Creamy Water Proof Eye Liner


3 Concept Eyes $17 || MD Ranking

3CE a famous and well-loved Korean brand, is known for its fabulous cosmetics that applies beautifully on your face. This would be my first purchase from this band and I am in love with it! The application is easy, slides on well and gives a bold black colour when applied. Matte, which I also like.

For me, the pencil was a good thickness to hold and it just had that cool, simplistic design. It last for hours, and didn’t have any creases throughout the day I didn’t apply an eye-primer. For this price, and effectiveness, I highly recommend it!


IMG_2288 (1)

RATE: 5/5

Lily Water Whitening


Mamonde $2.50 || MD Ranking

This mask is just rejuvenating, it had this flowery aroma to it as well. It truly smelt like a lily!  I left it on my face for about 10 minutes, but you can go for 20 minutes because it had so much essence contained. My skin really needed this calming boost, because of this current harsh winter weather, my skin really needed this quick tlc!

It’s definitely hydrating, though I do think I may need a few masks of this to really see the whitening effect.


RATE: 3/5

Crispy Chocolat


Tokyo Skytree $18

Another find from the MD Ranking store, and this time I purchased this box of goodies which I think is from the Tokyo Skytree? Like it’s those souvenir sweets you get from visiting tourist attractions.

What they are is chocolate, white chocolate I believe, in the shape of the tower. You are given 8 nicely wrapped sweets and let me tell you it was good! Crispy and not too heavily sweet. It’s quite dense and has bits of milk chocolate, biscuit bits inside. For me, it was delicious! Check out the vid on Youtube 🙂



RATE: 3/5

Tokyo Banana Tree || Chocolate Banana Cream



I purchased these merely because of the fact that, one, it was late night shopping night and two, I saw a youtube video of a man eating this once and he gave it two thumbs up! MD Ranking on George St, Sydney, is so close to my workplace that I couldn’t resist check out the store… and little did I know that they stocked up on these gems.

IMG_2160IMG_2161I absolutely loved it! Not too sweet and it just melded all well together. I never knew that chocolate and banana would be so tasty together. Anyways, I tried a new method of giving a review by capturing E and I eating these bad boys. Check this out:

RATE: 4/5