Lasting Finish Primer


Rimmel || Priceline

This primer from Rimmel, is ok for a short function or event of some sort because of how long it lasts. If you tend to have oily skin like me, it doesn’t control and hold my skin for up to 8 hours as it claims it does. I’d say about 5 hours and you’ll have to powder down again.

It is a thin consistency which is nice, because it feels quite light on my face. Though unfortunately, I did not like how sticky it feels, which made the application of my bb cream a bit runnier. It does do a standard job of filling my pores though it isn’t a smooth cavas. Also for me, it does not “even [my] skin tone”. I wouldn’t recommend this, but if you do need one for the night, it won’t break your budget and like I said, it does a standard job.



RATE: 2/5