Brooklyn Social

17 Randle St, Surry Hills NSW 2010


Before heading to a social event yesterday night, I wanted to go out for lunch with the boyfriend but he arrived so late that it turned into dinner instead! I’ve previously seen pictures of this eatery and really wanted to check it out. 


The service is what you’d expect from a laid-back, chill location like this. When we first entered, we thought it was not open yet because I thought that the service staff were customers. They looked like people who were just waiting at the bar haha. But when I asked if they were open, they said yes and a guy showed us to our seats and asked us in a very “chill” way what we wanted. Water was brought out for us and poured *thumbs up*. It didn’t take too long for our food to come out, and I’m very impatient so another thumbs up for them.


I think they were trying to recreate an American-style pub, with not so comfortable seatings and small tables. Oh I found it very cute how on the table there was ketchup and mustard! Very dim inside, but it was also spacious. I think on some nights they have a DJ playing so people can have enough space to dance about. The bar is on one side, tables in-between  and the other end was an outdoor smoking area.


The funniest thing happened at the start, we were sooo lost because we couldn’t find the place. We were where the gps was showing us, but when we got there it was like it vanished! We looked about again and discovered that it’s entrance was covered by big, thick black fly screens (I think that’s what they are called?).


The menu was interesting, it featured American diner food like burgers, fries, waffles, mac and cheese foodies and other cheesy, fatty fills haha.


I was very surprised to find that the menu items, were not pricey for me. Like the average price, from what I can remember  was about $14 or less. Their ribs was close to $30! They had a unique range of gins, imported beer and wines.



His: Brooklyn Special $12 – meat, cheese, dill pickles, onions and the pub’s home sauce.

Hers: The Lucky Cow (I’m still a vegan, so I got myself a vegan burger) $12 – chickpea, sesame burger, tomato, capsicum, salsa and citrus onions. 

Entree: Mac and Cheese Balls $6 – 5 juicy balls *drool*


I really like the ambience the venue gave, it was relaxed from the start. I could eat without having to worry whether I talked to out or ate to messy haha. The music in the background played some awesome American tunes, that blended perfectly with the pub’s theme. Oh and I could hear what my boyfriend was saying, don’t you hate eating at places when music plays way too loud?


I guess the burgers was nothing remarkable, maybe cause it’s pub food, but honestly it was kinda a disappointment. I think it’s only good food if I was a bit tipsy and was hungry. The started off excited when the burgers came out, but towards the end I found it bland, that me and my boyfriend didn’t finish it off (left the buns out too). Though the Mac and Cheese Balls were a different story, when it entered my mouth, I felt like I was in cheese heaven.

Maybe, they can change their entrance too? I guess it’s different, but a pub shouldn’t be difficult to find.

RATE: 3/5

House of Crabs

The Norfolk Hotel, Level 1, 305 Cleveland St, Redfern NSW 2016


A very spontaneous night indeed, went with two work mates after a long day of work to get some food in our bellies! I haven’t heard of this place and was so glad that I got introduced to this establishment, because I’ll be bringing my boyfriend the next time!


The service wasn’t exceptional or anything, firstly because it’s a very casual place to eat at so you see the waiters with denim jeans on and a black top with their logo. Though, our waitress was very lively! Thumbs up for her. She gave us a brief run down on the menu and gave us her recommendations on which items we should try out, since there was just only three of us. Very helpful, because we ended up choosing items that were recommended by her. Other than that, bar service was a bit slow. For example I asked for two shots took a while and when I went back to pay, the guy at the bar CLEARLY saw I was standing there for a good 2 or so minute and finally came up to me…


As you can see at the top, the interior will remind you of a eatery you’ll see in USA. Red and white seats and white covered tables! There was so much light I couldn’t believe it was still so dim haha. So you’ll see a lot of my pictures very blurry of the night. The crazy interior really showed that the restaurant was laid-back and was a place to just stuff your face with crabs. Numerous seats and tables, so it’s perfect for big groups and there was some areas for two/three people. It’s actually located on top of a pub/hotel so you have to walk up the stairs to get there, and as it’s just on the second level it wasn’t a very large establishment at all.



Laminated menu, why maybe because it’s menu only contained a few items which makes the whole selection process that much quicker, but I also think it’s because the eating experience is very messy. It leans more on the expensive side, because the portions you’ll get are quite large! Mostly seafood, from crabs, to prawns, mussels, salads and fried chicken!



BBQ Octopus Taco $6 – beautifully dressed with jalapeno salsa verde


Fried School Prawns $14 – I think this was the one I found very spicy, but it was soo good as well! It was dressed with thousand island salsa and chipotle mayo. The prawns reminded my a lot like fried dried fish.


Snow Crab $38 and King Crab $45 – the crabs came in two separate plastic bags and you can choose out of 4 sauces for each crab. 


The food was all fresh to eat, a lively place so you can wind down and chill out stuffing your face after work. The location is close by to Central Station so not much of a trek. The service was efficient and you don’t wait too long for your orders to come out. Pricing was average, on which I mean that the price matched up to my expectation on the items so it was well worth it. You also get plastic gloves (which we forgot to use haha) and utensils to use to scrape the meat out of the crabs. So all in all, it’s a very fun place to eat fresh seafood and get messy!


The biggest downside for me, is that I found the music way too loud. I already have a soft voice, and to have loud music playing over I had to notch my voice close to a shout just to be heard. The lighting is a bit too dim, I find that a bit problematic specifically for this restaurant because you end up with so many things on the table in the end and you might pick up the wrong thing. So basically, the music volume was the only issue.


The end result!

RATE: 4/5

Venue 505

280 Cleveland St, Surry Hills NSW 2016

This place is not a restaurant but a music venue that showcases many local talents everyday of the week. The first time I went there, I wasn’t welcomed with a big sign saying ‘Venue 505’ but instead the name of the place was written on the wall of the building, the place is quite easy to walk past. When you enter you will see that it is not a large room and it is filled with two booths, heavily painted wall, assortment of couches and chairs and a candle on every table. It is a very comfortable and ‘chill’ setting, with easy-listening music.


The pictures I took is really dark, I really need to get a camera!


Their menu was preety cute, brown burnt paper on a clipboard. But some of the menus had pages missing, which was frustrating. The food offered was not really extensive, just basic with share plates and small portions of food items. Though their beverage list was  a different story, offering a wide selection of beverages. When we ordered the food, we ordered it from a small bar at the back and they gave us a cute hulk toy as a means to identify us, I found that very different.


The table ‘number’


The bar at the back


Home made chicken liver parfait $15 – chicken parfait of mederia, cognac, port and orange served with homemade citrus chutney and crisp flat bread.


Aubergine Parmigiana $16.50 – I loved the oven roasted aubergines, combined with the homemade tomato sauce! The sauce was mixed with fresh basil and buffalo mozzarella and served with turkish bread.


505 Ice Cream Sundae $12 – Their sundae was delicious! If only they served it in a bigger cup, its cream vanilla ice cream is served with homemade honeycomb, honey roasted mixed nuts and butterscotch sauce


Sweet potato fries $8 – Sorry this photo does not give it any justice, but this was soooo yummy and fattening haha. The fries are served with a tasty garlic aioli.

The price in this venue was from a range of $6 – $26 for the food items, which is not at all expensive. The food in my opinion were much similar to small pub feeds but with a bit more sophistication. If you ever visit, I recommend trying their sundae!

RATE: 3/5 

The Winery

285A Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

photo-2Dress: CottonOn

A few days ago, December 1 to be exact I turned 22! Half of 44 😦 When my dear friend put it that way I felt old, well almost old. So instead to having a large birthday party (I never throw one) I had a lovely evening with my partner around Sydney. But firstly I’m going to skip what we did at the end which was having dinner at a beautiful restaurant called The Winery.

I booked a reservation just incase and after a 20 minute walk from Central station, we arrived at a very busy establishment. What I saw was many couples, groups of friends with many people rocking a unique sense of fashion which was a nice difference from always seeing people in suits.



Their awesome wine dispenser


I saw this near the wines, thoughts?


When I first saw the menu I thought firstly it was decently priced, but I saw that it seemed to be cluttered. Maybe because they don’t seem to have a theme going on and that their dishes seemed to be randomly picked out to be placed onto a menu. It reminded me of a pub, though when I got to taste their food it was a whole different story… positive reviews ahead!

A very nice waitress served us throughout the night, lovely enough to assist in my inquires and was just plain wonderful. I could say that about the whole staff at the place because they were really polite!


Starter: Bone Marrow w/ toast $15 – the marrow was just superb, it was almost like a jelly-like bbq taste.


Special of the Day: Lamb Burger


Main: Roast Pork Cutlet $28 – Chestnut stuffing, picked apple! My knife just glided effortlessly


Dessert: Choc Brownie $14 – Christmas pudding ice cream was just heavenly


Red Wine Sangria

Loved the ambience of the restaurant with the wait staff wearing checkered shirts and bow ties, but also the prompt delivery of food and drinks as well as making sure we were fine! The music was loud in my opinion, so if you want to be more romantic I suggest sitting outside the courtyard which is surrounded by mother nature, topped by a beautiful sunset.

RATE: 5/5