All About Eve

Orange – $59.95 Like my previous post, it’s either me that is colour blind or the maker? haha, well in real-life it is trly bright red. Cosy, though it does get annoying when it gets caught on loose, rough hooks or what not. I paired it over a white, thin singlet. The holes are not […]

Nude Lucy

May I ask you, if the stripes look navy to you? Jenna Stripe Oversize Tee $39.99 – White/Navy No it looks black, when I looked closely… it still looks black. Maybe I’m just really bad at recognizing colours haha. The material is light and being designed as an oversize tee makes it a perfect outfit, […]


Wrangler Hi Waist Fitted Short $109.99 In love with my new pair of denim shorts, it’s actually my first pair of high-waisted denim. It’s still a bit loose but it’s extremely comfy. I love how easily you can pair it with any shirt and it’s lovely for this hot weather season here in Aus.