Ageless Enriching Renewal Cream



When you first see Tatcha, what do you envision? For me it speaks out luxury, history and a leader in the beauty industry. So I had to get my hands (and skin) on a Tatcha cream!

 I am almost half-way through this hydrating moisturiser, 1 to 2 little scoops is enough for the face and neck. Richly hydrating, non-sticky and it has this cooling and calming affect. I do use it during my night-time routine, as it is definitely more on the heavier side. The fragrance scent is barely there. What I’ve noticed is when applied at night, the next day my skin still retains that softness. It does take about a minute or two to fully absorb and does not sit on your skin.

The packaging was exquisite, from the box it came in, the thoughtful note and down to the sturdy jar itself. This is the full size costing about $100+ and you can also purchase the travel size.




Papa Don’t Peach Blush



Giving you a natural shade, this gorgeous peach-scented blush is great for daytime and afternoon wear. Buildable and I recommend applying it with either your fingertips or a dense brush, for a seamless look. The shade once applied, has a slight orange to warm pink undertone with light shimmer. I have also been using this blush over darker shades of blush, to bring dimension and luminosity.

I never have problems with scents from Too Faced, as this peach scent is not over-bearing which reduces after a few minutes. The amount of product given also justifies the price, as a little goes a long way! The cute design and case, of course is what you expect from a reputable brand.




Martian Mattifying Melting Water-Gel Toner



I have mixed thoughts about this toner. Yes, the packaging is beautiful and sturdy, but the dispenser is a bit difficult to use. There is not a high degree of control to pump the amount you need, and trust me you only need a little. The smell is quite strong, so I would recommend using this during your night routine.

One of its goals is to minimise your pores as it has a mixture of bentonite clay, but for me I do not see a change. I have been using this for over 3 weeks. What I do like, is the usage of marshmallow and green tea, as I wake up, my face has a reduction of redness and it feels supple. Other key ingredients are cucumber, witch hazel extract, manuka, magnolia bark extract and black cumin all there to help tone, balance and prep your skin. I love the burst of potent ingredients and it feels great once applied, non-sticky and it absorbs fairly quickly. However, due to not completely matifying my skin and providing the results it claims to do… It is a nay for me.



Pale Pink x 16 Brand



I incorporate this blush pen, on days when I generally wear minimal make-up. I love to just dab it on top of a plain strobe cream to give my cheeks a bit of colour. The colour on my skin, almost looks like a metallic light pink and has that extra glow, but quite natural. I would dab a line of my desired areas, and further pat it in with my fingers to blend. The liquid that comes out, is non-sticky and is light-weight.

I have never heard of this brand, but I am loving this blush pen! Super easy to use, eliminating the process of getting a sponge/brush to apply the blush. You only need 2-3 clicks and out comes with liquid. It lasts throughout the day, and it is build-able. With about 19 shades to choose from, I think I am getting myself another pen!



T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum



I use this serum in conjunction with another water-based item, beforehand. This best thing I have found using this, is that the next day my face feels hydrated and smooth. For me, consistency was key as it took about a week to see noticeable differences.

I looked into this company and I loved what they strive to do, especially educating others that not all natural products are good for the skin. I have noticed that by using this, it has brought the natural radiance back. So I can go out to work the next day, without wearing foundation and sometimes concealer. This intensive night treatment’s highlights are, pigmentations and blemishes are targeted and faded, roughness like bumps are reduced and for me it helps control oil. Dead skin cells are lifted away, which results in even skin tone. With a punch of 12% AHA/BHA and other non-harsh ingredients, you won’t be disappointed.



Perfect Eyes | Waterproof Eyeliner


Two Faced Mecca Maxima $26

Creamy and highly pigmented, this eyeliner glides effortlessly on your desired areas. It is meant to be waterproof, but from my experience it wore down after 3-4 hours. For others, you may have it lasting longer, which would be a dream for me as I am still on a hunt for an eyeliner that doesn’t eventually make me look like a panda!

The line has various shades available, all waterproof made. I love the thickness of the pencil, allowing me to draw with precision. Another awesome thing about it, is the added flexi-smudger on the other end. If you are a fan of the smokey-eyes effect, this eyeliner would be great for it.




RATE: 3/5

Argan Enlightenment Illuminising Veil


Josie Maran Mecca Maxima $44 

Recent new addition added to my growing love of Josie Maran products. I fell in love, when I stepped into Mecca and saw on the table three new products in this range, I immediately reached for the powder-based illuminating veil.

A subtle glow is easily achieved and since I do not have a brush for this, I use my ring finger to apply this silky heaven. Sweeping it on top of my cheekbones, arch under my eyebrows, cupid bow and lightly on my forehead. Great for building, since it starts off light and is not glittery which is a plus! Since it is light, I use it over my Mac Strobe Cream once the cream has dried, enhancing the glow with argan oil and pearly radiance. Beautifully cased, I do find myself using this everyday because of the added healthy sheen and natural application during the day. Though you do definitely need to build it, for nights out where there is less light.




RATE: 5/5