Rapid Action Pimple Cream


Clearasil Priceline $14.49

I use this product after cleansing and toning my face, you have to have a clean base to allow the cream to sink in and do its work. It is not a miracle cream, though initially I thought it would 100% get rid of the nasty pimples that have been appearing.

I use it before bed and during days when I wear no make-up, this allows the cream to not get covered by foundations. Allowing breathing time. After placing a thin layer onto the pimple, before bed, the next day it visibly reduces the redness. Not entirely, but reduction of redness is seen. I have used it on the same spot for about 3-4 days ongoing, the pimple doesn’t disappear but it does reduce the size. I recommend this for a quick fix.


RATE: 2/5