Stretchex Stretch Lash Effect Mascara



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Don’t you love pops of yellow and against black? It provides the ‘edgey’ feel but at the same time, combining it with youth. That’s what I felt this mascara gave, when applying. The handle I found is perfect, great for people like me who has a unsteady hand.

Super buildable, this mascara delivers a light-weight black finish and swiftly separates your lashes. I find that the texture of rubber-like, which allows the lashes to truly open. It is formulated with silk protein, protecting and maintaining your eyelashes health. I do enjoy wearing this during the day or a simple day/night out, just because it looks natural. I love how it doesn’t transfer and it is perfect for sensitive eyes, well for me in any case.

To point out, I like the wand because of its arch. With the arch I can lift my lashes whist coating. For a price this affordable, I highly recommend!



Pale Pink x 16 Brand



I incorporate this blush pen, on days when I generally wear minimal make-up. I love to just dab it on top of a plain strobe cream to give my cheeks a bit of colour. The colour on my skin, almost looks like a metallic light pink and has that extra glow, but quite natural. I would dab a line of my desired areas, and further pat it in with my fingers to blend. The liquid that comes out, is non-sticky and is light-weight.

I have never heard of this brand, but I am loving this blush pen! Super easy to use, eliminating the process of getting a sponge/brush to apply the blush. You only need 2-3 clicks and out comes with liquid. It lasts throughout the day, and it is build-able. With about 19 shades to choose from, I think I am getting myself another pen!



6 Way Hydrogel Eye Patch



At first I was a bit confused on the concept of the 6 ways, the patches can be placed. After looking for an image online, I finally got the idea and I think it’s brilliant! To be able to patch desired areas, and it is all in one pretty container.

Locations are eyelids, smile lines and the eye bags. Super cooling and it adheres to the skin beautifully due to hydrogel. Made to last for 30 days, you will notice the toning, conditioning, detoxfying and brightening results due to these goodies – peony, phillinus, ginseng, baikal skullcap extract and good old flakes of gold.

I have been using it every night and when I wake up. I highly recommend these convenient patches, I find placing this in the fridge, provides a more powerful cooling effect once used.




Premium Hot & Cool Pore Pack Duo



I am so glad I got to purchase this pore pack and it came together, both blending perfectly. Basically, this line produces uses all natural ingredients which is quite soothing to your skin. Though it is a two step process, approximately taking about 35 minutes, it not only detoxifies using the steaming mask but also tightens using the cooling mask.

I have used it twice, once per week, and each time it leaves my skin feeling like a baby’s bottom! Also my skin is clearer for the week, making it easier as well to apply makeup.

I am absolutely in love with this product, and cannot wait to try out other Caolion’s products.




RATE: 5/5

Creamy Water Proof Eye Liner


3 Concept Eyes $17 || MD Ranking

3CE a famous and well-loved Korean brand, is known for its fabulous cosmetics that applies beautifully on your face. This would be my first purchase from this band and I am in love with it! The application is easy, slides on well and gives a bold black colour when applied. Matte, which I also like.

For me, the pencil was a good thickness to hold and it just had that cool, simplistic design. It last for hours, and didn’t have any creases throughout the day I didn’t apply an eye-primer. For this price, and effectiveness, I highly recommend it!


IMG_2288 (1)

RATE: 5/5

Calendula 70 Blemish Moisturizer


Pure Heals by Nature Village $29 || Sephora

Sadly, whilst checking out the Sephora website, I wasn’t able to find the link of this product it’s where I bought it from. Because, this product is really nice, especially for my skin! Since using it, I’ve noticed that my skin has brightened and has that healthy, soft touch. This is entirely because of the 70% of calendula extract. This oil extract is known for numerous health benefits, but most notably the positive it has for one’s skin, anti-redness – calming effects, wrinkle improvement and helps whiten the skin whilst keeping it youthful-looking.

It smells heavenly, a very fresh feeling once you smooth it over your face. Though, it does have a 3 out of 5 star rating in regards to skin protection. Either than that, I’ve been loving it, heavily on because of the calming and balanced care it provides for my sensitive skin. During the day it does control my oils and when I use it before bed, the next day it gives it that soft bounce.



I wasn’t able to locate the Pure Heals by Nature Village online, comment below if you do know the link please!

RATE: 5/5