Good morning World!

Finished way early getting ready, now giving my boyfriend a few minutes to sleep before I wake him up. Today is the last working day for one of my work mates, I’m really sad that she’s leaving but happy at the same time for her career to start! Wishing her all the best.

Wanted to update, that yesterday it felt good to let out what I felt what we as a couple should be doing. Like striving for things, individually and together, rather now than later. I’m wishing that he took me seriously, because I don’t want to stay content, not for another year.

~ MJ

They got back to me

Well not really, I’ve still got to call the ATO in regards to my very late coming tax return. They messaged me to call them back but I’m hoping that I won’t need to provide so much documents, honestly how frustrating.  Though I’m not doing anything special with the tax, just putting it away, it shouldn’t have taken them about a month to get back to me. ESPECIALLY since I got an accountant to set it up for me…

~ MJ


This waiting game can be frustrating, bills to pay, work and other personal goals I want to achieve already or get close to!

I think life really tests one’s patience, like so much. In the mean time, I’m snuggled up in my new white bed sheets, drinking tea and trying to sort out what I need to catch up on as I skipped every educational activity this week (feels bad) to get a week of relaxation or some may call it ‘me’ time.

Everyone should have time for themselves once in a while, maybe not like me skipping university and all haha.

Just to commemorate the 1st day of #100HappyDays this is a picture I uploaded on my instagram:


I was able to buy two mugs above through scoopon (best sales) and inside is the tea I’ve been addicted to Southern Sunrise from T2.

p.s. my instagram: mjquisumbing

Good morning 😀