“Popcorn for breakfast! Why not? It’s a grain. It’s like, like, grits, but with high self-esteem.”

– James Patterson

6/3 Don’t know how my voice is going to survive tonight, my throat isn’t as sore but my voice is hoarse. Praying it’ll be quiet tonight and not difficult. I’ve just woken up about over an hour and I really want to go back to bed and sleep. The new trailer for GOT is out! I am super stoked, i’ll link it below, just click watch.

9/3 So on Thursday night, had to hurl myself to the ER after I got home from work. Suddenly I was having chest pains on my right side, which then proceeded to a 15 minute uncomfortable shivers. After a few tests, nothing was found and was told to take Panadol/Nurofen for the pain. It is now day 3 and my chest is still hurting, though it is much milder now and only certain movements would cripple me. I knew it was not a heart attack, just imagine having a severe, wide spreading cramp that would disable you with any slight movement. I found the doctors’ explanations questionable, as I don’t believe a severe cramp and then shivers has got to do with a common cold?

11/3 I find people who hollers at taken people, one of the worst types. Seriously, there are so many fishes out there and you are not bothered enough to get your own? If I could screen shot the people, I would. Anyways, came back from a Filipino restaurant up at Glebe. The weather up there was just perfect, and got a few shots of E for his instagram. Feeling better, though a few random chest cramps would pass through. But the cold has definitely died down. Wish me like on my induction tomorrow!


Sh*t Parents!

This post is on-point, have a read of this…


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Botox Baby

This mother had attention drawn to her a little while back because she would regularly inject her 8 year old with botox. She believed that she was helping her daughter to become a superstar and that later in life with her wrinkle free face she would become a famous singer or actress or celebrity.

The little girl had told the media that she had been crying from the pain at the beginning, but that the pain subsides after a while.

Dangling Baby

In another of our stories, I brought you the woman who tattooed gang insignia on her screaming baby and just a few days ago some parents were in hot water for dangling their baby, (Michael Jackson style) over a cheetah enclosure in Cleveland USA.  Unlike Michael Jackson, they dropped the child!

The cheetahs, having exhibited more class and intelligence than the ‘parents’ (and likely…

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