Blemish Rescue Anti-Redness Mattifying Primer



A generous amount is needed to cover completely, because I find it quite sheer when it spreads. The formula is weightless, no scent and is lotion-like. The primer is surprisingly green, which makes sense, as the green mineral pigments help neutralise any redness on the face. Additional ingredients that it is packed with to cover blemishes, are chamomile and arnica.

This primer is priced towards the mid-high end. I use this primer, especially on days when my redness won’t go away and on special occasions. I find that it works amazing on drier days and when I know I might be out in the sun. To some degree, this primer controls face shine.

The result is great, it does not feel sticky and truly diminishes mid-faint redness on my face. As it is quite sheer, more amount is required and is completely buildable, without it looking “cakey”.



Photo Finish Primer – Pore Minimising



The consistency of Smashbox’s photo finish foundation primer, has this almost silicone feel that feels quite soft against the skin. I do however find the primer to be difficult to spread across evenly, at times it just sits on top of the skin and would clump. It somewhat blurs the pores, but like what I said earlier, because of the difficulty of spreading the primer you may find yourself with areas that are uneven.

I purchased this primer to see whether the ‘oil-free’ property of this primer, has any effect on my medium-oily skin-type… It keeps my skin matte looking for about 3 hours, but later throughout the day I definitely need to blot. I’d say this primer works well, if you have a smooth surface, tend to be on the non-oiler side or have an applicator to evenly spread the primer.

The primer is fragrance-free and has enough formula to last you 2-3 months!



Hangover 3-in-1 Replenishing Primer & Setting Spray



Coconut-infused did you say? That is why is smells so refreshing,  as well as super hydrating. The only challenge with this product is that it doesn’t keep the oiliness at bay. I probably won’t recommend to use this primer/setter in the warmer seasons.

Yes! You read right, the Hangover 3-in-1 is primer, setter and an everyday face spray. As my skin tends to verge more on the oiler side, I would normally use this as a setter. It is on the pricer side, about $50. Size I got was 120ml and I am so happy that it sprays evenly. I most likely won’t repurchase as my skin is too oily.



Tightline x Full Lash Length



I purchased the mini version, cause you know how expensive cosmetic products are nowadays. Plus, before you want to commit to a full-size item, try first!

Instead of using a brush to apply the mascara, IT Cosmetics has swapped it with a skinny wand. With the wand, you are able to not only prime and apply, but to also reach your roots to your little lashes. Clumping did not occur for me, however it did run a little throughout the day. The other cool thing about this, once mastering the wand, you should be able to also tightline when you go very close to your roots.



RATE: 2/5

Foundation Primer



I have been liking this primer a lot! I use this primer practically everyday and it helps control the oils. Though not 100% effective, I do find that I do not have to blot my face as often. The water-based gel provides a smooth canvas, which I feel also hydration occurs at the same time.

For its price and the amount given it is good deal, just because I also find that it provides clean application for foundation afterwards. There’s no missing out on spots and it does not cling onto dry patches.



RATE: 4/5

No. 28 Primer Serum



With a rich concentration of 14 essential oils, 10 lipid-rich plant oils and 4 vitamins = 28! This dual bottle acts as a serum and primer. I tend to use this only when I want to skip my daily moisturizer, as this base serum already does the job. I want to point out that it does not feel heavy on the skin and does not have a sticky, wet feel.

Throughout the day, you will notice a hydrating sensation and at the same time it holds your makeup moderately well. Whilst it does refine and smooth your face before makeup application, if you are on the oiler side like me you will notice that you may get oiler. That has been an issue for me with this product.



RATE: 3/5

Clean Slate Poreless 12-HR Perfecting Primer


Tarte Sephora $42

Loaded with what they label as T5 Super Fruit Complex – packed with antioxidant nutrients, which have rich and natural vitamins, assists not only diffusing pores but also refining, skin-restoring and have anti-ageing benefits. I find that my make-up would hold up throughout the day which is great and since it jam-packed with natural ingredients, I do not feel as guilty applying it!

Cruelty-free yay the texture of the primer, is silicone-like which I find a bit difficult spreading the product throughout the face. No scent and has a bit of oil control. It is not perfect in my opinion, as some pores do show for me but the mixture of avocado  sunflower seed, echinacea root and hibiscus flower minimizes redness and is not skin-irritant.



RATE: 3/5

Photo Finish Foundation Primer | Light


Smashbox $22 || Sephora

Sorry for the over-due cosmetic post! Here we go…

I just recently used this and I really like the light-weight feel of the consistency. It does allow for your skin to breathe, so your pores are clog-free! It is more of that liquid feel, though I do prefer the soft, velvety-feel of some other primers. I purchased the oil-free, I found that throughout the day I wasn’t as oily around my t-zone, which is a plus!

BB cream stayed put, but I do prefer primers that help minimise the size of my pores and create a soft, blurred canvas. Giving me that matte-look, as I have that combination skin type. Overall, it is an ok product but there are definitely better primers out there that wouldn’t cost as much.


RATE: 2/5

Lasting Finish Primer


Rimmel || Priceline

This primer from Rimmel, is ok for a short function or event of some sort because of how long it lasts. If you tend to have oily skin like me, it doesn’t control and hold my skin for up to 8 hours as it claims it does. I’d say about 5 hours and you’ll have to powder down again.

It is a thin consistency which is nice, because it feels quite light on my face. Though unfortunately, I did not like how sticky it feels, which made the application of my bb cream a bit runnier. It does do a standard job of filling my pores though it isn’t a smooth cavas. Also for me, it does not “even [my] skin tone”. I wouldn’t recommend this, but if you do need one for the night, it won’t break your budget and like I said, it does a standard job.



RATE: 2/5

Prime Time Foundation Primer


Bare Minerals $29 || Mecca Maxima

This product is almost done sadly, I think I bought it earlier last month and I’m amazed at how long this has lasted me (it’s so tiny!). So I got this primer from Mecca Maxima  and thus far it has been helpful, especially with the application of my BBC cream. A little does go a long way, two dabs on the forehead, one on each cheek, nose area and chin. It comes out clear and provides you with a silky finish, a bit matte and has helped with controlled my T-zone… give it a good 5+ hours though, I need to use my bloating paper.

Other than that, I absolutely love how after I smooth it over my face, my skin feels soft and the pores and wrinkles looks blurred out. For the price, I’d say it was a good turn out and will purchase it again.


The primer comes out clear, it does smell a bit funny though FYI


RATE: 3/5