Harajuku Gyoza

1/14 Darling Dr, Sydney


Not too far away from some of the main attractions in Darling Harbour, Harajuku Gyoza is a welcoming spot for lunch or dinner! Offering a variety of Japanese gyoza, make sure to try them out and it’s great that it gives you either the option of grilled or poached. For a pack of 5, the price ranges from $8.30 – $11.80. My favourite is the crispy fried cheeseburger gyoza. They weren’t playing, as it literally tasted like the real deal! It was perfectly fried, crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. I forgot what filling the poached gyoza was, but it had the perfect moisture level and was super clean. Their menu has other traditional items, such as dons and izayaka sides.

Ordered the recommend soufflé, which was not only soft but had the perfect amount of sweetness which was exciting after each bite. The colour was blinding, do you see that yellow? But I honestly liked their Nutella gyoza compared to their soufflé, just because who does not like Nutella? Plus, it was incased in a delicious crispy fried casing.

Service was perfect, everything came out quickly! Ample amount of seating inside and out and their interior was awesome. It had this playful but also traditional look.


12/339 Sussex St, Sydney NSW



An Indonesian fusion cafe, operates 6 days a week with long hours (7:00 – 19:30). The quickest way to get there, is to jump off Town Hall and  it should only take 10 minutes to get there!

The interior is instagram worthy, with tasty pinks and cream and make sure to check out the quote on their wall. It is a cosy spot, so make sure to get in there early or out of rush hours. Unfortunately when I visited, their air-conditioning was not running so had to brunch in the humidity. This however did not lessen my excitement for their dishes! What makes them unique is their fusion of Indonesian and Western food. Try their Superbowls, which has one layer of tasty Mi Goreng and another layer of pork belly, sausages, herbed corn, melted cheese and corned beef. The cravings are real! There are other items that will certainly entice you for a second or third visit.

Service was lovely and quick! Make sure to take a snap or two, as their interior and food presentation calls out for a snap or two. I have a feeling I’ll be back.

Red Pepper

4a Lyons Street, Strathfield NSW



Located inside Strathfield’s Sports Club, you will find an abundance of seating area, inside and in its courtyard. Generously lit with plenty  of sunlight, you could be sitting here for a good 1-2 hours, devouring down on their fried chickens!

They have a wide selection of tasty fried chickens to choose from, from memory about 10-12 different toppings can be selected. I do appreciate that you can have the boneless option, for an added $2-3 from the large portion. You can choose whether you want the regular or large portion. We got the creamy onion chicken, which was definitely creamy and had plenty of onions to top it off! The topping did however just sat on top, which for some people they don’t mind that, but I like when the sauce is absorbed. This was on the more sweeter side, which complimented the fried chicken. E then proceeded to get the hot and spicy gangjung. I don’t know how this tasted, because I stay away from spicy food, but I do remember E enjoyed this quite a bit!

Service was great, efficient and speedy! You do get the sides as well, though it is less traditional and less in portion, compared to when visiting Korean restaurants/BBQ. There’s a cafe right next to Red Pepper, if you fancy yourself a coffee or fruit drink. I do remember seeing some tasty cakes too!





Blues Point Hotel

116 Blues Point Rd, McMahons Point NSW 2060



Recommended by a mate of E’s, Blues Point Hotel has a cosy and charming bistro where it is great to visit, after a long week of work. I couldn’t get over how the lounge area looked! Now back to the bistro…

Their menu was interesting, in that they incorporated a variety of flavours. Offering salads, grilled items to your usually pub food, pastas burgers, curries and seafood. The service was extremely fast and the quality of the foods were comforting! I left quite full and I was digging the flavour of their curry. The pepper squid was to die for, the mayonnaise and lime that came with it, was a tasty blend.






Lyton Noodle House

8 Lyton Street, Blacktown NSW 2418

IMG_2246 (1)

This would be E and I’s go to place, when we get sick and bored of the other eateries in the area. Plus, the lady who serves us has extremely great customer service! Oh and I think we go way too many times, that she said to us one time “where have you both been?” haha.




Monday through to Sunday, you will be served an array of dishes that is a mix of Thai and Vietnamese cuisines. Inside you’ll be welcomed by designs of either Thai or Vietnamese ornaments, that makes you feel like you’ve been transported to an asian local eatery but at the same time keeping the Western Sydney vibe. Their menu ranges from about  $5 up towards about $16 – affordable and wait until you taste their dishes, it’s freaking delicious. From stir fries, quails, seafoods ($2 extra), salads, curry and soups, it will cater.


Spring roll $6 – 6 pack that’s filled with crab meat, prawn, shallots, black pepper wrapped in crispy pastry, it’s one dish I always order


Pad See Ew (Seafood) $ 9.50 – size small, it’s absolutely enough to fill me, it’s jam packed with vegetables, egg and stir-fried sauce


Lyton Soft Shell Crab $15 – it’s stir-fried with vegetables, E seemed to like it! 


Coconut Juice $4


Thai Milk Tea $4 – I always look forward to ordering this. It’s not too sweet

RATE: 3/5

Brown Sugar Cafe

25 Block Pl, Melbourne VIC 3000


It’s those places that you think looks nice but once you step inside and experience it, you feel that regret. The tiny lane that it was in was packed with individuals choosing between this café or that café. My boyfriend settled with this.



It’s like sitting in a living room, because of all the wooden frames all on the wall as well as how cozy it felt inside. I was surprised at how well the wait staff can move freely about around the tables.


I’ll start writing about how it went downhill from here. A new staff waiter who was still in his trial period, came to serve us. He was nice and but had lacked the skills to remember, basic rule if you cannot remember repeat what the customers had ordered or write it down.  Another bad sign was that once we had ordered, he had forgotten to take our menu, which indicated to another wait staff that maybe we had not ordered yet. He got my boyfriend’s one right, after about 10 minutes or less his came out.


His: Soup of the Day: Moroccan Lentils – He said that it was great, had the right amount of spices.

We had to ask another staff where my pancakes were, and we found out that it wasn’t written down. Had to wait all together close to 30 minutes, by then I was furious because a wait staff came out with it but went to another table with it. He took it back to the kitchen and I had to tell him it was mine.


Mine: Vanilla Pancake $14.50 – the pancake was not as good as I imagined it would be. It was dry in the inside, though the toppings (strawberry compote and maple syrup) did help add sweetness to it.

At the end my boyfriend expressed our frustration, and one of the wait staff was kind enough to not bill the pancake. It really does tarnish one’s experience when things are not done efficiently, I’m sure the place is beautiful on most days but I guess I was unlucky.

RATE: 2/5

The Green Olive

Pine Ave Little Bay NSW 2036

I love how spacious this restaurant was, inside and out. We sat outside because Sydney’s weather was perfect on the day we went, with long tables and short tables offered under a line of trees, I couldn’t waste it by sitting indoors.


Oh, and there was a birthday celebration happening outdoors.


I couldn’t contain my… hunger

The list was endless, from salads, seafoods, burgers, pasta, etc. Reasonably priced from about $15+.


His: Beef Burger and battered steak fries $14 – Not that much fries as you can see, and since my partner didn’t say anything about it (his face didn’t say anything either), I guess it was ok?


Hers: Chef’s Risotto $22 – You don’t understand how brilliant this mix of king prawns, smoked salmon, asparagus, olives, sun-dried tomatoes (my favourite) and to top it off with white wine cream sauce… *drools*

The quality of this feed at this restaurant was memorable for me, maybe because of the environment or just plainly that the quality exceeded the price in the menu! Head over to this joint once you have visited Little Bay Beach of course!

RATE: 4/5