Runner Bag

IMG_2687Rains Australia $149.99 || The Iconic

Since using this for almost 2 – 3 months now, over-packing it with textbooks, jumpers and food, it hasn’t failed me yet. It’s an amazing, compact and durable back-pack, which I find is compatible with my business and casual wears. The timeless black, is not a sheer but a matte finish. It wasn’t as clean-looking as it was at the start, because of my carelessness of placing food/cleaning products in close-by.

Please excuse, the lack of lighting. If you want a better picture of the bag, please click the links above!

There’s so many buckles, making it certain that your items won’t fall out and absolutely tug-free. Spacious, with two sections inside. There’s side compartments and water-proof zippers. There are other amazing bag designs, but I chose this because of its wide, stable straps, that will be beneficial for my shoulders and back. Combining the sporty and practical design into this product, you’ll love it as much as I do.





RATE: 5/5

Diablo Ankle Boots


Therapy $59.95 || The Iconic 

The black colour and style, perfectly matches with the jeans and tights I tend to wear. I have yet to match it with an every day dress. The pointed toe, gives these ankle boots a classy look ,which I think helps me look a tad taller. It has that fur-type, synthetic cover, which can be a bit of a nuisance if anything gets caught on it. But… the cover does give it an edgy-cool-Western-feel. Zippers are in the inner-side, I did get confused thinking it was the outer ones!

Chunky, block heels is a definite yes with this boots. I broke into them easily and can walk around for a whole day, without anything hurting. An extremely fabulous investment.



RATE: 4/5

Cameron by Verali

Most times I chose the look of a product over comfortability, and at the end of the day I regret my decision because my feet are dead and red. Well, these pair of heels, I got the best of both worlds.


Verali $55.96 – Cameron Black, size 5

Bought it from The Iconic, that was originally $79.95. This I find will match any outfit I have, dress or pants. It’s chic and simple. The soles of my feet did not die during the night and it still looked brand spanking new afterwards. I have a feeling that this will be  my go-to-shoes to any event.

RATE: 4/5

The Iconic


Basic Jacket $39.95

Bought from:

As usual, I buy clothes online and my favourite clothing destination is from The Iconic


I love how it gives colour to my usual mono-chrome clothing wear. It looks warm and gives colour to my sometimes dull skin tone. But what I absolutely love about it, that on the inside it has blue and white flower patterns, that when you turn the sleeves it shows. Gives that stylish contrast.


Not warm at all haha, it is like wearing a long sleeve shirt.

RATE: 4/5

River Island

I love this off-the-shoulder design, plus the floral-design gives it a playful but also mature look. It’s not something to wear in winter, but I wore  it anyways because I’ve been seeing too much boring bland colours this winter and want to see more colours!

Photo on 3-08-14 at 1.07 PM

Daisy Bridget Top $27.96

The top is still on sale so get it now at The Iconic!  I wore it with a pair of high waisted black denims and black boots. With no jewellery so the main focus would be on the florals. Oh by the way, I’m in loveee with off-the-shoulder tops.

RATE: 4/5

The Iconic

I tried clicking the link on The Iconic to find out which brand this jumper came from, but it won’t link me!

Photo on 29-07-14 at 7.30 PM

Photo on 29-07-14 at 7.30 PM _3

Grunge Jumper $44.97

What a messy bedroom! It’s a loose, long jumper which is absolutely perfect for Sydney’s winter season. It’s light but also warm enough to protect you from the cold. The design is basic, the grey and black seems to fade in and out giving it a grudge/punk look about it. I’d say I find it heavily designed that it’s perfect over a pair of legging or a pair of jeans.

RATE: 2/5

Dorothy Perkins

Been loving wearing flowery-printed shirts lately, maybe because during Winter I find fashion very dull coloured and there’s less blooming flowers around.

Photo on 24-07-14 at 7.12 PM

Photo on 24-07-14 at 7.12 PM #2

Daisy Roll Sleeve $49.95

So I got myself a daisy patterned blouse that I think will be perfect to wear for work or play. It’s very light weight, by designer Dorothy Perkins and I’m already wearing a size 6 and it’s still quite loose, so I recommend getting yourself a size under. It’s collarless, button-down neckline with buttoned 3/4 sleeves.

Photo on 24-07-14 at 7.13 PM

RATE: 4/5

The Iconic


I love sales, sadly the sales I found on The Iconic are now over and the items I wanted to purchase next are back to its original full prices. This piece is lovely, it has a lot of holes so you better put in a singlet under or if you’re one of those revealing types why not just wear a bra under?

Photo on 20-07-14 at 3.21 PM

Photo on 20-07-14 at 3.21 PM #2Pointelle Knit Jumper $32.97 – Indikah

I’ve never heard of this brand actually, but it seems like a minimalist brand. This jumper has a consistent design, pure white and very light to wear. I paired it on top of a white lace singlet and high-waisted denim jeans.

RATE: 2/5

The Iconic




Cloth Abbey Tote $14.98 (originally $49.95)

My new university bag during this coming semester. Easy to place in books and quickly to draw out. I don’t buy totes usually because I don’t like the fact that it doesn’t close, so it doesn’t seem secure. But I couldn’t pass up the sale PLUS the neat design. Simple brown leather-look exterior with a main compartment, will be a fabulous staple to my everyday university wears. The decorative silver flip-lock on the front really caught my eyes.


It’s surprising deep, perfect for A4 notebooks. H33cm x W30cm x D31cm.

I’m a bit bummed that it didn’t come to be in a perfect condition, because there was a few scratches at the front. Oh well, honestly I’m not bothered shipping it back for another.

RATE: 3/5

The Iconic

Had a little splurge after getting paid last night! Work hard… shop hard haha! Being surrounded by my work mates who shop online constantly, has slowly influenced me to revert to a bad habit. ONLINE SHOPPING.

Especially from The Iconic who has that great 3 hour delivery option. omg. Big sales flooded everywhere, online and in retail outlets, makes me think twice why am I not buying during these sales?

 Photo on 4-07-14 at 6.45 PM

Photo on 4-07-14 at 6.45 PM #2

Photo on 4-07-14 at 6.45 PM #3

Floral Bomber $29.97

I should really pay attention to the material of the clothes I buy… this beautiful jacket was sooooo light-weight it practically feels like just cloth on me. It would be great on just fine breeze days, like autumn or cold summer nights. But not during Australia’s Winter! Detailed with a ribbed collar, ribbed cuffs on the long sleeves, two faux zip pockets at the front and a zip fastening running down the front. The floral prints on the jacket played perfectly on the satin fabric.