Cow Cow Ice

EDSA corner J. Vargas Avenue, Mandaluyong City, Philippines


What a surprising delight to stumble across this delectable store! Not only is Cow Cow Ice – Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory an instant head-turning store, with some nicely cut cheeses, cookies, small, cute cheesecake and cheese biscuits. I believe the store has three types of cheese biscuits, and I remember tasting one type of flavour and it was pure bliss. I’m thinking of purchasing a pack of 10, but because of its steep price… I don’t know. It’s definitely worth it, but still a bit pricey. The cookies would make a fantastic gift.

I couldn’t say no however to their soft-serves! I got one mixed (milk and cheese) and one pure milk soft-serve. Both were amazing, like it was not too sweet, had the creaminess of cheese and it tasted so bright. I enjoyed the thickness, has it slowly melted in your mouth, allowing you to enjoy every second. From looking at pictures, I believe you can also add the cookies or cheeses as toppings. Makes me want to go and visit Hokkaido.



Little Flour Café

G/F Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall Building D, EDSA, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City, Philippines



Part of the Wildflour group and a younger sibling of the well-known Wildflour cafe, you know Little Flour cafe will be just as good!

What I love about this cafe is that they offer breakfast all-day everyday, so if you’re like me who loves to eat breakfast for dinner, you’ll enjoy this place. You will find a mixture of continental and Filipino breakfast and brunch dishes. I ordered their Filipino Breakfast item, that came with their homemade longganisa, garlic fried rice, eggs, pan de sal and coconut jam. Everything spelled out Filipino in this one dish, though it did pull back on the oiliness, whilst still keeping its moisture. I was craving chips so I squeezed that in. My partner ordered their Veggie Rice Bowl, since he had wanted to eat a bit cleaner.

The lighting in the cafe was dim, setting the mood for a comfortable and laid-back dinning experience. Waitstaffs were reachable if you wanted their attention, music was not too loud and the price averaged around $15 AUD. For some gentle cleanse, try their Fresh Ginger and Turmeric Tea.





Gallery By Chele

5/F Clipp Center, 11th Avenue corner, 39th St, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines



I had Gallery By Chele down on my food list, when checking out awesome restaurants in the Philippines. Fortunately, I decided this restaurant is where I would be having my pre-dinner birthday celebration! Gallery By Chele did not disappoint.

Located within  Clipp Centre, was a bit hard to find at first because there were no signs, so keep your GPS switched on. You take a life up to the fifth floor, and you are warmly welcomed by their first of house team member. Pre-book if you plan to feast! I believe they have a few private rooms at the back. There interior was stunning, warm with all different tones of wood, lines with hints of grey marble. Screams elegance mixed with South East Asian interior flavour.

What drew me to this restaurant was its mission to source local produce and flavours, unique to the Philippines and South East Asia. As you can see by the images below, we ordered a few colourful dishes. All the dishes were amazing; the highlights for me was the Coquille starter, Tunamansi main and the Single Origin dessert.

Service was amazing, not over bearing and were very attentive. Food timely came out and no dish disappoint. Highly recommend if you have something to celebrate or even have time to get your tastebuds alive and kicking! Almost forgot to mention their impressive drink list and make sure to try a glass of their moscato… it was delish! Hats off to the sommelier and the waitstaffs that night.












Japan Supernatural



The exciting exhibition is running for a limited time only, at the Art Gallery NSW, from now until the 8th March 2020. Adults are charged at $25 and children are charged at $12.

A fun and mesmerising experience, where visitors are introduced to Japanese folklore, from ghosts, shapeshifters, spirits and mischievous goblins. At the entrance, visitors are given the choice to carry an audio device (highly recommend), which senses the visitor when entering each gallery room. Different music is played, setting and enhancing the experience. Some artworks have an audio recording, which provides visitors information and stories for each artwork. I loved the little activities placed on some artwork labels, for the children to interact with the artwork or exhibition.

The amazing Japanese artists you will find there are: Takashi Murakami, Katsushika Hokusai, Utagawa Kuniyoshi, Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, Chiho Aoshima, Fuyuko Matsui and Miwa Yanagi.

Through this immersive exhibition, I’ve definitely discovered and appreciate the Japanese folklore and the artists’ work behind each piece. My favourite highlight artworks are on this post, but to be honest, there was much more that I wanted to take a photo of. Take your time to read each artwork description and try it with the audio device, for an enhanced experience.

With over 180 works and each gallery having their own unique theme, you will be hypnotised by the stories behind each artwork and like me… wanting to comeback for more!










“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

I am extremely happy that one of my stresses has been cleared! Well in a few days to be more specific. Legit, there is still quite a bit more but still the less of it the better. For me, juggling 3 jobs makes it quite impossible to experience a long-weekend (3 days off). Even getting two consecutive days off is still a miracle haha. But I love working to be honest, I get reckless on the second day off.




Work benefits is one rarity for me as well, from the jobs this one gives me discounts to AMF! I can probably work on my bowling skills, because I get smashed each time by E. I’m finding myself settling well into this office job, the team is lovely and the working hours is perfect for me. At the moment, I’m going to try and squeeze everything into this last day of freedom and tackle this 5 days of work starting tomorrow! E and I also checked out Knafeh Bakery, at the moment I’m uploading the vlog on Youtube so check it out and in a few days there will be a post about it as well. Have a happy week everyone 🙂

~ MJ

A weekend away to Melbourne

Melbourne was a refreshing mini-trip, that I have been longing for whilst juggling work and studying. Being able to spend time elsewhere than Sydney, with the most important person in my life, gave me that rejuvenating hit and gave me an opportunity to catch up with my boyfriend.


We arrived 3 hours before our flight was due, EJ kept drifting off to sleep, whilst I kept looking around trying to find a hot chocolate to keep me up.



Sad to say that most of our days in Melbourne was cloudy, though luckily it didn’t pour! So we had a chance to explore, going into lane ways, eating at various cafes and checking out what Melbourne had to offer. I really do wish I had another day to spend there, because just walking down the Yarra River was so breathtaking.



Got to let y’all know that getting to and from the airport was a cheesecake! You just take a Sky Bus that would cost you about $18 per adult. We were about to take a taxi, but when we found out about this bus and there was a free shuttle service to our hotel, we said hell yeah!


The useful map that Stamford Hotel provided us

I think I’ve gained some weight from all the foods that we ate, especially trying out their coffees and their hot chocolate. I honestly did not come across an awful hot chocolate, they were all on point.


The graffitis’ were so impressive that they were gallery-worthy, because of how detailed and meaningful they were. Unfortunately, when we got to Hosier Lane it was blocked off because of construction.


Oh Melbourne, I will visit you again. I love the free city circle tram, gets you honestly to all the major cites.

Clovelly Beach

Clovelly Rd, Sydney NSW, AUS 

Looking back at these photos I took from this beach… makes me wish I had all the time in the world to go beach jumping.






It’s weird to see a bunch of people on the concrete next to the ocean, because when you think of the beach you picture people on sand right? But honestly, it doesn’t matter if there’s water and space I’d go anyways. It’s a perfect little get-away from huge commercial beaches like Bondi, because there’s less people and more parking space hahaha.

The sea was so clear, so if you want to go snorkelling bring yourself a pair! There’s no waves at the shore, but when you get further into the ocean the waves does get a bit rough. Being a natural chicken I didn’t jump in and got my boyfriend instead to jump in. You don’t have to be worried of drowning, because there’s a life-guard club right next to the beach! To also add to the coolness of this beach, is that there is also a lap pool!

I recommend bring your own feed down to this beach, because there’s only one eatery at the beach and you have to drive to the closest town to grab a bite.

RATE: 4/5

My Ideal

This is honestly my ideal for the night…

photo (1)

Instead I’ll be going to my bf’s mate’s brother’s party. I’m not bothered to travel all the way for some house party seriously. I’d rather see the fireworks OR stay home and eat sugary foods all night while watching One Piece haha.

The best thing about today, was that work was only until 1:30pm PLUS payday! So I got to invest in some yummy face goodies, which I will need to make a review about after using it a couple of times.

What my New Year’s resolution are? Work harder, pay of my debts and hopefully pass university and less slacking off with my Japanese studies.

Happy New Years to everyone, make this following year count!

~ MJ

24th August

That date is significant, because that was the only date of the whole gloomy month when it wasn’t raining! See the picture below? That’s what I would love to do when summer hits.


Moving on, went to a party recently and it got me thinking how time flew by. Like we still look the same, but there was something different, maybe it was the difference in closeness or how we speak to each other, either way I like it. I wouldn’t change it for the world, because for once I don’t have to worry about peoples’ gossips and their crazy lives, I only get to be surrounded by people who I believe will have a significant impact in my life. It’s my life anyway I should be caring about.

~ MJ