Banana Bright Eye Creme



The formula was thick and was rich in consistency, it was truly satisfying when it was applied. Due to the thickness of it, you just need a little when applying. I use it during my night-time routine, but I did read you can also use it before your morning cosmetics.

Targeting fine lines, wrinkles and those pesty dark circles, this collagen-boosted eye cream will be your right-hand weapon! The secret ingredient I think, would be its use of Vitamin C. The banana pigment, it says, would be a great colour corrector for the eye area. I haven’t tried it, but that answers why it has that banana pigment to it.

My results was great! I found my eye area brighter, like I would look less like a panda when the weeks went by. Eye concealer I found was easier to buff out, due to the application of the eye creme the night before. The eye creme had an effect of smoothing and hydrating the under-eye area. I wished I bought the larger version.



The Clean Truth Cleansing Cloths


Ole Henriksen $22 || Sephora

Oh my, this wipes is so… I can’t find a word for it. But let me tell you, I love it.

I have been using these wipes recently generally as a make-up remover. Though technically it really isn’t its purpose, the outcome is actually not bad. You will though have to do another cleanse after it, to remove the remaining products off your face. It is pricey, but because of the great benefits that are enclosed in each wipes, I really do not mind. You will find Vitamin C, Micro Algae, CoQ10 and Green Tea all infused in this packet.

It is potent and powerful, I find, as it gives me this slight radiance after using one. Not only does it smell heavenly, citrus vanilla scent, the ingredients is not harsh and the fragrance do not over-linger. The wipe itself, is quite dense which is great, because then it won’t break easily as well as makeup won’t sink through.



RATE: 4/5

Sheer Transformation


Ole Henriksen $55 || Sephora

I remember having a troubled decision to try another brand, that I had never heard of. Luckily a gem at the store, insisted to try this because of it’s great effects.

I generally have been using this cream before bed, because of its’ slightly heavy formula. In my opinion, would be suitable for my nightly skin regeneration. It is silky and oil-free, you honestly need a few dots on the various parts of the face and you’re all good! So what’s in it you wonder? … Super-oxide dismutase (I just had to quickly look it up) a powerful enzyme that helps prevent environmentally harmful radicals that would break-down youthful layers of the skin. Vitamin C, pea and licorice extracts has been amazing with smoothing out and minimizing hyperpigmentation.

A definite yes for me, I have yet to use it under make-up during the day. But since it is oil-free, I’m not too worried with the outcome.



RATE: 4/5

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently”

– Henry Ford






I had completely forgotten that this post was to be scheduled at noon! So here I am redoing it again, with content.

I’ve made a decision to drop down to one unit this semester and working only a few days in a week. This is primarily because, I want to spend more time for myself. I’d rather drop down hours and study, than fail the unit at the end of the semester. Once the 3 months of this semester finishes, I’ll pick up more hours. I stumbled into a market, called the Kiribilli Markets once I got off at Milsons Point. Unfortunately, I had no cash on me so I couldn’t purchase anything.

Vlogs are such a different type of entertainment, which I have been recently obsessed. Some of my favourites on Youtube – beautycrushvlogs, BenjiManTV, clothesencounters, fashionista804, HAUSOFCOLOR, itsJudysLife, sWooZie, WahlieTV, Sarocha B and sooo much more. So be sure to check them out! Inside Out… was an incredible film, in terms of the story-line, characters and the message it illustrates to all ages.

Did a bit of more cosmetic/skin shopping which I am excited to use and share them on this blog, once I get the feel of it. I’ve been loving the line of Ole Henriksen though, truly refreshing.

~ MJ