a drama review, wish me luck!

Love and sometimes hate

Had these 3 days off from work, and I don’t know if I like having so many days off. I’ve been so used to working almost everyday. Part-time job/uni during the weekdays and my casual job on the weekend. I shouldn’t take it for granted though, because this next 4 days I’ll be working straight and then a closing night shift on Sunday.

One day off is brilliant though, I can stay up late watching my favourite shows (The Blacklist is my current obsession) and have a beer here and there. Usually I like to stay at home when I have a day off, but yesterday I really wanted to go hiking but no… plans were changed. So unfortunately I wasted a sunny day at home. One the bright side, my mum made fresh fuit goodies:


Look how fancy she made it, no bananas added yay

Before my long weekend started, my workmates decided to head down to El Loco to have a couple of drinks and a feed. This is what I got:


Got myself a tofu salad, the sauce was amazing and that weird looking sticks, are chips covered with cheese

Left early, but it was great catching up with old work mates, seeing what they have been doing so far after leaving the medical centre.

~ MJ

State of Mind

Changes can be a positive thing or a negative thing. At the moment, I think this change is confusing and so it leads me to believe that it is negative.

I try and surround myself with individuals who I care about, people who I believe will have a positive influence on me. But sometimes I overestimate and find myself having to take a million steps back because I think I made the wrong judgement. I know we are all not perfect but I strive to be and when I make a certain claim and it’s proved wrong, my whole world is turned upside down.

Especially with the word “commitment“. So here’s what I got from the internet on the word:


1. the act of committing.
2. the state of being committed.
3. the act of committing, pledging, or engaging oneself.
4. a pledge or promise; obligation: We have made a commitment to pay our bills on time.
5. engagement; involvement: They have a sincere commitment to religion.
You know how definitions are all written down and you stick by them because it’s the meaning right? But then you find yourselves in situations when the word is broken, to me when the definition is not followed I feel overwhelmingly betrayed. It’s odd I know that I take it to heart.
I guess I have a “thing” for words, some may call it “nit-picky”. But that’s how I live my life by. Recently, I feel betrayed. Overturned. Being punished for what I thought was right, but in fact it was an illusion. Sometimes I wish I was able to foresee the future or just be soooo smart in situations so I won’t hurt.
Of course, that’s unrealistic. Doesn’t stop me from still trying.
It does get tiring and what not, sometimes I don’t know when to just stop completlely. Yes, I know I’m ranting on so you can stop reading if this gets too confusing, because it’s hard to articulate exactly how I feel. The funny thing I realised is that there is so many people out there, who you think you can trust, pouring out your soul and then being slapped back for just loving them.
There’s so many people around me, but I feel like I’m on a deserted island and it’s just noise I’m hearing.