SuperStay 24HR Concealer


Maybelline Priceline $7.47

The ivory colour is just beautiful, a bit lighter when applied, though it definitely will bring a lighter shade on areas you applied. The issue with this product for me was though it definitely brightened the areas, the formula was absolutely not working for my skin. It is a heavy liquid-base formula, quite thick in my opinion. My experience, the formula, though it helped conceal it just did not want to blend well with my skin. So it would crease and came off patchy.

Maybe, for some others they may not have the experience like me, but mind you my skin was scrubbed before application.  The casing is beautiful, glam and the wand is quite fluffy. For me, after using it twice I have now abandoned it somewhere in my drawers…



RATE: 1/5

Unstoppable Eyeliner: Onyx


Maybelline $$17.25 || Priceline

Eyeliner pencils is a great way to tight-line your waterline, and I was using this for about 3 weeks and then I stopped. This pencil glides on smoothly, so you have no problem with the pigment. It’s not too bold which I like, and I did not have to constantly sharpen the pencil.

My only concern is the fact that it smudged off quite easily for me. It states that it is waterproof and smudge-proof… not really. When I drew along the inner and outer corners of my eyes, give it about 20 minutes and it smudged. So basically I looked like a panda haha not cute. I wouldn’t recommend this.


RATE: 1/5

Master Precise


Maybelline Liquid Eyeliner $14.95 || Priceline

If you ever have no time to shop, or you’re in a tight budget and you’re looking for something that would do it’s job… this is the best eyeliner to have! Like seriously, when my wallet is running low and I had no time to search for another brand to try, Master Precise is my ‘go-to’. I always purchase it at Priceline because of its reduced price.


It’s not only affordable, but the thin tip is so easy to use that I make less mistakes, rather than the others I have tried. Smudge-proof and water-proof, are the main qualities why I keep this pen in my ‘go-to-products’.

RATE: 3/5