Poké Bros.

6/71 George St, Parramatta NSW



Only found in two Sydney locations, Parramatta and Cabramatta, Poke Bros is easily walkable and accessible from Parramatta station. Poke bowls out in Sydney’s West, is not very common, compared to Sydney’s CBD. It’s great that more and more of these types of establishments, are increasing available out west!

Poke Bros’ menu is filled with pre-set bowls, main ingredients ranging from salmon (raw/cooked), tuna, prawn, tofu and spicy korean chicken! Comes in two sizes small and large, additional ingredients can be customised or once again chosen from their best sellers. Boy was the large bowl a deep dig, I had trouble reaching to the bottom of the bowl. I also added their premium milk tea to compliment the deliciousness of the bowl. I forgot what meat I had chosen, however it was tasty, fresh, the ingredients blended well and had me full for the rest of the day.

We came on a quieter day so the service was quick! I unfortunately could not fit in any of their desserts, they have two options, but I’ll definitely be stopping by soon.





Gelato Messina

279 Church St, Parramatta NSW 2150


I can never get enough of Messina gelatos! I’m better sure most Australians would agree with me on that. I think after having weeks and weeks of intense study, I like to treat myself once in a while. & what’s a better way, than having a scoop of Messina.



The range of flavours are also a treat, from your ordinary flavours like chocolate to tiramisu.


I got myself a scoop of ‘pannacotta with fig jam and amaretti’ which tasted amazing, though I don’t know if it’s the fig jam, but that bit tasted like a medicine I once had. My boyfriend got two scoops, on was ‘dulce de leche’ and the other was the ‘gianuia bianca’. I forgot which flavour it was, but one tasted exactly like ferrero rocher!

RATE: 4/5

Bed, Bath and Table

It’s always refreshing to see white right? I think that sleeping in a bed full of colours is a bit too much for me, like yeah it’s nice during the day when you’re wide awake, but I think sleeping in a bed that is purely white is quite relaxing. It puts my mind in complete ease when I drift off to sleep.

Initially I had no theme going on in my bed, usually I use my old bed sheets and quilt that were Barbie themed… I was just to lazy to invest in an upgrade. So before class I visited Bed, Bath and Table at Parramatta and bought myself – quilt cover, pillow cover and bed sheet. All WHITE!


Taj SQC $83.95 – White

Barotti SSS $59.95 – Bright

Sorry guys, I forgot which is which in relation to the price/name. The point is that my bed looks awesome, makes my want to stay in bed all day 24/7 haha. There is a bit of colour though, my cuddly-toys sees to that. It’s like heaven, the sheets are like silk, and the quilt is not rough at all! It reminds me of the sheets in hotels… all I have to do now is upgrade my mattress.

Tequila’s on Main

82 Main St, Rouse Hill NSW 2155


No, I did not get to shot any tequilas, I think I would have spewed it out straight away. Instead I had a Pina Colada (right) and my mate had a Toblerone cocktail (left). Both tasted great, the toblerone cocktail reminded my a lot like a chocolate milkshake whilst mine like a coconut milkshake.


The inside of the place was so busy! We were first directed to wait at the bar, waiting for a table to be cleared. You can see the kitchen open for guests to view which added to the lively feel of the place. Waiters were everywhere and guests kept following in. To me I like eating in these types of restaurants, because the experience is much more exciting as you hear other customers expressing their compliments of this place and it makes you feel like you have chosen a good place to eat because of the excitement in the air. As this place is a Mexican restaurant, you can see bulls and other Mexican emblems and colours decorated on the wall. Red was the main colour splashed all around, there was also many tables and seats. Three menus are served in this restaurant: Banquet, General and Children’s menu. The service staff was quick and attentive, and the food boasts the flavors of Mexican ingredients.


The bar at the back


BBQ Ribs ($29.50) + Buffalo Wings ($15.95)


American Skins ($14.95)


Nachos Mexicano ($17.50) – It is much larger than it looks.


Tortilla Espariola ($21.95) – I wanted to try something vegetarian, it tasted like a lot like egg. It was very filling though! Though I wasn’t quite fond of the bread as it tasted too dry.


Fat Chips ($12) – When you first see this it will remind you a lot like Epic Meal Time, bacon and chesse x1000!

RATE: 4/5