Royal National Park

Farnell Avenue, Sydney NSW 2232 We left late in the morning, to go to the world’s second-oldest park in the world. The Royal National Park, or what others call the place “Nasho”. It was really beautiful. We luckily visited the place when it had stop raining and visiting in Autumn, seeing those bright brown/orange fall […]

Challenge taken up!

I came across this wonderful challenge, brilliantly made, there’s so much flexibility and honesty in how it was made. Firstly I will link you all to the website: Below, I have posted a link that gives a background history about this site: I set my challenge to start brand new tomorrow! Wish me […]

Can’t Wait

Exciting New Year! Even though I’ll be doing just one unit at university, it’ll be Japanese again. I told myself maybe I’ll just rock down to part-time study so I can work more and do other things in between. Searching around I found out that the University of Sydney has short courses, like a whole […]