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I came across this lovely stall, with the most helpful owner I presume who gave me a neat run-down on what I should purchase and try. There was a deal on the day, which allowed me to get a bag of six different flavoured teas! I still have one more to go, but my favourite has got to be the Organic Camomille. All were refreshing and instantly provided that calm through my day.

The cutest thing that attracted me to this stall, was the paper cranes. The simple routine of tea drinking was made more vibrant and provided a sweeter touch to it. All natural and made by a lover of tea, why not try?





RATE: 4/5

Chocolate Tea


Rico Coco’s 

Tea, as you are aware I love this stuff and combining it with chocolate… it is practically heaven!

When I saw this at the Chocolate Festival this year, I was instantly intrigued and mind-blown. I forgot the price, but this packet was worth it. I thought it was infused, but no… it is made from the cacao bean shells, making it 100% organic. The taste is not too strong, very light and for me it is still something my taste-buds will grow to love.

When you need a little dosage to your chocolate cravings, I have mine all the time, this first Australian chocolate tea product will do the trick.


RATE: 3/5

Herbal Infusions | Zesty


Organics for lily 

Fruity blends of lemongrass, calendula, lemon thyme, etc is like wonderland happening in your mouth. When you have a sweet tooth like me, this refreshing blend [I prefer it hot] keeps my sugar cravings at bay. Naturally grown in Australia, specifically in Melbourne, it is 100% organic certified by a naturopath.

I think it would be lovely to have, especially in the upcoming Summer season. Just pop it into a cold, iced jar and bam! It is stimulating, healthy and tastes truly like a lemon/orange juice to be honest.



RATE: 4/5

Cold & Flu Tea


Gewirahaus $10.95  | Tea Infuser $5.95

Gewirahaus is located in the elegant shopping strip, The Strand Arcade in Sydney. I stumbled upon this store, after work, since then I look forward to trying out all their loose leaf teas!

In the mist of the cold, cold Winter season down-under, what is a better way than choosing a tea that can help fight against the colds and flus this season. When I was feeling the chills or a cold that was making its way through, I had a cup of this, which I felt kept the sickness in bay.

Infuse for 8 – 10 minutes and taste: echinacea, liquorice, root, ginger, pepper, hyssop, sage, boneset, elder flower, red clover, lemon verbena, fenugreek – each having their own health benefits.


RATE: 4/5


World Square, 644 George St, Sydney NSW


I’ve been trying so hard to save, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to buy myself a tea set. So what I did was just purchase a tea cup instead since I’m the only one in my family who drinks tea and I don’t hold tea parties. I sought the help of one of the customer service ladies and got this beautiful China Glass tea cup and saucer, it has delicate details of a flower and has that eye-catching gold rim.

Luscious Cup and Bearer $60


Mesh ball infuser small $6.00

Just purchasing myself a single mesh ball is absolutely perfect! The lady also gave me a little tea sample called…


Geisha Getaway – Green tea infused with coconut and pineapple, not too sweet and that fruity taste just lingers effortlessly.