Hands On Transforming Hand Cream


Mecca Cosmetica | Mecca Maxima $0

I generally do not like purchasing the main store’s products, but this hand cream changed my perspective on that. I got this as during my birthday month from Mecca Maxima, and I received this during a time when I was looking for a new hand cream.

I am loving this so far, firstly because it is highly hydrating and secondly there is no lingering stickiness – instantly absorbs. The main ingredients I see are aloe vera, ginseng, amla, rose hip oil, vitamin A and E that assist with moisture restoration. The slight fragrance (hyacinth, green apple, vanilla), for me was something I did not enjoy, but overall this cream is one that I would recommend because of its effectiveness to achieving smooth, silky skin.




RATE: 4/5

Girligo Body Moisturising Mist


Soap & Glory $14 Mecca Maxima

It is gorgeously scented, with a blend of bergamot, peach, strawberry, jasmine, mandarin and musk. So it isn’t your typically lotion, it is a mist-type where you need to spray a couple of times in your desired area and then spread it by your hands. The mist itself is very light-weight, so you do need to spray it a few times to get an even distribution. I find that it would be perfect for times when you have time restrictions.

I say its moisturising level is light to medium, because I find during Winter this year, I needed to spray another layer on after a few hours. That may be because I have dry skin. I find it more of a novelty moisturizer, there are much potent products out there. But for its price and super-cute packaging and delicious scent don’t give it a miss!


RATE: 2/5

Sheer Transformation


Ole Henriksen $55 || Sephora

I remember having a troubled decision to try another brand, that I had never heard of. Luckily a gem at the store, insisted to try this because of it’s great effects.

I generally have been using this cream before bed, because of its’ slightly heavy formula. In my opinion, would be suitable for my nightly skin regeneration. It is silky and oil-free, you honestly need a few dots on the various parts of the face and you’re all good! So what’s in it you wonder? … Super-oxide dismutase (I just had to quickly look it up) a powerful enzyme that helps prevent environmentally harmful radicals that would break-down youthful layers of the skin. Vitamin C, pea and licorice extracts has been amazing with smoothing out and minimizing hyperpigmentation.

A definite yes for me, I have yet to use it under make-up during the day. But since it is oil-free, I’m not too worried with the outcome.



RATE: 4/5

Stress Relief Moisturising Lotion


Aveeno $12.99 || Priceline

When there’s naturals involved, you’ve got me hooked! Using the essences of lavender, chamomile and ylang-ylang, sounds amazing already, truly brings out that calming qualities and it is transfered onto you.

Just make sure you place a good amount, as it does leave a few spots uncovered. Either than that, it is light-weight, non-sticky and holds moisturising levels up to roughly for me about 12+ hours. Colloidal oatmeal is also used in this soothing mix. It feels amazing especially when you apply it straight from having a shower and before bed. The lotion is a wonderful de-stressor after a long week.


RATE: 4/5

Verviene Hand Lotion


L’OCCITANE – from the Scents of Provence Collection

Verveine or other words verbena/vervain, I don’t know how to say you but you smell a-ma-zing! It has a very citrusy, flowery aroma that leaves your hands feeling cool and fresh. It is quite calming, especially when your hands have been out in the cold in this harsh winter.

I got this in a sample size, 10ml from the collection and I am bent towards purchasing a full sized one. This cream gel formula, though it smells and feels crisp, I do not find it heavily moisturising. I’d give it a good 3 hours and I would have to apply it again.



RATE: 3/5

Calendula 70 Blemish Moisturizer


Pure Heals by Nature Village $29 || Sephora

Sadly, whilst checking out the Sephora website, I wasn’t able to find the link of this product it’s where I bought it from. Because, this product is really nice, especially for my skin! Since using it, I’ve noticed that my skin has brightened and has that healthy, soft touch. This is entirely because of the 70% of calendula extract. This oil extract is known for numerous health benefits, but most notably the positive it has for one’s skin, anti-redness – calming effects, wrinkle improvement and helps whiten the skin whilst keeping it youthful-looking.

It smells heavenly, a very fresh feeling once you smooth it over your face. Though, it does have a 3 out of 5 star rating in regards to skin protection. Either than that, I’ve been loving it, heavily on because of the calming and balanced care it provides for my sensitive skin. During the day it does control my oils and when I use it before bed, the next day it gives it that soft bounce.



I wasn’t able to locate the Pure Heals by Nature Village online, comment below if you do know the link please!

RATE: 5/5