Smart Drawing Blusher



What drew me into this Innisfree’s blush, was the three shades available. The three shades similarly had that natural pinkish blush look, which I find is great to use for an everyday wear. The colour payoff is not harsh and looks almost airy, when applied and blended out. I believe I bought 03, which reminds me of a softer barbie baby orange-pink. I like the applicator actually, it helps with spreading out the cream blush first, but I wouldn’t recommend just using it to blend it out. I would just use my fingers to evenly blend the blush, as I could control the areas I want to concentrate in and give it a more satin-like finish.

For only $13, this blush is a steal! You can easily build the intensity, it is non-sticky and has no fragrance that I can detect. It has a sheer shine to it, no glitters and specks which is a plus! So it looks great over foundation or on days when you’ve just got face lotion/suncreen on.





Hitch Cable Beanie $35 (originally $59.95)

This is the result of finishing work early and waiting for the bf to finish his study session. I love the sales during this time, where once these brand items would be too costly for me to purchase, it goes down to a reasonable price range! yay! The hunt for this winter’s beanie is now officially over, unless I see a nice one in Auckland. This blossom pink beanie is so cute. I can already imagine wearing this with some fluffy jumpers or large warm coats. I chose a neutral colour instead of the plum-coloured beanie, so that I’m able to match this with most of my clothing.


The POM that made me say… yes this is it haha.


Mac – Blush Fleur Powder

Who doesn’t like a good old pink dash of blush to create rosy, cute cheeks? Some doesn’t need it because they naturally have a beautiful rosy cheeks, but unlike me I need to add color to my face.


It comes off strong, so I had to brush it onto my arm first to get it much lighter and when I brushed it on my cheeks it gave that instant pink I was looking for. Great for everyday use when you have those days when you look dull (me all the time). Oh and it’s really silky.

RATE: 4/5