Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures・Season 1


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Imperial Consort’s wilful daughter, Princess Zhaohua, is faced with the challenge to capture the heart of Mongolian prince Prince Chaoyong after he declines their marriage. As she finds a way to the prince’s heart, Imperial guard Fuk’anggan and Princess Siwan plots against the duo for their personal vendettas.  

Episodes: 6 | Release: 2019

With only 1 season and 6 episodes, averaging between 37-45 minutes each, you will be able to finish the drama in one sitting. I have not completed the original Yanxi Palace drama, but I have watched a couple. I must say this sequel does not live up to the original’s standards, however does a great job in executing the character’s development and plot, although rushed. If you’re new to the Yanxi Palace world, you can evidently see the gorgeous effort on the costumes, hair, makeup and behaviours of this period show. There were a number of beautiful shots, if saved would make a pretty desktop saver haha.

I found the main actress, Princess Zhaohua, quite bratty and loud at the start. There is a reason to this, not because she could be possibly spoilt. Princess Zhaohua’s personality and behaviours serve a larger purpose towards the end of the drama. Princess Siwan, who is a lower-ranked princess, plays Princess Zhaohua’s sly and competitive arch-enemy. The two main leads plays, a Mongolian Prince and an Imperial Guard, who played their parts marvellously. I enjoyed the rivalry, although some rivalry scenes between the princesses seemed a bit off and didn’t have an impactful result. Although Princess Siwan lied a lot, I felt a bit sympathetic towards her at the start, just because it paled in comparison to Princess Zhaohua’s behaviours. The romance build up was a miss for me, I found it too slow, lacked build-up and quite confusing. Maybe if there were more episodes, the romance plot would have blossomed better. The ending for me was interesting, a bit weird in the sense that it seemed very unrealistic. Although, the ending did clear up any misunderstandings and I tied the whole drama perfectly.

If you’re a fan of Yanxi Palace, I know you won’t give this drama a miss. You’ll be blessed with the same two actors, who played Emperor Qianlong and Wei Yingluo, who were still perfectly enjoyable in this sequel. This drama stands perfectly on its own, you don’t need to watch the original to understand the sequel. Less about politics and more on love, self-love, family, betrayal, jealousy and rivalry.

Japan Supernatural



The exciting exhibition is running for a limited time only, at the Art Gallery NSW, from now until the 8th March 2020. Adults are charged at $25 and children are charged at $12.

A fun and mesmerising experience, where visitors are introduced to Japanese folklore, from ghosts, shapeshifters, spirits and mischievous goblins. At the entrance, visitors are given the choice to carry an audio device (highly recommend), which senses the visitor when entering each gallery room. Different music is played, setting and enhancing the experience. Some artworks have an audio recording, which provides visitors information and stories for each artwork. I loved the little activities placed on some artwork labels, for the children to interact with the artwork or exhibition.

The amazing Japanese artists you will find there are: Takashi Murakami, Katsushika Hokusai, Utagawa Kuniyoshi, Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, Chiho Aoshima, Fuyuko Matsui and Miwa Yanagi.

Through this immersive exhibition, I’ve definitely discovered and appreciate the Japanese folklore and the artists’ work behind each piece. My favourite highlight artworks are on this post, but to be honest, there was much more that I wanted to take a photo of. Take your time to read each artwork description and try it with the audio device, for an enhanced experience.

With over 180 works and each gallery having their own unique theme, you will be hypnotised by the stories behind each artwork and like me… wanting to comeback for more!










“Threw all caution in the wind, threw propriety overboard”

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 6.57.48 pm.png

My Sister’s Intended – E.L. Montague

Pages: 121

Classic romance, between two people who coincidently and hopelessly start falling for each other. Unfortunately the other is promised to another.

James a handsome and sought-after bachelor isn’t interested in petty and vain women, he is looking for the one. He is arranged to marry to a woman he isn’t in love with. He is in love with another…

I enjoyed the read, it was light and the plot was quick to follow. It started off by beautifully setting up character development and romance between the two main lovers, which smoothly progressed to illustrate their societal and personal challenges.  I would have loved for the story to further expand on the characters’ problems, as I felt it would give further character insight. The characters are easily likeable and a further look into their lives, would have been amazing! It is a classic throwback to forbidden love stories, which is always exciting to read.


“Our age pales into insignificance in comparison with the history of time.”

Absolute Truth.jpg


Pages: 379

Aside from the intriguing titles of each chapter, the whole novel itself is as compelling as each turn of the page.

Elisa Mancini is a Nobody. Painfully insecure, more at a ease with books than with people, at twenty-three she’s a university dropout living at her aunt’s…

Written beautifully, readers are instantly submerged into Elisa Mancini’s personal life. It was like travelling side by side with her, seeing and feeling what she was experiencing. But, below the surface I found myself learning the complexities of love and the fine line of obsession, as well as finding one’s identity. I recommend you having a read of this novel, you will be taken on an unforgettable journey.


RATE: 5/5

I kept holding my tears back

I FINALLY WATCHED FURIOUS 7! It was awesomely action-packed which had me entertained, so basically the film flashed before my eyes haha not in a bad way. But because it was so enjoyable, that I’ve got to say this is yet their best instalment. They kept the original loved cast members, and tied the casts’ individual stories into this, you’ll understand when you watch it. Also, it was freaking hilarious! Never had a dull moment during the film.

The ending, got to me so bad… it was a super simple but moving ending that commemorated Paul Walker. I freaking loved it, like honestly it is not going to feel the same without Paul Walker. Vin Diesel you got me teary at the end, your face contained all those deep captured emotions, it was so real. But seriously, go watch it! Not too cliché at all, the action sequences was amazing.

R.I.P. Paul Walker

~ MJ

Clear Improvement Mask

I rarely have used masks before, and this product is amazing! Like amazing x100000!


Origins: Clear Improvement Mask $34

This product is stuff of legends! Kidding just exaggerating, this product though I might say for the moment is my all time favourite thing to apply, when I do my face cleanse. I have read previously of reviews, positives ones mostly, and I just needed to try it out.

It first states to lightly moist the face with warm water, so your pores allow the goodies into your skin. The main 3 elements are Active Charcoal (like a magnet, it brings out the oils/dirt that clog your pores) + White China Clay (mineral benefits that draws out oils and gently exfoliates the skin without over-drying) and lastly Lecithin (hydrates, replenishes and repairs).

A little goes a long way, I only maybe put two thin layers onto my face avoiding the eye area. I sure know its working when I start to get that slight skin tingle, it doesn’t sting at all. After maybe 3 minutes, you just wash it off and place over it with your favourite moisturiser.

For product that does its job perfectly and gives a decent amount of it, you get a great bargain for just $34! For the next few days, my skin feels cleaned deep within and it not only controlled the oils but also minimized breakouts.

RATE: 5/5

Appreciation of dates

…or what ever you may call them. The boyfriend and I had the quickest lunch followed by a mini photo-shoot, which resulted in this:






There’s more but I don’t want to make this post streaming with our faces ahaha

I loved how we got to talk about anything, not had to argue and listened to music to and from the city. It is rare for us both to go out to the city together and hang, most times we choose for closer locations. Most times we hardly have time spent together because of work and that university life, even though we do see each other at the end of the day, but going out on dates together really is something special.

~ MJ 

Kingswood Coffee

10/680 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000


Nowadays I would visit this coffee place once in a blue moon, because previously I would visit this place religiously during my break. & the reason being was my cravings for this:


Remember that cronut craze? I don’t know if it’s just as popular as it was before. But believe me, when I say that this is the best I’ve tasted. Its taste is delicately sweet, once you bite into it there is no turning back (unless of you want to get more). The top may look similar to a Krispy Kreme doughnut, hell no, it’s just on another level. It’s not too sweet and it blends well with the pastry. Gulp this down with their organic hot chocolate, and you’re in heaven.

RATE 5/5

Is it real or idealistic

Like what’s bugging me at the moment, is the destroying fact that people who are close to you can emotionally break you. When they say one thing and then when another plan is presented to them, they immediately forget about the present person. It’s like “hey, I was here first, I’m still here”. Being disregarding like that, is like being treated like an unwanted something/one.

Yes, you and I know they’ll come back, but if you are like me who does not like that pull-and-push game, believe me it is horrendously exhausting. You can either be placid about it (because it happens so often), angry, spiteful or just emotionally and mentally wrecked.


I try and tackle this from a logical play, because once you over step that emotionally path, well… you might dig yourself into a deeper hole. Presenting your argument by facts, can not only demonstrate your great memorisation skills but also puts you into a stronger position. That’s how I did it today, no empathy, just hard-cold-facts. Because, what’s more satisfying than the truth?

Unfortunately, I did not entirely get what I want but the main thing out of it, is the fact that I made my point across and hopefully the strategy given can somewhat pave the way to a happier journey.

~ MJ 

SoulFest `14

The first ever Soul Festival in Australia, Sydney was one I can not forget. The music, ambiance, people and food was exciting! It’s not like any festival that I’ve been to. At the start my boyfriend and I stood at the very front, we got there heaps early (but unfortunately left early too). So I can finally say that I’ve stood at the front for some performances.





I’ll upload more pictures that I have on my computer, but these are the ones I still have on my phone. All in all, I would love to go another Soul Fest in Sydney. I think to name a few big neo-soul, jazz and hip-hop artists that performed are, Maxwell, D’Angelo, Anthony Hamilton, Angie Stone, Aloe Blacc, Music Soulchild and Mos Def (who didn’t come).

My definite favourite was Music Soulchild!!