“In the middle of everything lies an opportunity

– Albert Einstein

I have completed my first assignment, a week before schedule. Productivity 1 procrastination… I shall not number. I generally have a to-do list each day, though the struggle to complete each one is real. It does help, because it outlines for me the core areas I need to focus on. Either writing it down on a notebook that you bring or like me, writing it on a white-board not only saves paper but can easily be seen whilst on the desk. Portability though is an issue. E and I purchased ours from Office Works which came in separate squares. Currently in the process of re-designing our study space.

 On a personal note, my relationship has been facing various challenges these past few days which definitely takes its toll. Being humble and patient is surely two powerful tools to understand and master, especially when you think you are the victim. Really takes time. But if you are like me, white roses, a hint of purple and an apology will do the trick haha!

Track work was on this weekend. Yesterday I was able to start finishing off a novel that I was holding off for so long! Hopefully I can get a review done by the end of this month. I sipped on a venti soy iced-latte and all-time favourite a quiche, in the modern Starbucks setting in Wynyard.


received_10152993568770373 (1)



IMG_3420 (1)

~ MJ

Staring at screens and pages

I’m astonished that I still don’t have reading glasses, all these years of reading (taking hardly any breaks) and staring at the screen (The Sims 24/7) has still haven’t damaged them… not that I want it to. But you know?

I think reading glasses are awesome, it gives that extra sophistication for the individual and at times provides them with a different outer-presentation if you get what I mean? I love wearing glasses, especially them round, bold black sunglasses, they are to die for. I only have two pairs and I think I need to get another pair… maybe a brown? or clear? I have a round/oval face, so what I have noticed is that round, slightly cat-shaped glasses suits me. Extra large too!

I have tried Oscar Wylee’s Free Home Trial, which I reckon is a brilliant idea. I live in the Western suburbs of Sydney, so it’s a bit of a trip going to and from the city. Check them out here: Oscar Wylee I’m going to browse a few pairs and see if I can get a new everyday pair, for this upcoming Winter season.

Other than that, one coffee is not enough for this long day.

~ MJ

Digs my brain in

I had a preety good day, finally done my pair speech after practising non-stop and then headed over to Hooters to get my carb-fix.

What got to me was a annoying, frustrating and depressing thought. The fact that I can’t seem to please everyone. If you ever meet me, some would say I’m bubbly or dead-quiet, but always nice, polite etc etc. I find it pointless to be snarky and mean to someone, it just creates a havoc. But sometimes, like any another human who gets comfortable around certain people, would loosen up and act relaxed. For example, I would be bold with my opinions and not be afraid of how to act around you. All does little niceties goes out the window, and here comes honest, relaxed me.

This is what upsets me, is when I get comfortable with certain people and they judge me! Like seriously, this is who I am and I’m not going to cower down and adjust who I am to make you happy.  Fine, if I’m being mean then tell me. But if you’re being unfair, I guess that shows me you truly haven’t accepted me and I’m not going to waste my time on you.

~ MJ

500 million clicks later…

Kidding, literally it took me 10+ ‘refresh’ button clicks to finally get to this page. Seriously, NBN you lie!! I’m like downloading this picture and it says “6 hours left” like what?!

* Just going to disconnect the net and connect it again – praying it would speed up again *

YAY it worked! Anyways, I made this for brunch…


Maple flavoured pancakes drizzled with maple syrup and to add some healthy goodies, sliced bananas and blueberries! Too good too good. My boyfriend went out for some ‘business meeting’ and I was left alone to eat this (song interlude: all by myself~).

I honestly am a failure when it comes to cooking, after 4 burnt pancakes I finally got the hang of making golden-coloured ones. Let me tell you when I first started cooking scrambled eggs, I couldn’t tell if it was cooked or not and it ended up being too cooked *shakes head*.

But I’m proud of this accomplishment today haha and tomorrow I’m going to try and cook Garlic, Buttered Prawns for lunch. Any other quick recipes I should try out?

~ MJ

Oh so ridiculous

I can’t believe I did that last night… I’ll tell you the gist of it. What I basically did was…

Tell another human being what I wanted, fought bloody hard for it and then went on different tangents, completely forgetting what I was trying to fight for haha. It doesn’t feel like me, or maybe it is, when I reveal something important to me. I honestly feel afraid of what they make take and what their response would be, praying that they would consider it even.

I said I wanted this, the person had (believe me it wasn’t much) a hard time wrapping their head around it. There’s nothing to even think hard about it! It made me think I’m not enough to sacrifice a little for. Like I would do it for myself (I do it already), but it feels appreciative when another does it for you. I feel like crap for even having to spell it out *shakes head*.

If I do actually tell you, I may get a laugh or a frown, it’s one of those situations. Everyone has their needs and wants, that has to be satisfied. I’m just like you. One the other hand, I finally bought new clothing items after a long hiatus of online shopping!

~ MJ

Didn’t go so well

When it hit about 7pm I headed to the bus stop, where my umbrella was useless, took a train, came an hour early so I waited at Central station and then walked in the pouring rain to my test. I don’t mind rain, but when it starts moving because of the wind and when it feels like someone is taking my umbrella in every direction… it’s not fun.

I got there and did the test, I was preety nervous because I haven’t done these test at all! One thing I regret is that I should’ve asked questions and used the whole 30 minutes to check and read more precisely. Lesson learned I guess. I’m just bummed that I have to put that apartment life on hold, not until I land myself into another job. I was doing my research and found some awesome studios near the city for about $300 – $400 per week! Not bad hey.

In the mean time, I’m still hunting and studying… wish me luck!

~ MJ


I’ve been getting that passion again into ready, but slowly. Maybe because I’ve got some novels interestingly to read. From the finds I bought at The Australian Brewery Markets:


$1 – 5 range 

I picked up the first novel, from the Fifty Shades of Grey series, to book indulge. haha yes I know, I couldn’t stop giggling from chapter 1 to chapter 3, before my shift and on the train! So good honestly.


Well, today I’ll be heading out for some lunch with the boyfriend, since we couldn’t celebrate his birthday for tomorrow. So before then, I’m going to try and quickly upload pictures and videos from my mobile to free up space for lunch pictures. 

Happy Sunday!

~ MJ

Japanese is taking over my life

Well, I did choose to take it up as my major. But damn, since I’m doing intermediate studies of Japanese, the expectations of reading, writing, listening and speaking is so damn much. I don’t mind the challenge, but I feel like I should step up my game, by desperately studying the language everyday haha.

& I still haven’t chosen another language to take up and study.

In other news, a few days ago I was so bored in my room that I decided to do something about my abandoned polaroids. I am currently still on a hunt for a polaroid album, but since I have not found one, I stuck them up onto my wall.


Tada! I sure do need to travel more. 

~ MJ 

My Ideal

This is honestly my ideal for the night…

photo (1)

Instead I’ll be going to my bf’s mate’s brother’s party. I’m not bothered to travel all the way for some house party seriously. I’d rather see the fireworks OR stay home and eat sugary foods all night while watching One Piece haha.

The best thing about today, was that work was only until 1:30pm PLUS payday! So I got to invest in some yummy face goodies, which I will need to make a review about after using it a couple of times.

What my New Year’s resolution are? Work harder, pay of my debts and hopefully pass university and less slacking off with my Japanese studies.

Happy New Years to everyone, make this following year count!

~ MJ

Why is it so damn hard

I find it very difficult for me to go out there and socialize. I think, during high-school and during first year of university I would go out most weekends and/or try not to miss out on mates’ parties. Talk about nonsense topics, getting drunk until I black out and vomit everywhere. Where did I get all that energy to do that haha.

I can’t imagine doing it now, it’s so damn exhausting. Seriously.

There are times when I picture myself going out, but when it gets closer to the date I second guess and would rather stay home. Yes, I’m a bloody hermit. But I love it. When it comes to clubbing at night, wearing heels and a dress… hell no, I like to wear home clothes please. Or when there’s work, family, friends’ parties it takes sooo much effort for me to get out there. I probably would need coffee or a drink to get myself ready for the event.

I really don’t care if I miss out on the latest goss, I’d rather focus on what I need to do in my life. I would rather travel great to far places, because I view it as something long-lasting and life-changing. Rather, spending my money on tasteless drinks and wasted efforts on small talks.

Some people just don’t get that about me. I either come off as someone snobby, mean, cold-hearted, inconsiderate about friendships/relationships, but that’s not my intention. That’s just me.

~ MJ