TedxSydney 2017



TedxSydney 2017 was purely amazing and inspirational! Not only was I in awe of the brilliant minds and courageous presentations of the speakers, it was refreshing to listen/watch the whole event unfold.

For its price, I cannot remember the exact price but it was below $200, you are scheduled in a full day (9-6PM) with talks, mini talks in between sessions accompanied by morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea! Also, we were treated with 10 short films that have yet to be shown to the public. I loved all of the mini films, but the Tetris and story about a mother reuniting with her child melted my heart.

The other cool concept placed within The Hub, where people congregated after each session, was the Tribe spaces. You are given a pack of stickers to choose from and stick onto your name tag, this identifies some of your personality traits and interests. You then find the balloon with the same colour and find other people who share your same interest. It’s great if you came alone or want to meet new people. There is a youth (30 years and under) event, I believe being held in September this year.








I’m definitely fantasizing what it will be like watching TedxSydney live !! I’m so bad when it comes to being in the loop, for anticipated events. See! How weird that these events are highly anticipated but, for some odd reason I never seem to know. What the heck MJ!?!

It’ll be a dream to watch a Ted Talk live, the talks they give are amazing. The human mind is amazing. But that’s another story to tell another time. Another punch is that I’ll also be working tomorrow, so I won’t be able to see the live streaming…. Ahh someone please just miraculously give me a free back door to the event haha.

Goodnight and for those lucky folks going tomorrow… take me with you!